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1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 with 5,300 Original Miles!

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Nearly all stock and just 5,300 miles, this 86 GSX-R 1100 is available in Dayton, Ohio. Still has stock exhaust, reflectors, and even the toolkit. Seller has upgraded the air filters but has stock airbox. Auction is no reserve with over a week to go.


1986 Suzuki GSXR1100 for sale on eBay


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  • Ugggh…..I always hate to see the “upgraded” pod filters. At least the seller was smart enough to keep the stock airbox. Nice GSXR for sure.

  • Agree. Really stupid move to remove the stock airbox assembly before flipping the bike. It’s real tight fit and a pain to replace it, which is why he took the easy way out and stuck pods on. I wonder if those minor gas tank dents that aren’t shown are from handlebar contact from a crash. Are the steering stops damaged or not? What does the bike look like underneath the fairings?

    • Is it true that you can’t remove/replace the air box without moving the engine foward?someone once told me guys would just cut them out when doing pods and jet kit.maybe when he rebuilt the carbs that’s what he choose,a bad idea in my opinion.

  • I always heard getting the jetting properly sorted with pod filters was a nightmare, so I’d be curious how it runs too.

  • Hello air pods, goodbye lower mid-range power. The air boxes of these (and later) years provided better air flow in the lower mid-range rpm regions.

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