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Uncle Beastly – 2006 Buell XBRR

Relegated to the past at least until someone re-incarnates the brand, Buell Motorcycles and Erik Buell Racing built some motorcycles that required one to suspend disbelief when new models were shown.  The track-only XBRR was one, the head-scratchingly big twin road racer offered here in new condition.

20160213 2007 buell xbrr right front

2006 Buell XBRR for sale on eBay

20160213 2007 buell xbrr left

Built in a lot of 50 and never intended for the road, the XBRR had 1339 cc's of 12.5:1 compression, in an air-cooled 45-degree twin.  With twin 62mm downdraft throttle bodies and 103mm pistons, the motor claimed over 150 hp and 100 ft-lbs. torque.  Only a 5-speed was needed with that powerband.

20160213 2007 buell xbrr left front

20160213 2007 buell xbrr dash

A lot of leading-edge ideas were displayed - fuel rode in the aluminum perimeter frame, and engine oil in the swingarm.  Ohlins provided fully adjustable dampers front and rear, and Nissin mounted their 8-piston single caliper for the zero-torsion-load front brake.  Hidden by the full carbon fairing, the exhaust and muffler were kept as close to the center of gravity as possible to help handling.  Wheels were cast and machined magnesium.

20160213 2007 buell xbrr right front brake

20160213 2007 buell xbrr right rear wheel

Coming out of Karpen, Germany from a specialty car and bike dealer, this XBRR has never been started, and wears the factory yellow paint.  A tough kind of beauty, but the XBRR shows purposeful aggression.  The seller also offers to coordinate shipping.

20160213 2007 buell xbrr right peg

20160213 2007 buell xbrr left peg

Though it  could be the basis for a supersport racing effort, this Buell should remain on display, especially since the story has been interrupted if not ended.  Buell went on to greater racing success with the 1125RR, but the XBRR was the final race bike of Buell's 25-year association with Harley-Davidson.


20160213 2007 buell xbrr left front


  • Is this the bike that was falling apart during the Daytona 200? Does it come with the Buell factory duck tape??

  • I too, remember the hype when it was announced these bikes were trick, competitive, and ready to win Daytona that year. 150HP! Super light weight! They were going to kick ass- this was going to be their year! USA USA
    None of them finished the race- all four of them broke.

  • Hey love2lean,

    I think you’re correct – get a look at the tacho – maybe its designed for sharp left turns only. LOL!
    It’s a large corporate boat achor!

  • There was one of these for sale at the Daytona Harley dealer for a bit over $32000. That was over a year ago that I saw it.

  • I have one. It is a monster. May have issues as folks say but when it’s right oh my….

  • Yeah….lets all pile on the last American sportbike maker that we will most likely ever see. Erik Buell can not be accused of being the most astute business man, but few of his ilk are. I guess it is understandable to expect a first year limited production bike from an inexperienced team to place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in its first real showing……please. Yeah, they could have done better. But to win you have to at least show up. We won’t see that from these shores again.

  • Actually, the bike was pretty trick. Too bad about the Harley motor.

  • the…worst…looking…bike…i’ve ever seen…

  • I have to give E Buell lots of credit for the work he had done with his bikes and the evolutione of his line up. Just look at this bike and compare with the EBR 1190 RS that’s listed here few posts earlier. yes, this is one ugly bike but performance wise bike was very potent,he had to use a Harley motor and work around it,look what he had done with a more competitive motor,like the Rotax in the Ebr 1190,he built a world class superbike that was compared with the very best and that is not easy to do

  • True, I also have a 1125RR that ran the 2009 season in the Daytona Sportbike class. 173 HP and under 400 LBS. I added spider lights under the fairing, tail light, side stand, horn and tags. Ride it on the street. It gets it and if you have a chance just to ride a stock 1125r you will too. Add racing exhaust, speed shifter and go carving…..

    NOT AN RC45


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