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1984 Ducati TT1 for sale in Michigan!

To classify a motorcycle’s importance in history requires different things for different people. For Ducatisti seeking a comprehensive collection of Ducati’s most important machines, the collection would be incomplete without the TT1. Successful in its own right here in the states with several race wins, Ducati’s 1984 TT1 is noted as the bike that spawned the company’s all-conquering superbikes.

While the TT1’s Pantah origins leave something to be desired, it was the pinnacle of that motor’s development, and this example is one of the cleanest around. To see one of these come up for sale to the public is rare, but to have one with racing history is even more special.

In 2007, renowned Ducati collector Louis Saif of New York had this to say about Ducati’s TT1, “TT1s never come up for sale, but if you consider that a TT2–one of 60 or more built–recently sold for $36,000, which I thought was a surprisingly good deal, a re-stored TT1 could go from $60,000 and up.”

So here we have it, a beautifully restored TT1, from the collection of none other than Louis Saif, with racing history. At the time of this writing, less than nine days remain on the auction, and after 13 bids, the price topped the $20,000 mark. The reserve is still intact, but with so much interest this early, I believe we’ll see the final price climb considerably higher.

From the seller:

Up for auction is a 1984 Ducati TT1. This is a very clean motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection. This one was raced by Jimmy Adamo and completely restored to TT1 specifications by Lou Saif !!
The condition is fantastic. When it came into the collection it was serviced and running. It has been in storage mode since in a heated building with the fuel drained, and oil in the cylinders and exhaust. The engine cases are new and genuine TT1 on this bike but it does come with the original sand cast engine cases. It has a genuine new TT1 pipe. It has NCR Heads, Mag Forks, Magnesium slides in the carbs, Correct electrical, Correct frame, Original TT1 handlebars. The inside of the motor is even correct for TT1. This bike was restored beautifully and very correctly.

** Visit this link to see higher resolution pictures and extra pictures http://imageevent.com/joejo20/1984ducatitt1 **

In recent months, we’ve seen some very rare Ducatis in excellent condition come up for sale, including a 1996 955SP – one of Fast by Ferraci’s homologation bikes for the 1996 AMA season, a 1996 916 WSBK racer, and the #34 Supermono from 1994. Although the 955SP sold for a relative bargain compared to the values or the other two, the TT1 illustrated here should bring a substantial amount of money, proving that if you’re going to invest in something, put the money into something you love. This immaculately restored TT1 will always have an important place in Ducati’s racing history, as well as in the heart of its next owner. If that’s you, .


{note: This is John’s first post as another new contributor on RSBFS. Please show him a warm welcome and say hi! -dc}

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  • Nice write up; you sure picked a beautiful bike! This bike was sold on eBay some years ago for around $30k and it has since been meticulously restored to the very best standard. When you consider this models rarity and place in the Ducati pantheon, and this particular bikes history, it really is very special. For me, this is the ultimate Ducati, a factory TT1 raced by Adamo and restored by Saif. My God, where is the money!!

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