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1 of 27 Made: 2005 Aprilia RS125 Casey Stoner Replica


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Aprilia RS125 Casey Stoner Replica for sale

With Casey Stoner back in the news testing the HRC RC213V in Sepang yesterday, this seems like an opportune time to note this special edition Aprilia RS125. While clearly aimed at fans in his home market (the only place it was sold), it is sure to delight Stoner superfans and collectors. There are no performance improvements but the graphics treatment is unique and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity from Stoner himself. It is being sold in Australia so check to see if export is available before bidding — which starts at just under $16k USD and wears a buy-it-now of a little shy of $20k USD.


Aprilia RS125 Casey Stoner Replica for sale on eBay Australia



  • stoner always looked young but man he looks likes 14-15 years old in that pic 😉

  • $15k??????? You’re kidding me right? This is Stoner, not Rossi. But I guess if it were going to sell at that price anywhere in the world, it would have to be Australia. They actually still worship the guy. He may have been one of the best ever but being such a prick he had a pretty limited fan base.

    • I’m in Australia and while I’m not the biggest race fan ever I personally think this bike is stupidly overpriced.
      It is nothing more than a sticker kit as Marty notes.
      In Australia you can pick up a really nice RS125 with anywhere from 500-4000kms for around $5000 Aus, some times less.
      I could never stomach paying that much extra for some stickers and a certificate.

  • The owner of this bike must have 2 dicks…
    He cant be just pulling 1 dick to ask that much for a pissy little stoner replica…

    • The standard versions go for between $2200-$5000 this guy must have accidentally typed in the wrong number into his computer. Possibly $7000 no more. For gods sake it’s a 125

  • 15$???
    I would sell my RS250 Reggiani replica with just 7k km for less than this! 😉

  • What a knob jockey! Makes it sound like it’s some sort of race bike that he’s finally put up for sale as everyone keeps asking him. What a joke.

    • I honestly don’t know but I reckon it couldn’t have cost more than $1,000 on top of a standard RS when they were new. That gaps seems to have widened…….

  • Those are so expensive stickers there! In some ways this model of RS125 is obsoleted by the newer look later models, if it wasn’t clean or wasn’t original you have what just another RS125 who cares it’s only 1 of 27 just another aussie dealer special they do this crap all the time with dirt bikes.

  • Though a 4-stroke guy here I have to add my 2 cents worth too . You can probably get a nice RS250 track bike for this price if you are looking for the best bang for your buck here . Man I wanted to use this pun so bad and now I get to ! You have to be a stoner to buy this Stoner ! Nuff’ said !

    • Very bad pun there RC30 (I cringed and laughed out loud at the same time!), but perfectly apt.
      And thanks love2lean for reminding me why Casey no longer races.

  • Love2lean………pretty strong words there “he`s such a prick” Have you ever met the guy to make such a personal detrimental remark ? I have on a number of occasions and think he is misunderstood – he is a very personal and likeable bloke. He is guilty of stating his 2 bobs worth if he has a problem with anything racing and I think he has earn`t the right to do so as a world champion.

    And your credentials are ??

    Sorry I couldn`t hear you.

    Now lets get back on track and discuss the bike and not the champion it was named after. And yes I agree with you all, it is a bloody expensive sticker kit. In the sellers defence I suppose you can always come down in price but never up.

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