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1987 Ducati Paso 750 with only 9,218 Miles!

1987 Ducati Paso For Sale on eBay!

Red, White and Blue- is this Ducati Controlled Air Flow 750 the one for you? Pretty cheesy right!? Well, maybe my rhymes could use a little work, but I don’t think it’s any cheesier than the plain white block “Controlled Air Flow” sticker prominently displayed on Massimo Tamburini’s first Ducati. C’mon Man!

In full transparency, I spent countless hours pouring over archives trying to find another 750 or 906/07 Paso sporting the Controlled Air Flow decal and I couldn’t find one. I did manage to find a few photos on the WWW of red 750 Paso’s sporting the decal. I know my witty poem caught you of guard, but the fact of the matter is the RSBFS Way Back Time Machine didn’t yield any results and the WWW search results only returned a few archive photos of the Paso sporting the decal.
Now, before you go and get your tightie whitie’s all bunched up, I realize we are not the “end all- be all” of Ducati information. But, over the past 12 years we’ve seen our fair share of Paso’s so, I think we carry an ounce or two of weight.

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of the Massimo’s first Ducati, but I can certainly appreciate that we needed this design in order for him to create our beloved 916’s.

Here’s what the seller has to say about his Controlled Air Flow Paso-

1987 750 Ducati Paso. ONE owner since new. Well cared for example of one of the most iconic motorcycles of its time. Owner downsizing collection. Not many of these one owner mint condition examples left out there

What’s your thought’s on the 750 Paso? Love it or hate it- it’s an iconic Italian machine that deserves our respect.

Check out this 750 Paso here-

Side note to the owner: If you’re reading this, I need to talk to you about your 900SL 😉




  • Sure, look right past a beautiful red Paso to that yellow thingy behind it! What a thinly veiled pitch to get that yellow bike!

    BTW, I had an ’87 red Paso and it has the Controlled Air Flow decal. I think it was describing the air ducting into and out the oil coolers and the airflow into and out of the engine compartment which was required due to the body work. No engine heating problems.

    Did I like the Paso? YES, It was a really good Sport Tourer! About 50K miles, only problem was the drive chain master link failing once. Fotunately nothing else was damaged, The chain just rolled off the sprockets, I found what was left of the master link, wired the chain back together and limped 15 miles into the next town, thankfully the motorcycle shop had the right size of chain to replace the old chain.

  • Great story Jess! Glad you made it to the shop in one piece.

  • DD –
    Would you be ok with “flusso d’aria controllato”? Little sexier, no?

  • These bikes are a quiet but key moment in design and styling.
    Take a look at Hondas CBR600 jellymould offering from the same era and consider who was copying who.
    The Pasos bombed at the time cos Ducatisti weren’t ready for the shape, plus the Weber carb was pants, and under the skin ( which has dated well) the frame is a dreadful garden gate, and wheel sizes were avant gardens an added bonus.
    Did also come in a great shade of blue, and personally I would have one just for the history.
    Given the truly pug ugly things Ducati have since given us, Multistrada et al, the Paso deserves more respect.

  • Alan- YES!

  • You’re absolutely correct, Locky. The original CBR’s were suspiciously similar to the Paso.
    Great commentary on a classic!

  • Paso and Hurricanes, both ugly

  • I remember seeing the 907ie in a magazine and then in person. I was in love. At the time it was the equivalent of a 2 wheel Testarossa.

    Years later I ended up with a 750 limited ( which had the controlled air flow decals) and currently have a 907ie. The styling has not aged well. Ride one to your local bike night and I guarantee it will get more attention than a 916 or 1198.

  • Turin. Did you mean to say, the styling has aged well? Next you say a Paso gets more attention than a 916 or 1198.

  • My guess is that the Bimota DB1 was from Tamburini’s hand ( he was still thereon?) and the Paso was a direct descendent from that bike design. Of course, the DB1- especially in DB1SR form- is much more pleasing to the eye.

  • 4 bids, reserve not met at $5,900.


  • I still have my red 750 Paso that I bought new in 1988, it was an earlier one with the controlled air flow decal and ohlins rear suspension (they quickly changed to marzocchi). I had an exhaust valve burn out, and when getting it repaired was informed my engine is basically a 750 F1 motor (has the high compression pistons etc). It is still my daily ride when needed, and I’ll never sell it!!

    • Thanks for the comment and history. I didn’t find any info on earlier versions having Ohlins while searching for info- Good to know!

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