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1989 Yamaha FZR 400 Mint Mint Mint!!!


Title says it all boys and girls.  If you’ve ever wanted to own the best handling sport bike ever made buy it now! 

1989 Yamaha FZR 400 on Toronto Kijiji for $4,000



Owner says:


1989 in Mint Condition with only 18,131 kms or 11,266 miles.

Bike is completely stock and has been garaged always and pampered in every way by 2nd mature owner who has had the bike since 1992.


I can speak from personnel experience when it comes to 400’s.  I’ve owned 7,000 mile mint ones, raced them and currently own a 89 bone stock one that needs some attention.  This one is it!  I’ve found four 400’s for sale this week and haven’t posted them on RSBFS because I didn’t think they were good enough, but this one is worthy.  I will tell you that if you find one, that is all 100% original, it 9.9 times out of 10 will not be in this condition.  I have way more than 4g’s in mine and I’m not finished yet.  I know I’m crazy for putting that kind of money in a 20 year old half liter bike, but I can’t help myself when it comes to 400’s.  These things sold for right at $3,000 when new and have only gone up in value.  I have to imagine it is one of the very few mass produced Big 4 Japan bikes to have that honor.  If I didn’t have my current 400 you wouldn’t see this posted on RSBFS because I would own it.  Someone buy this gem and enjoy it.


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  • I see 400’s all the time around here (Hong Kong) – RVF400s, RFV400s, CBR400Rs…- but this one is mint and kinda rare.

    Had a ’89 GSX-R400 and a ’91 Bandit 400 and the wail from the high revving engines was such a rush!

  • Show off! Next you gonna tell me you have a 7rr…. oh wait…. you do have one. 😀

  • Having had an FZR400 and a Honda NS400 I would say the Honda handled better and was also a much better detailed
    bike as sold.

  • Thanks for the comment and I would agree that 99% of modern day 2 strokes handle way better than 4 strokes. Unfortunately for us, here in the states, we were never given the full opportunity to try those out. But should you by chance live in the states and have a NS400, I would love to give it a go and share my humble opinion with our fan base ;o) Take care and keep the comments coming.


  • Somebody buy this….PLEASE!! Otherwise I’ll be trying to figure out what to sell to get it. What a jewel…… If I wouldn’t have bought my Rothmans NSR (also advertised on this awesome site) I’d be all over this thing right now even if I had to take it apart and ship it home piece by piece to get it through customs!!!!!!!


  • Craig,

    Thanks for the kind words. I completely agree about selling something to get this thing. Since I posted that little 125 2 stroke I’ve been checking out nsr’s and RS 250’s.. Now I think I have the 2 stoke bug… ughhh! This site is going to cause me to get a divorce, sell everything I’ve ever worked for and go broke. Dang RSBFS anyway.


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