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1989 HONDA CB1 400

1989 Honda CB-1 400cc

Location: Lake Geneva, WI
Mileage: 10,976
Price: $1,850.00

Never heard of a CB-1? Well get in line because most people haven’t either.. These were largely over shadowed by the Hawk NT-650 and the mighty FZR 400 back in the day. Like all stateside 400’s the CB1’s lived a short life due to American’s “bigger is better” attitude towards motorcycles, but they have quite the cult following. These little CB’s pump out 55hp and make for a great urban assault ride.

Honda CB-1 400

My wife saw me writing this and said she really liked the color. She’s been itching for a small bike to putt around on and this one would surely fit the bill. Lake Geneva is a great little town full of energy and fun things to do. If you decide to pick this one up I recommend picking it up in person and making a weekend of it.

1989 HONDA CB 1/CB1 400 RARE Only 10k Miles
Runs and Handles Awesome
Could use tires and tach is intermitent
Great handling and performing rare classic from Honda for track and/or street!

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So it has an intermittent Tach, needs a new pair of shoes and a set of fork seals. This is a great bike being offered at a super price.

Here is some info on the CB-1 400




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  • If your bike is still for sale drop me an e-mail at jrichardolson@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  • Hey John-

    We don’t actually sell bikes, but merely find rare bikes for sale and post them here on our blog. We then link our blog to their for sale ad.

  • Is this bike still for sale?

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  • super bike
    i own 2 of them
    my daily driver has 141000 km and runs like a charm
    what a sound !
    i`m gonna name it Raymond as everybody likes it

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