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Honda May 5, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing: 1990 Honda CBR250RR

Update 5.6.2017: Sold in just 4.5 hours! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

If you have a rare sportbike for sale, model years 1980ish to 2004ish, consider our Featured Listing service for $59. Email me to see to get started:

This is not your usual diet of 40:1 premix. This grey-market 250cc Featured Listing is the ultra-rare, four stroke MC22. Never officially imported into the United States, this particular example has been properly papered and plated - making it a terrific way to add a stunning and unique machine to your collection. The seller is a RSBFS regular, and we have seen his bikes before; they are what they are claimed to be.

The CBR250 family follows a tried and true pattern of performance: an inline, four-cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder and a redline that stops just short of six figures (ok, only 19,000 RPM) is cradled by just enough aluminum to form a stout, boxed perimeter frame. 17" wheels and better-than-basic suspension hold up the works, and race-bred bodywork and vented triple disks all around prove that this is no entry-level scooter. While originally a Japan-only model when introduced in the mid-1980s as the MC14. By the late 1980s with the MC19 edition Honda started importing outside of Japan, but kept the distribution limited largely to APJ (Asia, Pacific, Japan). Expect a stock bike to produce approximately 45 HP against a 315 pound dry weight.

From the seller:
1990 Honda CBR250RR MC22. 12,611 Miles (20,296 Kilometers) being sold from my personal collection. Only selling to make room for more projects. Imported into the United States from Australia. So it has a 17-digit VIN plate and lived its life in a very mild climate. This is a very clean well cared for bike. Everything works, as it should. Turn signals, brake lights, horn, High and low beam, radiator fan. All fluids are fresh. Shifts and revs to redline perfectly. Starts effortlessly every time. Continental Conti-Motion Tires are brand new with Zero miles on them. Also replaced the clutch friction plates and springs over the winter.

Fairings are aftermarket, not the flimsy ones offered by some but very high quality injection molded. Tank has been re-sprayed by 2 Brothers Painting. Absolutely flawless. Bike has VIN Matching State of Ohio Title. Buyer is responsible for their own State Requirements.

Sold as is. Buyer responsible for shipping. Thank you for looking. Please email any questions. Price is $6200.00 USD. OBO.

On RSBFS we see a lot of grey bikes imported from Japan. While this is one possible route to source a rare motorcycle, bikes coming from other markets such as Australia are preferred. Australia has a much better climate for preserving machinery, and much more space in which to park and secure vehicles. As a result, Aussie imports are nearly always free of the corrosion and rash from tight confines that plague other imports.

The seller notes that the plastics are not stock OEM, and that the tank has been resprayed. That may be the case, but from the pictures I can see no fitment issues and everything looks clean, clean, clean. The seller also states the maintenance items completed, which is important as a bike nears voting age.

Check out the pics (and feel free to drool a little). This bike is available in the US, complete with a clean VIN and title. As usual, not all states need to apply - so best to check with the local powers that be to ensure this could be more than just a track-day bike for you (but oh, what a track day bike it could be!). Give Greg a holler if you are interested. We do not see these wonderful four strokers very often, so if you are in the market I suggest you act quickly. You are not likely going to find a cleaner MC22. Good Luck!


Featured Listing: 1990 Honda CBR250RR
Honda September 2, 2016 posted by

Featured Listing: 1994 Honda NSR250 SE for Sale

Update 9.4.2016: I've received word that this bike is now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

This Featured Listing is part of a set from the sellers for a VFR400, TZR250, and an NSR250. They are available for purchase as a group or individually. The sellers are available this labor day weekend for personal inspections in Southern California. -dc



1994 Honda NSR250 SE L Front

Competition may have been fierce in the 250cc two-stroke class, but it always seemed like it was Honda’s 800 pound gorilla that was setting the pace, with the others scrambling to keep up. Sure, there were plenty of fast bikes from Suzuki, Yamaha, and a couple years of krazy Kawasaki shenanigans, but the NSR250 seemed to define the class, and is certainly the most well-known bike. Today’s featured listing is the final iteration of the little sports Honda, and possibly the most desirable as well, the Honda NSR250 SE MC28.

