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1988 Ducati Paso Limited In Georgia

1988 Ducati Paso Limited In Georgia

We’ve had a few of these rare Paso’s on RSBFS lately and here is another.

From the ad:

 1988 750cc L twin Ducati Paso LIMITED. Very rare one of 50 imported into the USA and suposedly to Ducati enthusiasts only and it is unlikely that all are remaining. The bike was special for its unique white paintwork but it was also documented the engine build received special attention at the factory. Approx 5500 miles pretty much all orginal however the original fiberglass bodywork has some stress cracks in several places. This bike is valued higher than other Pasos and is highly regarded in the Paso global community. The bike needs nothing and can be ridden without any work required. Tires and brakes are good. Comes with clean GA title and factory manual. Little has been written about the Limited but from what I understand that the Limited is the single most rare “customer” Ducati produced in the 80’s. Frame numbers were nos 25-75. Mine is nos. 65. $3995 obo

 If you are wondering what makes the Paso Limited different I found this list on a Ducati forum.  I can’t vouch for how accurate it is but it does kind of follow what the seller has in his ad.

The mechanical differences include:
1) Ported Cylinder Heads
– Including special tapered Valve Guides
2) Flat-top Pistons (same compression ratio) allowing unique Combustion Chamber
3) 40mm Exhaust Header
4) Special “Off-Road Only” Silentium Silencers
5) Different Spec Webber Carb

Check it out on Craigslist Atlanta here.


  • Good job on the research. I have the one that was for sale here awhile back and I did all that research as well a couple of years ago. The headers are indeed 40mm and the exhaust was off road or “big hole” setup. I learned that after I threw mine away and put a nice normal set on because of a ding. Looks like this one has the normal small hole too. It is a bummer that no one seems to care about these. I can’t seem to get 3K for mine and it’s in really good shape. It’s worth that to me as garage decoration. They are really nice to ride once the carb is replaced.

  • Terry,
    It was interesting looking up the info on the bike. The post I grabbed it from made it sound like the specs were almost secret. Ducati didn’t widely publish what had been changed with the bike at the time. Ducati was much smaller at the time and didn’t run as smoothly as today apparently. So they needed the Weber carbs replaced to run smoothly?

  • Yeah, the weber was never really designed to work on a bike. I have read that at the time there was some kind of domestic content law in Italy at the time and they had to use italian made stuff for the most part and they didn’t want the stiff pull of the dellortos. I have had a stock one on the EGA and it would burn richer or leaner when on the sidestand and centerstand. There are so many parted out monsters for sale nowdays that it makes a super cost effective conversion.

  • […] one.  I think the design as aged quite nicely.  I might have been hooked if Ducati had made the Paso Limited in this tri color look, tasty. document.write('');Satisfy your Italian craving […]

  • Hi iam thinking about buying a 1988 Paso 750 Limited down here in New Zealand are they a good reliable bike are there any common faults that occur with them that i should be aware of and are parts still available for them would really appreciate your feedback Regards Dave.

  • i live in Tauranga NZ and believe i have frame number 75 one of two in NZ its up for deals its in 90% mint shims an belts done 1000kms ago good to find out the specs thanks for the research

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