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1 Liter, 1 Owner, 1 Mile – 2006 Yamaha YZF-R1 LE

Yamaha dreamed up a 50th birthday present for them and us in 2006, and made only 1000 copies. Serial number 002 was put in storage without even a celebratory ride and is available as new.  It's a show and go affair with Roberts-era racing colors and 174 hp.

2006 Yamaha YZF-R1 50th Anniversary #002 for sale on eBay

The R1 was first introduced in 1998, and improved over the years with fuel injection, underseat exhaust, more aerodynamic fairing, and 2006 was the last model year to use the 5-valve Genesis engine.  For this year the reinforced swingarm was extended, and a factory slipper clutch system added.  The commemorative edition has Ohlins front and rear, forged Marchesini wheels, and a data-logging race dash.


Presented by a Las Vegas specialty dealer, this LE looks showroom new.  No history to speak of, but they did say in the eBay auction:

Please enjoy viewing this 2006 Yamaha  R1 anniversary Limited edition.  It has been professionally "mothballed" in order to store it without damaging the bike. It has never been ridden and has 0 miles on it.  This is #2 of 500 made and #1 is in the Yamaha museum.  Included with this bike is everything that came with the bike along with a special tool kit only made for this bike.


Likely the mileage and low serial number will be of more interest than the late R1's reputation as a forgiving superbike, ready to rack up the miles.  The 50th anniversary is also a milestone as for 2007 Yamaha returned to a more typical 4-valve head.  Fun to think that a skilled rider could take this ten year-old superbike right out and ( after a stop at the tire dealer ) turn a 10-second quarter mile...



  • Had one of these and they are great fun on the track and on the street. Very cool bike. As I remember, they were around $18,000 new in 06 and this one appears to be just that.

  • Stupid to make a limited edition bike as a biposto.Other than that a beauty.As far as an investment ,maybe in 50 years, as noted by the previous poster, its going for its original retail so accounting for inflation a loss.

  • Absolutely love the 50th anniversary paint scheme. Bought an 06 R6 just for that paint – great track bike but a little too finely focused for me as a street bike. These R1 LEs are a great upgrade to the standard R1 but haven’t held their value well at all. Saw some go for $7-8k last year with not a lot of miles. This zero mileage one is interesting but as an investment it doesn’t seem like a good way to go.

    Agree this would have been better executed as a single seat, could have lightened the subframe and styled it nicer.

  • LOL. 18k.

    Sorry… this was cool in the showroom but it’s just a cool KR/Colin Edwards R1. It’s just the livery that’s sick.

    It’s true.


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