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Suzuki February 13, 2018 posted by

Featured Listing: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R712

Update 2.20.2018: SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Update 2.12.2018: The GSX-R712 has been kept warm all winter in the living room and is ready to ship and run at your house this spring. Price has been dropped to $9,750.

The 1980s were a watershed era for sport bikes. This was a period of constant escalation between the Big Four manufacturers out of Japan. Amidst the fighting came many new innovations and a quantum leap in performance. And none epitomized the arms race quite like the revolutionary GSX-R from Suzuki. A winner in the showroom and a clear favorite for amateur and professional racers alike, the air/oiled cooled GSX-R was a definitive game changer for riders everywhere. Fast forward 30+ years later, and while the 80's era GSX-R is still striking, performance has not kept up with modern machinery. That is where this owner stepped in, creating a vintage 80s hot rod with performance enhancements to bridge the gap. This is an amazing build that we know RSBFS readers can appreciate; this one-of-a-kind machine has the stance and the history to give it serious street creds, but with updates to back it up in the canyons.

So how do you build a GSX-R712? Start with a good 1986 example of a GSX-R750 - well regarded as the best chassis of the day. Remove the 750cc engine and replace it with a second generation GSF1200 Bandit motor. Purists will note that the 1200 Bandit was an evolution of the GSX-R1100 engine, which makes this a perfect fit from a lineage perspective. Once that epic change has been completed, you then turn your attention to, well, everything. Rebuild the front end with new and upgraded components. Work over the swing arm and rebuild everything connected to it. Replace and upgrade braking components. Anything still stock must be completely refurbished. With the mechanicals in perfect shape, you then turn your attention to cosmetics. This is where little changes can make a huge impression. Source new lightweight bodywork and make subtle alterations to clean up the classic lines. Dress up the wheels and powdercoat to suit. Apply paint and graphics that act as an homage to the original, but modernize as well. Then step back and behold the glory of what you have created: a GSX-R712.

From the seller:
1986 GSXR750 complete Moderation 396 lbs semi wet
• Probolt Titanium hardware throughout 97% moto
• GSRX1100 rear wheel & casting markings removed
• wheels powdercoated Vegas gold
• new sealed wheel bearings
• custom billit wheel spacers
• Avon Roadrider tires
• forks serviced with new seals & bushings, powdercoated text black
• steering head bearings serviced
• clip-ons powdercoated texture Black
• performance fork springs, ..90
• swing arm powdercoated texture Black, new bearings complete
• Fox Shox serviced by Cogent Suspension
• 500lb spring powdercoated Red
• all calipers powdercoated with new seals and boots, titanium bleeds
• custom HEL brake lines front, rear and clutch
• rebuilt clutch slave cylinder
• new Brembo master cylinders, Front brake & clutch
• new CRG adjustable levers & mirror and adapter
• rear brake rotor SV lightened
• Pit Bull 520 chain conversion, EK chain Blue
• new LTD replica chain guard
• new NRC engine covers
• gauges fully restored inside & out, Perfect
• new Shorai battery LFX14L5-BS12
• Gen 2 Suzuki GSF1200 motor
• new Suzuki fuel petcock
• new Suzuki headlamp relays
• Stage 3 Dynojet
• Uni pod filters
• Delkevic SS header
• Danmoto Carbon Fibre muffler
• Air Tech light weight body custom made, thanks Dutch
• Probolt Aluminun body fasteners
• RD decal set, installed by Adam Stevenson @ AccuGraphix
• Jarrell Paint works Paint & prep work
• Zero Gravity smoke windscreen
• gas cap cerikoted
• super light led tail light
• seat pan modified, lightened
• Mikes Upholstery recovered seat, Blue
• TrailTech switches
• abbreviated wiring harness

Price $10,250 $9,750

For More Information:
Contact Edward Hessel at
Text or call: 502.541.5253

Bikes like this amazing GSX-R Rod do not come along often. This is mainly because this is a very expensive, time-consuming process requiring patience and know-how. Most riders lack both the cash and the skill to create something this stunning, but would not hesitate to drool over it (and lust for one). A bike this good makes a personal statement that tells the world that you have great vintage taste and yet you also worship at the altar of performance. It is also likely a losing proposition for the seller; I could easily see $10k worth of parts in this rocket, not counting paintwork or specialized labor.

Slab-sided Gixxers are HOT right now - we see both collectable as well as pretty rough examples on a semi-regular basis. And we see the occasional Limited Edition unicorn - with prices in the stratosphere. This particular example takes the basic slabbie form and uses it as the foundation for a real hot rod superbike. Think of it as a higher performance slabbie with the cache of an L.E., but without the price tag. There is no doubt that this is a special bike - something the entire RSBFS staff agrees upon. The conversion is super sano, the lines are amazingly clean, and yet the whole package retains the classic looks of the original GSX-R. Check out the large number of very high-res pictures. I dare you not to fall in love with this bike. Once you do, reach out to the seller ( You cannot build this bike for the asking price, and you will never see another like it again. Good Luck!!


Featured Listing: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R712
Sport Bikes For Sale April 30, 2013 posted by

Smoked Salmon: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Alaska!


