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1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines #419/635

This is a guest post from Jaron who is considering joining our team. Thanks Jaron! -dc


While most are not lusting over an FZ or FZR we can all agree on that 80s/early 90s vehicles values in general are skyrocketing. (I personally just picked up a trade tariff 1987 FZ700 for this reason.) Why not own one of Yamaha’s sport bikes that’s almost guaranteed to appreciate. The FZR600 was the roost of the 600’s until the revised FZR600R was released in 1994, although the FZR600 was produced from 1989 to 1999.

Through the 10 year production span, mostly paintwork and color schemes were the only real changes. A limited run of Vance & Hines were produced in 1992, 635 to be exact. The paintwork being the only differencing factor from the stock FZR600.

1992 Yamaha FZR600 for sale on eBay

s-l1600 (1)

from the seller:

The bike is in really good shape and is a turn key motorcycle and is ready to ride . It has sat in somebody’s collection for a while and all that was needed to get it to run was a new battery and the carbs to be cleaned. We also changed all the fluids in the bike and fitted new plugs. The bike runs like a dream and being number 419 out 635 ever made it is a very nice talking point too. the bike has 4377 miles on the clock and we asking $4500 OBO. We also have the original exhaust for it.

s-l1600 (2)

4377 Miles is the lowest I’ve ever seen on a Vance & Hines, most average 10,000 mile range. Big bonus in collectors eyes, OEM exhaust included! Being a dealer bike, one may be able to negotiate a true bargain for an early limited Japanese full fairing bike. I know I’m not the only person dreaming of this bike in their collection.

Location: Georgia, USA



  • Ah, one of my dream bikes from my spotty pimple faced youth 🙂 It’s amazing how tastes change. I guess the early 90’s were to bike paint schemes, what the 80’s were for fashion.

  • First, I love these V&H editions. I really want one. Second, the seller mentions “Bikes is in really good shape only thing I can say bad about the bike is a small piece of the wind shield is missing on the left side.” Actually, the piece of the upper fairing where the windscreen attaches is broken off, too. If the seller has that piece and it can be reattached, that would be super. Otherwise, there may be some way to bond a piece from another donor fairing to this broken one and then repaint. It’s probably impossible to get a replacement upper in this paint scheme anymore. The stator cover is scratched up too. That’s a much easier fix, but isn’t mentioned by the seller.

  • one thing about these bikes thats still true today…you don’t have to worry about being hit by someone who then claims “honest officer, I never saw them”

  • I sold my V&H replica about 2 years ago. It was in much better shape. It even had a Fox shock (super rare now). I was lucky to get $3700 for it. About a year later I saw it for sale on eBay again for $3500 (same condition, no additional miles) and the guy couldn’t move it for $3500. Good luck trying to get $4500 for it, or even close. These are cool bikes but just not all that desirable on the collector market.

  • I always loved that Yamaha sold this machineto the public. The pink and yellow yamahas in the AMA races were iconic and unmistakeable. This was a great commemoration of a great time in US racing, sadly long gone. I was never a big fzr600 but I liked this with the flush front headlight. This quLifies as rsbfs.

    The problem with that is unobtainable repair parts. The fact the fairing/windscreen is damaged here is an absolute deal breaker at this price. The bodywork makes this special and is about the only part that ISN’T replaceable here. Having to repair and repaint is a killer. I’ll keep looking.

    • I purchased a yellow windscreen from Zero Gravity about two years ago. Not sure if they still have them, but most likely they are still floating around. The fairing will be a PITA for sure. No spares available, you would need to pick up one off of flea-bay and paint it. Which isn’t impossible, just a major undertaking for a bike with low collector value.

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