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1984 Yamaha RZ350 with Only 3,984 Miles in Florida

Yamaha RZ350 for sale

This RZ350 has just under 4k miles, is almost all original, and not restored. The pictures show not only an uncut bike but one that has been kept in great condition behind the plastics. With over 50 watchers there is strong interest, but no one has pulled the trigger on the $10,500 buy-it-now — yet.


1984 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay

from the listing:

For Sale is my Mint Condition 1984 Yamaha RZ 350. This bike is all original not restored. I have owned it for just over a year now and it is kept in my spare bedroom. The bike is in absolute Museum Quality. Everything works perfectly. Looks like it rolled off the showroom last year. Bike has 3975 original miles on it. All stock except the DG exhaust. I sold the stock exhaust in mint condition to a friend who still has it if someone wanted to buy it from him. I bought it with the intention of riding it more but I cant make it a daily rider its just too nice. Starts up first or second kick when cold. Everything looks like new cables brakes switches ect. If you saw this bike in person you would surely go get money and buy it now. Needs a new home. I have been to many 2 stroke rallies and there is not another one that even comes close to the condition of this bike. The only way you could find a nicer one is if Yamaha has one new in a crate somewhere.


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  • 10,500 dollars? A tad steep, but sigh, they ain’t makin’ any more of ’em so meh, whatever…

  • I had one in the 1985 – wouldn’t pay $10 Grand for another one, even brand new. But I know the RZ350 holds some nostalgic value for some folks.

    But for me as an 18 year old the RZ350 was just another small displacement bike to beat the snot out of. Never really cared for its handling – compared the RG250 that I got after the RZ350 was thrashed, I mean smashed to bits 🙂

    But I am sure there is someone out there that wants a spotless 350YPVS.

    GLLWTS 🙂

  • The Brits love these things. Back in the day they had races just for them. If this was England I would bet he could get his price without much problem.

    • But that’s kinda the point right? The 350 is loved in modded, changed, tuned, tweaked and raced form – not stock. And this is a first year model – doesn’t include any of the improvements made to the bike over is 10+ years life cycle around the world.

      RZ350’s now fetch £5,000 in the UK? That’s 1 for the books innit – I had no idea. I guess I am just not into the RZ350 as much as I am into the follow-up 250 2 strokes (and the 400 and 500 race reps).

  • 134 Watching, 4 hours to go, and still waiting for an offer on $10,500.

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