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Yamaha September 3, 2014 posted by

The next contestant: 1990 Yamaha TZR 250

tzr4Recently I have begun looking for a 90's two stroke repli-racer to add to my little collection but as a latecomer to the two-stroke repli-racer scene, I am still coming up to speed on all the variants that were offered.  As of right now the the top contenders are an Aprilia 250, a Yamaha TZR, a Suzuki RGV or possibly a Kawasaki KR-1s.

1990 Yamaha TZR 250SP

This is a 1990 Yamaha TZR250SP and according to the seller, the 1990 model year TZR250 is from the 3MA generation of TZRs which were unique with their reverse cylinder design/carburetors in the front and exhausts out of the rear of the cylinders. This is also the much rarer Sport Production version of the 3MA, which included USD forks and a dry clutch along with some other changes from the standard version.

tzr 6 tzr 5

So now the question is whether a TZR250 is the right bike for an introduction for two-stroke experience?  The standard TZR250 has a general reputation of being one of the easiest 1990's 250 to "get the best from". Chassis, brakes and power are all supposedly well balanced which will allow a rider to focus on the upcoming road.

Here are some of the quotes from reviewers of the TZR 250;

  • 'it's the perfect mix of race technology and practical useability.'
  • 'I really don't think you can fault it - you can slam it into corners with the brakes full on and it'll still go round, with the only protest coming from the tyres'
  • 'More friendly than the others'
  • 'Starts first time, the mirrors are useable and the seat is comfortable up to the first tank refill'
  • easy to clean, good pillion seat, luggage can be carried, lasts for ages.
  • 'Bought by sensible people.'

I have also read that two of the main TZR competitors have some odd handling issues; the Suzuki RGV has a reputation for head shake under mid corner braking and the Kawasaki KR-1S is supposed to have weird front wheel feedback so the TZR seems like a good option.  Then again, this is the SP version so perhaps this a bit more temperamental?

Overall this particular TZr250SP certainly looks to be in good condition and I think the bodywork is the best looking year for the TZR that I have seen.   The seller has posted a good number of hi-res pictures and it looks very clean, although some cosmetic defects are mentioned in the advert and I think I see some marks on the riders left mirror stalk.

tzr 8

Since this is a grey/gray market import, there is no KBB info on prices available.   But given the condition and the fact that the seller says it has a clean Florida title this one seems like a good candidate for my collection.

So once again, I would like to see some comments on whether this one should be something I should consider as my first foray into the world of two stroke ownership?

- marty

The next contestant:  1990 Yamaha TZR 250
Sport Bikes For Sale January 24, 2013 posted by

Best Looking 250? ’92 Yamaha TZR250 RS

Location: Boise, Idaho    Mileage: 3,971   Price: Auction

92 TZR250

92 TZR250

This might be the best looking 250 two stroke out there. And there are a ton of good looking 250's. Just search this site and you'll see. But this paint set up is just clean and beautiful. This bike is also clean and low mileage and original. That's a pretty solid combo right there. I would park it in my living room too.

Here's the seller's description-

1992 TZR250 RS, This bike is completly stock with all original body work. This bike is the crown jewel of my collection. It is very close to perfect and spends most of its time in my living room. I dont think there is any chance of finding a nicer one!No cracks in the plastic at any of the fasteners. In the pictures you will see the original protective stickers on the from fender to keep the brake lines from scratching the plastic. The rear footpegs were removed at some time and I do not have them. The bike does not leak a drop and is mechanically perfect. The bike runs perfectly and is jetted for 2,800'. Starts with one to two kicks. Please call with any questions. This is the rarest of all the two stroke 250's and I think the best looking.

And photos-

This is a low mileage bike that looks clean and original, except the rear foot pegs as noted by the seller. Otherwise this bike looks like a great example and is described as ready to ride. You'll get a powerful bike in a lightweight chassis. Not much not to love there.

So if you want cool, rare, awesome, beautiful, exotic and rare, this is your bike. If you have the money and the desire, you best make a play!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 15, 2012 posted by

Another TZR: 1987 YAMAHA TZR 250 in Michigan

For Sale: 1987 YAMAHA TZR 250 (2ME)

Hot on the heels of this Japanese TZR-250 comes another one from the wilds of Canada. This bike currently resides in Michigan, where it enjoys a title affording it street bike status. While not a SP model, it is still worthy of a look.

From the seller:
Selling my "FREE AND CLEAR MICHIGAN TITLE 1987 tzr-250" had it since 06/05/2000.. Well maintained! 26,276km (16,327mi) Engine is stock no mod's done other then it has a nice well built performance exhaust maybe (fIII) not sure? no name or numbers on exhaust.Also comes with a rare factory yamaha solo cover (1KT-W0771-00).

The steering stabilizer is adjustable very nice for a light bike.All stainless steel braided brake lines. Comes with 2 factory keys,service & parts manual's,& tool kit. as you observe the pic's the bike has some scratches.. I took pics as best as i could, Amazingly the fuel tank is dent and rust free no conditioners were applied. there is a small crease on the bottom left portion of tank does not affect anything it's covered up by the seat.

