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Well we all know what this is don’t we!  Other than a RG500 is there a more desirable Suzuki?  This example has just under 4000 miles on it and looks very well taken care of.  It appears previous owners have left the bike mostly stock.  It does appear though the bike is running without the air box and I think that is an aftermarket pipe.  The dealership listing the bike didn’t give any history on the bike but is quite specific on all the associated fees and ways to pay.  I guess they know this isn’t a normal GSXR750.

In an earlier post I mentioned how you can’t trust book values on rare bikes.  Guess what the book value is on this bike?  How about $2940!!!!  I’ll take three please at that price.  The bike is listed on Ebay with a “Buy It Now” price of $10,000.  Since these things don’t pop up that often and this one has relatively low miles I’d consider that in the ballpark.  It will always be a bit more being at a dealership.  

How cool does that dry clutch rattle sound?



  • I had a chance to buy one of these new back in the day and opted for a VFR750 since it was more suitable for street use, dumb, very dumb!

  • Les,
    Welcome to the club. I think most of us out there into sport bikes wish we had stepped up to the plate back in 86.

  • I am the current owner of this bike and I can tell you it is with GREAT sadness that it looks like we are parting company. It was originally owned by a guy named Matsuzawa (Matsu) who was an iconic engine builder among icons…..sadly he passed away shortly after I conned him out of this bike,,,those old enough may remember the “big poppa” era..some of his handywork.
    Anyway…just wanted to mention that this is a very cool site being deeply involved in the business, it is refreshing to find a core of true enthusiasts and hopefully someone deserving gets this bike….it does have a very interesting history that makes it something special to me for sure.
    Great site…glad we found each other.

  • Dave,
    They don’t mention much in the acution at all, does the bike have some engine work done to it?

  • Ian,
    No…..the bike had under 700 miles on it, the carbs and a hand-bent (steel) exhaust were installed by Matsu and it was sitting in a shop he had outside LA…..I put a few miles on it on the street(I have 10+ bikes) and stopped riding it as parts were becoming so-tough to find….in case something happened….I considered building a serious custom out of it as I Have/had a lot of Factory “kit” parts including a brand new original 87 superbike Chassis…..I made a decision to leave it stock and “original” as molested examples are easy to find and felt it best to preserve it. The shop it sat in for the first few years was very near the epicenter of the San Fernando earthquake….the limited sustained very minor damage to the tail section..(Stress cracks in clear coat) that no-one sees unless it is pointed out….I also decided this would be left as is….there were some very nice and rare bikes that got tossed around the shop. It was used for a then and now article a few years ago you might have seen..99 or 2000 I think with several old and new comparisons Suz, Kaw, Duc, and Kaw.etc.
    That is a “brief” history….seat on bike is Japanese black still in wrapper….orig. blue I have and don’t need it damaged if you know what I mean.
    Dave W

  • the Gixxer looks great! i was lucky or smart enough? to buy one of these rare bikes in 1989, same color.
    i am lucky to have owned some nice bikes in my time and plenty have come and gone, but the Limited Edition has remained with me all this time.
    it was brought back from the US to the UK, i never understood why it was never sold over here.

    its now done the grand mileage of 12000 miles!! and is as good condition as ever, that dry clutch just gets my blood going everytime i here it rattle!

    i know its rare but does anyone out there know how many were made ive only heard of this model being sold in the ststes and Japan.
    many thanks


  • I know this won’t sound like the most reliable source but a guy on a message board claims he called a Suzuki support line and they said 2400 were made. Of that 1400 for the US. I guess the rest would be Japan. In Japan it was offered in the red and black Yoshimura colors.

  • Thanks Ian,

    I too have never found the exact number but i’m guessing a minimum of 500 for homologation, no doubt if Suzuki felt they could sell more then they would.

    once again thanks


  • Ian and Jez,
    I would say that the numbers you quote are close to accurate, there are about 1200 Suzuki dealers in the USA and for sure they did not all get a Limited to sell and a few got more than one, there was also a release of a few units in Canada.
    The thing that makes them rare as they are today is the fact that most never survived life on the road and many were stolen for parts (In Calif anyway)
    Dave W

  • dave , the bike is still on sale? if yes , please contact me, i ve sent you mail to your site. thanx

  • Antonio,
    Yes I still have the bike….also have a 2001 GS 1200SS which is very rare….many factory race(kit) parts and a YOSH-prepped RF 900…they may all be “on the market” if the “right” buyer surfaced…and it is NOT just about money!!

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