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15 Years Old Already?! 1998 Yamaha YZF-R1

Update 8.9.2013: Originally we posted this R1 in February. It has been relisted a few times but is now showing a buy-it-now of $7k, which seems closer to what the market will bear. Links updated. Happy Friday, -dc

1998 Yamaha R1 For Sale Red White

It seems hard to believe that the original R1 is now 15 years old, probably because it still evokes a strong emotion when spotted — especially in the white on red! With 150hp stock and 448lbs wet, it’s no wonder why it was so attractive then and why it is still intriguing today.

1998 Yamaha YZF-R1 For Sale on eBay


This particular example has only 4700 miles but has been in storage and the seller reports that it will need some attention to get it road ready. The buy-it-now is set at a lofty $8500, but I suspect that is more intended to keep low-ballers out of the seller’s inbox. Hopefully a realistic offer will find this bike a new home.


From the seller:

The rare one and most sought after in RED WHITE number 79. SUPER LOW MILES just 4,738 original miles. Has after market pipe but i still have the original one that came with the bike. super fast. Bike has been stored since 2011 so fuel has lost its octane already so you will need to flush and add new fuel. new battery has original tires but i also have a new set that will go with the bike. Bike will start but missing due to fuel octane lost during storage.Bike has never been dropped and adult driving only. Never raced or mistreated.


  • Joe L. – Your ship has arrived!

  • If you’re trying to sell a bike for $8500, wouldn’t it make sense to spend 1 hour and $20 to get some new fuel in there? Not convinced that’s the definite cause of the misfire.

  • You’re either selling a good running bike or a project. He’s expecting an unreasonable amount in my opinion. If it was in top running condition 6k max due to the exclusivity of it.

  • My ship…? This guy is on a good grade medical Mary J Wanna high! I think he is asking the right price as long as the year is 2020. It is always nice to dream and he is dreaming big, Good luck to him. Anyone has one or knows where one is in this condition/miles?, and, and this is the big one, is asking a reasonable price, let these guys know so I can pony up. This bike is on the short list…. LOL
    Still miss ya Doug! See ya in Austin… I hope

    • Hi, I have two ’98 R1’s both in red and white and origiinal condition including stock pipes and turn signals, etc. Bikes are in my collection and would consider selling one of them (only to fund another bike purchase of course). The first year red and white IS the most collectable R1 out there in my personal opinion and finding a clean example in origional condition is very tough despite these being mass produced. I remember seeing these bikes in the ditch a lot the first year they came out and most got trashed and rode hard like they were meant too. These bikes will continue to go up in value as long as they are in good origional condition and paying a little extra for one of the few clean examples out there might be a smart move. As they say, u aren’t paying too much but just buying it early.

  • $8500?!?! Go fish.

  • I have a 1999 model(blue with 11,000 miles,all original condition) and what the seller is talking about with the misfire is just a simple carb clean.The gas has gone bad in some of the passage ways blocking fuel flow.

    As for the price,he is on the way high side and he won’t get it unless he finds that one person looking for exactly this bike.I paid $4200.00 for mine and it had 10,000 miles on it.That was 2 years ago.

    These bikes will go up in price as the good ones are becoming more rare to find.

  • Yea done quite a few of those “simple carb cleanins” in my day…and it’s always never worked. Always had to remove the carb bank and float covers and recommend replacing the pilots rather than cleaning. I see they are only $5 bucks on this bike. Looks like the old ZX-7 too where you don’t have to remove the fairing either…a little eaiser.

    • Well duhh! Of course a simple carb cleaning is going to require removing the bank and the float bowls. How else would one clean carbs?

  • Hell, even in the 7 grand range this seller is on crack. 5 grand at MOST, and that would be with it perfect and with the stock pipe. This thing has some squid exhaust on it AND it doesn’t run!

  • Not sure what people are referring to as “exclusive” about a mass produced jap bike?

  • I just bought a mint condition 100% original 2001 CBR929 Erion Racing edition. Stock muffler, turn signals, rear fender, and not a scratch on it for $3500. And its EFI. Oh and it runs perfectly. These too are mass produced jap bike but somewhat limited ER model. Very limited in stock condition.
    Bottom line is the R1 should flatten out like my recent lucky purchase and then steadily climb back up to the price he wants now. His still has some falling to do.

    • i just picked up a minty erion myself for under $4000. has 8k miles. mint and original.

      people are mentioning how this bike was listed in Feb. was it the same owner in Feb & same ebay name? was wondering if someone bought it in Feb and is now selling it or if its same person.

      this newest listing doesnt mention anything about needing carbs cleaned out or anything. its prob worth $5000 with carbs/fuel cleaned out and running perfect

  • Siri wnt to buy tis bike …….. I lke so much

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