* 2008 1500mi ago installed fresh top end cleaned and adjusted the ypvs power valves accordingly. Always used AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR OIL!

* cleaned and adjusted carb's,installed new rubber bowl gaskets and needle valves, new air filter.

* newer gold chain comes with extra sprocket (rear).

* brake pads thick like new.

* new battery 2010.

* bridgestone bt96 front & rear wear 90% front 50-60% rear.

It is rare to see a pair of TZRs so close together, but such is the feast-or-famine existence in the rare sportbike world. This one looks pretty good for its age and mileage. It is not a museum piece by any means, and some of the modifications such as the fender chop are hard to reverse. This view really shows you what a small and narrow bike the TZR is - a far cry from today's 190 series rear rubber found on big bore bikes!

This little smoker is available now. The auction started out very low, and has reached $1,751 with moderate bidding. A reserve is in place, and I expect this one to climb above $3,500 before anything gets interesting. If you are looking for a 250 with a little zing, this TZR might just fit the bill. Click on the link for more pictures and auction details. Good Luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale August 28, 2012 posted by

Another Rare Smoker: 1990 Yamaha TZ-R 250

For Sale: 1990 Yamaha TZ-R 250

Here is another rare one that was pointed out to us by RSBFS reader and superfan Martin. We need to get this guy on our payroll as his tastes are just like ours!

The seller has seemingly transcribed the TZ-R 250 Wikipedia entry into his advert, so settle in and let the words of many people typing into an open source online encyclopedia lull you to enlightenment.

From the seller:
The Yamaha TZR250 is motorcycle manufactured and produced by the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha between 1986 and 1996.

Yamaha produced road going 2-stroke motorcycle, loosely based on the TZ250 Yamaha racing bike. Parallel-twin, reverse cylinder and finally V-twin variants were produced. It evolved as a natural replacement for the popular RD 250/350 LC series of the 1980's. It has Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS) which raises and lowers the exhaust port depending on the rpm of the engine, the YPVS servo motor starts to open at about 6,000rpm. In standard form 50bhp is claimed at 10,000rpm. Although mid 40's is more realistic, and will not rev much above 9,500rpm in standard trim owing to the restrictive standard exhausts and ignition boxes

Still raced in the Yamaha Past Masters race series with the British racing club - BMCRC. Racing engines currently claiming circa 56bhp @ 11,000rpm. Racing pre-mix fuel ratios typically 1:30. Standard exhausts are difficult to improve on in terms of power and torque, but they are very heavy and impede ground clearance. Jolly Moto exhausts are popular replacements as they are lighter, produce similar performance, and allow better ground clearance.

In 1987 Mat Oxley was the first person to lap the Isle of Man TT course at over 100mph, riding this model. An F3 racing kit was produced for a few years which included ignition boxes, carbs and exhaust pipes, helping increase maximum revs, power and torque.

Production started in June 1986. At a cost of around $6,000 new on release it was seen as an expensive bike for a 250 cc, but given that places such as Japan and Australia had 250 licencing laws in place one can imagine the stir that something that could hassle 750's on a track caused. 2MA variant being the UK variant and the 1KT model being the domestic Japanese variant. Variations between these two models being minimal, i.e. wording on the brake master cylinder in English or Japanese. Lighting arrangements were also different, to comply with UK type approval regulations, particularly the indicators were mounted on stalks rather than faired into the bodywork.

Then came the reverse cylinder version 3MA, then the V-twins 3XV. The variants followed the configuration of motor of the racing TZ250 of the time. Manufacture of TZR250s stopped in 1996.

This TZ-R looks pretty good from the pictures. As all of these were imported, there is usually a pretty large number of people who put their hands on the bike before you did, and part of the fun is to understand and work through prior modifications. Mileage is listed as 24,000 KM and change (call it 15,000 miles for stateside usage), and there is no info as to how fresh that top end may be. The picture shows a CA plate with current tags, so there may indeed be some magic in this bike!

The current auction price is just over $4k in pretty moderate bidding, but still a ways off of the BIN number of $8,700. As far as quarter liter smokers go, this TZ-R is rarer than most, and looks pretty good. For more info and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Thanks for pointing ths one out, Martin!


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California Two Stroke Sighting: Plated 1991 Yamaha TZR250 3XV

California Two Stroke Sighting: Plated 1991 Yamaha TZR250 3XV


Like a sighting of Bigfoot in the woods of California, a sighting of a titled stroker in California can bring disbelief.  Well your eyes aren't deceiving you.  There isn't time to waste though, this bike is on the Bay Area Riders Forum and can disappear fast.


