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Very clean 1985 Honda VF1000R

There were a couple of these up for sale last month and again a nice example appears.  It seems the owners certainly look after their steeds. I mean they even have their own forum, which is a great source of information.
The VF1000R started with the RE version, and Honda went on to make RF and RG versions, which were marked by minor styling revisions (including a move from twin headlamps to a single headlight), and an increase in power from 122 to 130bhp. Most important was the V4 engine,combined with the endurance-racer styling.  Originally priced at US$6,300 the VF1000R was expensive for its time and did not sell very well. It was also a bit too heavy, and not really very successful in racing.

eBay auction can be found here.

1985 Honda VF1000R, Very Rare, Like New Condition,  looks like it should be on the showroom floor.  You'll never find in this condition.  I've kept this bike pristine, like new, immaculate condition.  Never abused, always babied, it's truly a museum quality motorcycle.   If you're a true motorcycle collector, you'll be thrilled to have this one in your collection.  It's been part of my personal collection, but I've sold off my entire collection, and this is my only one I have left.  It's immaculate down to every nut and bolt, front to back, top to bottom.  Runs as good as it looks.  If you're serious, and you have any questions, please give me a call

Picking up a good example will mean you don't have to spend the earth with many excellant bikes going around the $6k - $7k mark with low mileage examples fetching as much as $10k.  This has a starting bid of $8500 and currently has no takers so it may be priced a tad high, we'll have to wait and see.

Want to see one one dyno:

- AS


  • I can NOT figure this guy out for the life of me. He’s local to me and has been trying to sell it locally for over a month. Starting at $11,000 and coming down as far as $7650 recently on craigslist and KSL.com. Apparently he doesn’t research these as a very similar (immaculate)/ultra low mile bike just sold on eBay for around $7500ish.

    That said, you START the bidding at a thousand more than you’d accept locally? Odd duck, IMO.

  • I spoke to him at the mid america auction and tried to buy it from him. I offered him a fair price at the time around 7k without seeing it .. He wanted 10k for it. By the end of the auction he was at $8500. Then the phone calls started.. He would take 8k for it, if I picked it up.. lmao There were acpouple of them on e bay in the last week or so. One of them w/13 miles and it sold for $10k and one with under 1k on the clock that went for $7100 so his with 15,000 miles for $8500. He’s a dreamer!!! I have a new offer, $5500 delivered! :p

  • Sicduc, exactly. I forgot to even bring up the miles disparity to the others that have sold recently in almost immaculate shape. I honestly am caring a lot more than I should but since I check my local classifieds almost 3 times daily for deals and bikes like this, I come across it almost daily for new price.

    Its become a joke with friends of mine that also collect locally. “Whats the VF priced at today?”

  • LMFAO!!! He just lowered the starting bid to $7999..

  • Bid update!! He’s lowered it again. NOW $7600 If i wait another day of two it may hit my price.. lol

  • That bike needs to go to someone who has enough class to appreciate it, and put it on display. A bike like that can bring $5000, or it can bring $15,000.00 depends on the buyer, and how much they appreciate the quality, and condiiton. Regardless to how you feel about the Seller is irrelevant. It’s only a matter of time before it finally sells, and then you guys can find another bike to put on your dream list.

  • Good luck with your sale, Darrin. Although, you do realize your bike isn’t the only one in that condition and even lower miles out there, right? Oh, and for a reasonable price…..but again, goodluck.

  • Thanks Brandon, I appreciate that. I hope there are others out there, and of course as nice as mine. It’s really cool owning the 85 VF1000R, people really get a kick out of seeing a bike of this age, and appreciating it’s condition. I’ve enjoyed it so much, and will hold on to it, until I find a special home for it. May take a month, may take 5 or more years, but one things for sure, it will remain in this pristine condition so long as I have it. Thanks again Brandon for being an enthusiast.


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