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The Next Step – 1990 Ducati 750 Sport

Backing away from the brink, Ducati needed a successor to the F1 and a second fiddle to the 907 i.e., and found it in the 750 Sport. The fully-faired desmodue was lightweight and used the Paso engine in the F1 frame.  Not an earth-shattering development, but gave the SuperSport department a chance to show their expertise.

1990 Ducati 750 Sport for sale on eBay

Sporting Weber's single carburettor between the cylinders, the 750 Sport had occasional driveability issues, but once sorted the 748cc air-cooled mill was a winner.  Staying on budget, Marzocchi supplied suspension for both ends, and likewise single-puck Brembo brakes.  16-inch rubber can be a test of a fan's dedication, but the options are much better today than when this bike was simply middle-aged.  Especially with the sun-ray graphics, the endurance fairing is sweet, but is more a fond glance over Ducati's shoulder than a look ahead.

This owner's second 750 Sport, this example has a little over 21,000 miles and a set of period slip-ons.  Good shape though scrapes and bumps almost suggest a trip to the paint booth.  The smashing factory paint scheme justifies freshening up.  It has new tires but recency of the cam belts would need to be determined.  From the eBay auction:

Runs great - excellent, not perfect, unrestored condition.  Tires and hoses are new.  Awesome nearly VINTAGE Ducati.  I bought one of these in 1990 and loved it.  This is my second one.   My Ducati book says only 150 were imported into the US.  Many of those went to the track and I have never seen another one on the street.

Similar to a PASO but cooler.  I have manuals and original Cycle World magazine where they tested the bike that will go with the sale.
The auction has several bids and the owner is refreshingly under no illusions of starting bids or reserves.  Likely to always be a rider, the new owner could have a nice one or with a little work, a gem to roll out.  An interesting chapter in the Ducati history book, frozen in trellis frame and desmodue...


  • A bit heavy on the ducs lately? A very rare Kawi 250 on that auction site worth mentioning.

  • The obvious question here – How much for the Challenger? In 1990, Ducati was doling out the clumsy 906 Paso, not the more polished 907i.e. Was the Sport a stepping stone? Yes, but one worth stepping over, as it is neither fast, reliable, great-handling, or good-looking. I’m sure there are rabid adherents to the pot-bellied Ducks somewhere out there (just as one might occasionally find a person with a compulsion to eat batteries), but in short: 750 Sports make excellent part bikes for early-90’s 750SS racers.

  • Wow G, that’s a little harsh. True, they are what they are, which includes a fun little Ducati from a point in time. That’s okay, keep cutting up every one you find. It only makes the survivors so much more unique in the sea of up-to-the-minute Panigales at the Ducati bike night.

  • Maybe a bit of hyperbole : ) Still, if you were around in the day, you would know what a disappointing shadow of the F1 the Sport was, and how quickly & easily it was eclipsed by the new SS line. Seeing the dowdy Sport & the sleek, then-new Supersport sitting side by side in the showroom was quite a contrast, even as it was no comparison – it seemed as if a new age of the earth had begun. On a positive note, I did actually like the red & silver scalloped paint job & the battery location was very logical. How’s that for high praise?


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