I'm sure you Cali boys are having a panic attack right about now so here are the details:

I am selling my CA-plated TZR. This bike was brought in from Japan and registered after a lot of effort. The motor is tight and the bike is a blast to ride. It pulls hard to 12k. I would consider it a scalpel vs. a hacksaw in terms of how tight it is and how it handles vs. bigger bikes.I’ve restored the bike back to original glory as best I can. The top end had excellent compression so I didn’t pull the barrels (but I do have another OEM piston kit, included). The bike is stock sans the TZMIke carbon cans. I just didn’t want to hack it up. Here is a brief list of work:•15,7XX KM’s (9700 miles)
•Powder-coated wheels, triple, calipers & steering nut w/20% gloss black
•Rebuilt brake system with new OEM piston seals, new stainless lines & new pads
•New front & rear master cylinder OEM rebuild kits
•Rebuilt front end with new OEM seals & oil. Stripped and re-painted painted lowers.
•New BT 016’s
•New 520 o-ring chain
•New OEM bolts and fasteners all around
•New OEM battery
•New OEM petcock
•Media blasted and painted tons of parts including pipes
•New windscreen
•New OEM levers, new OEM signals, new OEM mirrors
•New bearings in both wheels
•Some fairing pieces had cracks; all cracks were welded from the inside.
•Both carbs were fully disassembled & cleaned w/OEM parts; lines, filters, jets, seats, rings, needles and needle jets.
•I pulled the heating circuit, no need for it in CA climate (and it makes for more room to work under tank).
•Running Motul 710 on pump
•I have a crate of spares that are included. Workshop manual and parts manual included.The only thing I would change is the front end seals and oil. The stock 7.5W is too light (I’m 170#). Also, when I put in the new OEM seals, I must not have driven them in all the way or something because I get a small weep. EZ change.



The TZR's are much more are than NSR's or RGV's.  Only KR1 owners can claim more exclusivity.  From the sellers description it sounds like it was a bit of a fixer upper when he purchased it.  He did the leg work though and got you the paperwork to make you legal.



She looks darn good from the pictures.  Like any Japanese 250cc import these were restricted to that magic 45 HP.  The seller states he has restored it to stock so I'm assuming it is still in restricted form.  The TZR's seem a little mysterious to derestrict to me.  Can a TZR owner set me straight.  I've read it is strictly electronics and others seem to say involves barrels etc.  Did I read correctly that a TZ250 engine will directly bolt into the TZR frame? Hmmmmm



It looks the business, that is for sure.  Am I correct that this is a 1991?  The seller didn't list the year of the bike but it looked like this paint scheme is from the 1991 model year.



You can still pretend you are roaming the streets of Tokyo in the 90's if you like.  The seller is asking $8,000  and is open to some trades:

open to trades +/- $ for a well-appointed Hypermotard.


Give the man a call and help keep Cali just a little polluted.



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SmokinJoe’s Stroker Roundup: Two 1987 Yamaha TZR 250’s And A 1989 Kawasaki KR-1

SmokinJoe's Stroker Roundup: Two 1987 Yamaha TZR 250's And A 1989 Kawasaki KR-1

I guess I picked a bad day to take an extended gin and tonic lunch break.  I came back to the plush and dimly lit RSBFS offices to be greeted with an email about all the strokers RSBFS reader SmokinJoe439 had found.

I think most readers will be pleased that these are all Craigslist bikes.  One of our new years resolutions was to make an effort to add more CL bikes back to the RSBFS pages.  They never went away but we had been posting them more on our Facebook page.

SmokinJoes' first find is a nice one: a clean and titled 1987 TZR250.   It has obviously had some loving owners during its' life.  Remember these are pre-V twin days so that is an inline twin hiding under the bodywork.

And there is said twin.  As you can see it is also pre-double front disc as well.  It is hard to find a bike this old,  that is this clean and in stock condition.  Oh yeah, and California titled.

I sure like what I see.  If you need any more convincing here is what the seller had to say:

1987. 2MA. Stock. Very good condition. Only 11k miles. Runs very well and is surprisingly quiet. Sounds awesome when it comes on the pipe though. OEM plastics in good condition. Original red/white paint in good condition.
New tires. New carb internals. New intake manifold. Fresh coolant and oil change. Service Manual included.
The bad: Windscreen has 4" crack but is in one piece. Gustaffson has replacement. Tach not working - comes in and out. Other minor blemishes due to bike is 24 years old.
California plates good thru April 2012. Clean title

Location: San Diego

Asking Price: $4,200


Next up is a 1989 KR-1.  If you really want to stand out in the two stroke crowd this might be the  bike to have.  It is rare but it also claimed to be one of the strongest running 250 street bikes to come out of Japan.

Yep, another parallel twin.

There is no mention of a title in the ad.  I'm noticing some after market chambers and a lack of switch gear and turn signals;  possibly a track bike.  The asking price is not track bike like though.  It is actually in KR-1S or KR1-R territory:  $6,000.

Location:  Portland, OR

Asking Price: $6,000



Que the potato jokes.  This 1987 TZR250 is located in Idaho.  What is vastly more interesting though is the lack of KM's on this bike.  The odometer is showing under 4000 KM's.

No title with this TZR but you do get four bags of Idaho's finest.  That is accurate except for the part about the potatoes.

Location:  Idaho

Asking Price: $4,995