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The Paso Perfected: 1991 Ducati 907IE for Sale

Although many motorcyclists feel that you shouldn't trust a motorcycle you can't see through, Ducati's strikingly futuristic, very-fully-faired sport-touring 907IE might be a worthy exception. The 907IE seen here was the final version of the Paso, with more modern running gear, liquid-cooling and updated fueling. Powered by the long-serving two-valve Pantah engine, the Paso and its derivatives weren't rocket ships in any form, but were light, handled well, featured quite a few trick features, and generally fulfilled their sport-touring mission pretty well. Unfortunately, Ducatisti are a hidebound bunch and, with a pretty poor performance-to-dollar ratio, sales didn't meet expectations.

Pasos have been candidates for My First Ducati for a while now, owing to their very low values. Unfortunately, early Pasos were plagued by some issues with their carburetors: Cagiva decided to use an automotive-style Weber carburetor nestled in the "V" of the cylinders instead of the later Mikuni units found on the SS and Monsters, and these original bikes were plagued by an annoying midrange flat-spot, right where the v-twin should be pumping out smooth power. Reportedly, the stock Weber can be tuned to get rid of these annoying tendencies but, at the time, the solution was to rip out the offending unit and fit a set of conventional motorcycle carburetors. The later 906 added liquid-cooling to the package and boosted displacement to 904cc while the gearbox sprouted an additional cog for a total of six to update performance, but the 907IE really solved solved the fueling issues by adding fuel injection "Iniezione Elettronica" to the otherwise charismatic engine.

Pasos were also a victim of the 80s move to 16" wheels and tires, which means that it's difficult to fit cutting-edge rubber to the early bikes, a real shame considering the advances in tire technology over the last couple decades. The 907ie came fitted with 17" wheels as standard, but it is not an easy swap to perform on the earlier bikes, and the cost means you might as well pony up for a nice 907 or just live with the 16" wheels. So if you like the futuristic style of the Paso, this 907IE is the one to have: fuel injection solves the only real flaw in the original machine, and the wheels allow you to fit modern tires. Mileage may be high by Ducati standards, but pretty low for a sport-touring motorcycle. And when properly maintained, the Ducati L-twin is a very durable engine, needing only regular belt changes and valve adjustments to rack up some pretty impressive mileages.

From the original eBay listing: 1991 Ducati 907ie for Sale

I'm putting my 1991 Ducati 907ie up for sale.I have had so much fun with this bike, and it runs so well , I hate to part with it. I have used it for Sunday rides and bike nights locally. I am a certified Ducati mechanic and have continually upgraded the bike.When I started listing all of the upgrades it really hit home how much time and money I have in it.
The best thing about the bike is that it is fun and reliable. The bike is a torque monster and blasting from light to light is good fun. It always draws a huge crowd at bike night and everyone loves to hear it. It sounds like a Ducati should - awesome! I have a folder with all receipts and paperwork on the bike that comes with it. I would also be available to any purchaser in the future to answer any questions or help with future maintenance. This is a Sport/Touring bike and is much more comfortable than a pure sport bike. I am 6'-1 and 230 and I'm very comfortable on it. In average condition these bikes sell for $3-6000.00. I am asking $8500.00 for this one. You could buy one cheaper, but not like this. You also couldn't build it for that price. Bike has 23,975 miles on it.

Here is a list of upgrades, etc.

Recent service (@ 23,500 mi) consists of MBP collets (more than doubles valve adjustment intervals) and precise valve adjustment, new belts, oil (Motul) and filter. New fuel filter and fuel lines, clamps. New Samco silicone hoses ($600.00) with all new stainless steel clamps (the good ones), new coolant. Radiator fins cleaned up and radiators re painted flat black. New OEM radiator fan.
Wheels powder coated white (original color) new OEM cush lugs, updated rear cush hub to larger pin diameter, added titanium cush lug pins ($220.00) with 12 point titanium nuts (see photo) new bearings, seals and decals.
New tires front and rear. Michelin Pilot Road
New o ring chain and sprockets including a SuperSprox rear sprocket.
Titanium rear axle nuts with black anodized chain sliders. ($100.00)
Front and rear rotor bolts are titanium.
Installed 1992 forks in order to use 320mm rotors. Forks were completely rebuilt with new seals, bushings, wipers, oil. Fork lowers were powder coated satin black. The rotors are from Apex and are 320mm cast iron, full floating, with new pads ($700.00). New OEM 1992 calipers also installed at this time with titanium caliper bolts. ($350.00)
New Nissan radial pump master cylinder ($300.00) to get the most from the new front brakes.
New Kevlar front brake lines in black.
SS rear braided brake line. ($60.00)
SS braided clutch line. ($60.00)
New OEM rear caliper and rotor with new pads. Titanium caliper bolts. ($200.00)
Powder coated rear caliper carrier.
Euro tail light (very expensive if you can find a good one, used value is $600.00 in good condition.) This one is perfect.
F1 polished aluminum mufflers.
Fast By Ferraci EPROM chip. ($175.00)
Powder coated front frame support.
Triple clamps powder coated satin black with new stem bearings and seals.
Clutch completely upgraded with new billet inner and outer baskets, gold anodized billet pressure plate, Barnett extra plate Kevlar clutch, new springs, spring holders, vented clutch cover ($1000.00)
Yoyodyne clutch slave ($220.00)
Upgraded headlight to Yamaha FZ-750 unit. (Direct bolt in.)
LED Dash Lights
Battery is a Yuasa maintenance free and is about a 1-1/2 old.
Black body bolt kit.
Seat looks like a Corbin but is an aftermarket kit stapled to a stock seat pan. Has held up well and is comfortable.

That's most of it. I'm sure I've missed a few things. I have replaced many small rubber pieces etc. as I have worked on it. If something looked suspect it was replaced. I have always worked on it with care and patience. The body is in excellent condition, everything works as it should. I would not hesitate to ride it anywhere as it sits. I have a ton of OEM spares for the bike as I have purchased anything I could find. Such as complete new wiring loom, new computer, fuel pump kits, gasket, etc, etc. The can be sold with the bike if someone wanted or I can sell them separate. I also have one of the F1 pipes new as a spare. All parts removed from the bike can go with it. Such as stock rotors, lower 1991 fork legs etc.

So there you have it. The most desirable of the Pasos, with a comprehensive list of upgrades and maintenance, owned by an obviously knowledgeable and conscientious enthusiast. Unless you prefer your Ducatis red, you're unlikely to find a better 907ie. The question is: can you live with that $8,500 asking price? In the greater scheme of things, that's not really a lot of money, but it is big money for a Paso variant, and it will be a long time until the market catches up with this asking price.



  • good example of an owner who has no sense of reality, $8500 for this 907ie is nuts. maybe $4500 , and that’s a stretch.

  • Nice bike, good luck with the sale. U don’t see too many black examples, this is the 1st i see offered for sale in years.

  • Early-90’s Ducatis in factory black metallic are gorgeous! My (red) ’92 was one of the most enjoyable bikes I’ve ever had. It had, perhaps for me, the perfect riding position, was fast enough, handled great, & I think/thought it looked awesome. Mine had a possessed clutch that was so wacked out that even total replacement of nearly every component couldn’t help it. Barnett clutches never seem to work for me – they always get snatchy & chirpy; I still recommend factory. Even so, I would just haul ass through Deal’s Gap 2-up with my girlfriend just having the time of my life. I regretted selling it, but needed the dough after I started racing. I regretted letting that one go – the bike, not the girl. If this bike is really as pristine & mechanically flawless as the seller claims, I might consider negotiating from $8500, but not sight unseen.

  • I’m in for $4500


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