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1985 Yamaha RZ350 with only 10 miles For Sale!

Doug 9

1985 Yamaha RZ350 For Sale on eBay!

Make: Yamaha
Year: 1985
Model: RZ350
Location: Byron, California
Mileage: 10. Ten. X. Diez.
Price: $30,000 BIN with a current bid of $12,200


From the seller:
10 mile original bike still on mso. This is a one of a kind bike. The only bike better would still be in the crate. This bike has been sitting inside a house for over 35 years.

Alright, people. Here’s your chance to buy a brand new, 10 original mile, 1985 1/2 RZ-350, California model.

Bike has never been registered, still on the MSO from Yamaha. It comes with the original toolkit and owner’s manual, neither of which have ever been opened. The original pre-delivery checklist comes with the warranty card still attached. Brand new brochure is also included.

This bike is completely stock, not a dent or a scratch in it. The bike is dusty from sitting, but I don’t think you could find a knick or a scratch on it. It has never been dropped and it has been inside a climate-controlled environment for over 35 years. It’s like the bike just left the factory.

No modifications of any kind have been done on this bike. All nuts, bolts, and paintwork look new. No oxidation anywhere. Chain still has a little cosmoline on it. Tires are free of cracks and wear. They still have nubs. Tires are even filled with the original Japanese air. Brakes are not frozen.

This RZ-350 would be perfect for any museum. I cannot stress enough the amazing condition this bike is in. The only way you could find a cleaner one, is if you found one still in the crate.

I would be happy to take pictures of any aspect of the bike, or answer any questions you may have.

And there you have it- all original right down to the Japanese air in the original tires. Sign me up!

I’m not gonna bore you all the techy specs, years offered, rake angles, tires sizes, power outputs or fancy nicknames. You’ve read it a million times on our site, but just in case you’re bored and want a refresher you can have a look HERE

This is the real deal. A 37 year old 2 stroke, time capsule that you will probably never see again unless it comes up for sale again. I know I’m being all “mellow dramatic”, but it’s the truth. I’ll even make a prediction- As soon as this post goes live it’ll be sold within a day or two. Don’t believe me? Think it’s too much for a RZ? SHOW. ME. ANOTHER. ONE. LIKE. IT!

Click fast because this one won’t last!



  1. jess jess

    I would be concerned about the crank shaft seals if it were to be ridden. However this will probably continue to be static art.

  2. Tim Tim

    30,000 dollar doorstop

  3. Samuel D Samuel D

    Very interesting history on this one, The guy bought it for 11500 just two weeks ago from seller fellow RZ fan in SF area, and wants 30k. This is a very good flip.

  4. jess jess

    Is this Capitalism or Greed?

  5. jess jess

    But wait. A restored ’73 H2 Kawi sold on Bring A Trailer (or Therapist) for $40,000 yesterday. I guess people will pay the crazy money.

  6. NorCal Joe NorCal Joe

    It is Capitalism and greed. The word is out that money can be made off bikes. It is unfortunate for us true motorcycle enthusiasts that the prices of bikes has gone through the roof. We can’t afford to purchase them anymore. I sure am glad that I purchased many bikes prior to this insanity. Too bad I can’t get myself to sell any of them and join the greed. I prefer bikes over money.

  7. Once the money guys get their teeth into whatever product has become regarded as an “investment” the game is up for the guys who like to ride tinker and play about with the same product.
    Just after the stock market crash in 2008 when banks decided they wouldnt pay any interest on monies on deposit an enormous amount of footloose money found its way into art, Ferraris, etc etc and sadly for bike enthusiasts these money guys alighted on our hobby too.
    Certain makes and brands went up first, Vincents and Brough Superiors from the dim past, but this has now spread to all areas and most makes.
    Best to keep an interest in peculiar makes and left of field choices, or buy a project and build your own toy.
    Once auctioneers and their fellow travellers get involved, expect financial pain. Great if you`re selling, but a guy who fancies an old stroker to pootle about on is now priced out of the market. Which is a shame.

  8. Dan Dan

    eBay shows a high bid of $19,600.00, reserve not met. -dc

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