Ah, one of the favorite bikes of the RSBFS faithful. The RZ500 in virtually any condition draws interest. This bike, while not the museum quality stocker that some seek, is a nicely modified and apparently well cared for example that always seems to sell. Besides, who doesn't like to look at eye candy like this?!


Being a 1985 model, this bike is now some 28 years old. I'm not so sure I would go so far as calling it an antique ("classic" is a much better title), but for a bike nearing mid-life crisis it still represents itself very, very well. From the Yamaha GP livery to the small front hoop, this bike was build to look like its GP brothers. The frame is mild steel painted to look like aluminum (look for the lower output Japanese market RZV500 if you want the alloy frame), but does the intended job well. Readers and riders alike rave about the big RZ.


From the seller:

This bike is in excellent condition and is the best V-4 two stroke 500cc Grand Prix Replica you will find. The jetting is excellent and it makes an exceptional every day rider. Added items to make a great bike even better include Jolly Moto Italian made Grand Prix style light weight exhaust pipes and light weight aluminum mufflers; Mad Beaver Uni Air Filter/Gas/Coolant System modifications; Ohlins rear shock; gold wheels; racing solo seat cowl; aftermarket nylon sliders & slider support system; aftermarket Lockhart-Phillip Mirrors & turn signals; Tarozzi fork brace and much more.

Additional parts include many original parts--5 boxes of parts including extra stock wheels with rotors, maintenance and parts manuals, two 2 inch three ring notebooks with historical information on the RZ500, road tests, RZ/RD500 Club Newsletters & much more.

If you are looking for this bike you will know that they are rare and don't often come up for sale. I've had this bike for many years and turning 60 last year decided it's time to slow down a bit. With the Jolly Moto pipes you will notice that when it "comes on the pipes" the two stroke acceleration is amazing!

This bike has been maintained in excellent condition, never dropped and will attract attention wherever you ride.

If you've always wanted an RZ500 then this is your opportunity--don't miss out!! Happy bidding!


As we all know from history, the rare and the desired do not come cheap. Long gone are the days when a RZ of any size would set you back $3-$5k. This one has a starting bid of $13,950 (with reserve), and a BIN of $14,950. That is about the ballpark for a nice 500 these days, with the higher prices for lower mileage or more stock examples. Click the link to jump over to the auction and drool over some pictures. Then plan a cruise up the inside passage to satisfy the significant other and take home an awesome souvenir!



Honda January 28, 2013 posted by

Spotted! 1993 Honda NSR250SE MC21 in New Mexico!


Two stroke smoke is in the air! 2013 has certainly started with a bang given the number of great smokers we have seen in the past few weeks. Here is another one to consider; while not stock, it does look very clean and sports a New Mexico title. Consider the following photos:


From the seller:
This bike started off as a very used stock NSR250SE MC21. It is now the beautiful bike in the photos. Kept in temperature controlled garage. Only about 8 miles on it after rebuild and paint.

Body, rearsets, expansion chambers are TYGA. Front end and triple clamp is 1993 Honda RS250. Powder coated front Marchesini magnesium rim. Full Brembo. Iron rotors. All new bearings. Reduced steering lock from stock due to reduced triple clamp offset.
Trailtech digital display. New Honda RS250 coils and leads. Wire splice mod done.
Brembo radial front master cylinder. New CRG clutch perch. POR-15 coated tank.
Excellent condition Honda RS250 radiator with electric water pump, silicone hoses, Guhl thermostat.

Stock, completely rebuilt carbs with HRC jet kit, UNI foam filters.
Engine, transmission, and clutch completely rebuilt with new parts and RS250 lower cylinder head conversion. Stock and RS250 plugs and caps. Crank has new bearings, thrust washers, shot peened and balanced pistons and rods. New rod bearings.
All brake calipers rebuilt with new seals. Stock powder coated, widened rear wheel with new bearings. AFAM sprocket. Regina chain. Both new.

Enough parts to build a second engine, including transmission, clutch assembly, completely rebuilt, zero miles crank with shot peened rods. Various new gaskets, bearings, and seals. Spare PGMIII. This bike uses premix. No oil injection system.
Registered and titled in New Mexico.

Check your state laws regarding registration and titling of this vehicle before purchase.




If oil can be referred to as "black gold" then surely the market should start to refer to these two strokes as "smokey gold." Prices are definitely on the move, with stakes on the rise for top-level examples of the breed. This bike - while not stock - seems to qualify as per the pictures. The starting bid is set at $9,000 with no takers at the time of writing, so if you want to make ring-a-ding noises in the new year you'd better come with a full wallet. Check out the pictures and details and let us know what you think!



Suzuki August 19, 2009 posted by

1990 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma VJ21

Located in Canyon Lake, California is a 1990 Suzuki RGV25o.  The bike is titled and registered.  This RGV comes with new tires, new sprockets (Front-1, rear+1), new chain, UNI filters and NGK plugs.  The bike does however need fork seals and is rattle-can black.  This has been available for awhile but it is a street legal RGV at a good price ($3,200) and would make an excellent restoration candidate or a great Pepsi/Lucky Strike replica.  See the bike on Craigslist here.



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