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1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited in Washington

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This gorgeous and exceptionally clean Limited wears the Japanese market colors and sports just 5,200 miles. The images and seller's description do all the work for us in this case, so enjoy and have a good weekend!


1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited for sale on eBay


from the seller:

You are bidding on a 1986 Suzuki GSXR-750 Limited Edition (in Japanese Domestic Model Specification and color scheme)..... Suzuki only produced 500 units of the GSXR750 Limited Edition, homologation rules required a certain number of models to be produced by the manufacture in order to qualify for racing. The Limited Edition models were equipped with many race oriented parts most notably the dry clutch system. Also below this description I have listed all of the special features the limited edition models were equipped with. This particular GSXR750 limited edition is in all original condition with the exception of the Yoshimura exhaust pipe, and has an exceptionally low 8560 kilometers (5223miles). But please feel free to read more about the specifics of this bike and look at the pictures for verification. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. U.S. and International bidders are welcome to bid on this motorcycle but must arrange shipping themselves...


All of the body panels are in excellent condition, there no cracks or major nicks anywhere. The wheels are also in excellent condition with perfect paint and no major chips anywhere. Even the windscreen is original and in great condition. Basically the motorcycle is a 9.5 out of 10 cosmetically. Mechanically the bike runs and rides perfect, there are no oil leaks anywhere and all of the engine paint still has the original GSXR shine with out any major dings or chips. All of the electrical components work as they should; lights, blinkers, horn, speedo, tach, fuel gauge, all work properly. The bike just had a full service tune up so mechanically everything was inspected and replaced if necessary with with original Suzuki parts. ((( Also the limited edition GSXR originally came with a plexiglass headlight cover, the one I originally had on the bike was slightly cracked, but I found a brand new one in Japan and will provide the new headlight cover to the buyer )))


Here is a list of some of the unique parts on the limited edition 1986 GSXR750; Dry clutch basket, Aluminum Body rear shock with remote reservoir, Larger rear rim, Larger 41mm front forks, NEAS electronic anti-dive system, Lightened counter shaft cover, Wider handlebar, Steering Damper, Solo rear seat cowl and seat, Plexiglass headlight cover, Special milled finished top triple tree, Unique gauge cluster and an added Fuel gauge, Larger 310mm fully floating disc brakes. Engine number #R705-129752


This is a great opportunity to buy a rare, all original Suzuki GSXR750 limited edition. International buyers please keep in mind that there are some small variations in original parts in different countries; this GSXR750 limited edition is a Japan market original specifications edition. If you need any additional pictures or have any additional questions please feel free to email us. Domestic & International buyers are welcome to bid but have to arrange the shipping themselves; however we will be glad to help with any loading of the motorcycle. We have assisted in shipping motorcycles overseas for other customers in the past. Please feel free to bid as long as you make the shipping arrangements.

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  • Amazing example of this great bike.

  • Love those colors!

  • Stunning, I had a all original 1986 Gsxr 750 red and black in mint condition but was no comparison between this one and mine, this LE/Yoshi is Dope. Good luck with the sale, exceptional motorcycle

  • Cool bike. I would love to get more info. I have some questions regarding the vin. The ad says to “contact with any questions”. I emailed the guy twice, but no response. If the seller is reading this, give me a ring. Thanks and best of luck with sale.

    • Hi James. I’m the seller and I will be contacting everyone this Sunday afternoon, I have been out of town for two days so it’s been hard to email everyone or call, if you left me your phone number on ebay I will be calling this Sunday. Thank you for your interest on this bike and sorry for the late response.

    • Update!!! Marcel did in fact respond. He offered to call on Sunday, but as the bid crested 14k, I opted out. But he did call, which is cool to see. Eating words now. Thanks

  • Super clean bike. Worth 15k-20k in my opinion.

    • You must be the seller. Ha Ha. I guess it depends on how much the buyer will pay. The only difference is the carbs and paint job. “Regular” Ltd’s sell in the $9-12 range, so I guess we’ll see. I am an active bidder. I will relay any info if the guy ever responds, although not holding my breath.

  • $15-20k bike.

  • I emailed him too but didn’t get a reply. I’d like to know if the stock pipes included, has it been jetted, and pictures of the backsides of the lower plastics.

    • Hi Tal. I’m the seller and I will be contacting everyone this Sunday afternoon, I have been out of town for two days so it’s been hard to email everyone or call, if you left me your phone number on ebay I will be calling this Sunday. Thank you for your interest on this bike and sorry for the late response.

  • I love the bike! I wan more info too. I am an active bidder also.

  • I’m not the seller. But I do own 2 limited gsxr”s and know the market. I’ve been into these bikes for a long time and a JDM limited in that condition, in the US is a very rare find. I hope you get it.

  • I offered $20k, waiting for response, lots of $$$$ for a gsxr but I never seen another one like this one for sale in us. Anyone has one and willing to part ways please let me know, I am interested

    • $20k…..weird my high bid is only $14k right now . I hope the seller let’s the auction run. You must not be bidding on it.

  • That’s the wired thing about running a vehicle for sale concurrently on two different sites. On the one hand seller should let the auction run (past the reserve hopefully) and watch the action. On the other hand, with no “buy it now” and potential buyers telling each other their bids and reserves it kind of defeats the purpose of the auction. No big deal either way this bikes gonna go for big money. I hope I get it too.

  • I have never seen such a clean, original low mile example. This bike belongs in a museum. If I keep this up, I’ll start bidding soon.

  • Another example of why I love this site. I have never seen a LTD in the JDM colors. Gorgeous and depressing at the same time 🙂 GLWS

  • eBay shows sold for $16,500. Congratulations to buyer and seller!



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