1994 Honda NSR250 SE Front Wheel

Built between 1994 and 1998, the MC28 was actually the heaviest of the series, as that very trick-looking single-sided swingarm added noticeable weight compared to the more conventional item. This SE "Super Edition" has most of the even rarer “Sport Production” edition goodies, with the SP’s dry clutch and adjustable suspension at both ends. It only lacked the SP’s magnesium wheels.

1994 Honda NSR250 SE L Rear

The NSR250 MC28’s electronics weren’t as flashy as those very trick hard parts, but contained some of the bike’s most exotic technology. Introduced on 1987's MC18, Honda’s PGM interpreted throttle position and rpm to simply adjust the RC “Revolutionary Controlled” Valve and air-correction circuit for improved midrange response. The Later PGM-II system added ignition timing to the magic box's repertoire and the bike ultimately could create a 3-D ignition map from the various sensor inputs, strange when you think of that technology combined with good old-fashioned carburetors.

1994 Honda NSR250 SE Dash

The MC28 version of the PGM-IV had the famous digital Smartcard in place of a key, and that card also stored ignition maps for the engine, along with a tiny gascap key that slotted into the corner! Want more performance for your racebike? Just get a real-deal HRC card and voila: 60hp! Unfortunately, that same technology means de-restricting the bike from the government-mandated 45hp can be devilishly difficult. Ideally, you’d just track down an original card, but that can be an expensive option or simply impossible.

1994 Honda NSR250 SE R Rear

So while the MC28 might not be the lightest, or the fastest two-stroke, it is arguably one of the best-looking sportbikes of the era and is absolutely dripping innovative technology and Honda refinement.

From the Seller: 1994 Honda NSR250 SE (MC28)

$9,000 with 34,938km

Purchased in 2011 from RSBFS listing, CA titled & current registration, this NSR has the Tyga 300cc big bore kit & expansion chambers, upper triple clamp, and rearsets, fresh Dunlop Sportmax tires, and new fork seals & front pads. Oil injection intact. A few very minor fairing scuffs and cracks, this bike needs nothing, ready to ride.

Spares & Extras: used OEM bodywork pieces (upper cowl, R side panels & tail section), cowl stay, stock upper triple clamp & more.

A bit of quick math indicates that the bike has 21,709 miles on the clock. As I mentioned in the TZR250 listing, parts availability can be difficult for these grey-market bikes, and plenty of owners have already begun hoarding critical maintenance parts for the rarer models. I haven't tried to run one of these, but poking around the internet, one of the real advantages, besides the obvious Honda innovation and quality, is the relative parts availability in terms of aftermarket support for the NSR. Certainly, the other bikes in the class have their charms, Honda is, well: Honda. $9,000 is a big number for a little two-stroke, but the MC28 version of the NSR250 SE represents the pinnacle of the class in terms of technology and rarity, especially here in the USA, and that CA title is worth its weight in gold.


1994 Honda NSR250 SE R Front

Featured Listing: 1994 Honda NSR250 SE for Sale
Sport Bikes For Sale November 27, 2012 posted by

Lucky Strikes Twice? 1991 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22 Lucky Strike Replica in New England

As is often the case in our "feast or famine" pursuit of the rare and collectable, here is another Lucky Strike rendered RGV 250. This bike is clearly not stock, and comes with a pretty long list of goodies.

From the seller:
Don't miss this opportunity to own a super trick 1991 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22M / Lucky Strike theme GP replica in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. This bike pulls really hard and handles like a GP race bike....

Has been very reliable , dependable and has been a joy to own and ride. The sound of the SUGAYA'S alone is intoxicating ( if your a 2 stroke enthusiast) and if your not well, there is medication for that..

Over $4000.00 in new / premium performance parts..

So if your looking for a rare , road worthy, legal, high quality, lightweight , unique and reliable screamer, that is far superior than most modern street bikes .. or a killer track weapon to torment those big cc lead buckets in the corners ...

Livery-branded bikes rank right up there as the most popular to copy; because these are often originally produced in low numbers, there is a collectability factor that influences prices. But strip away the colors and just focus on the hardware for a moment, and tell me this replica doesn't have all the right pieces.

From the seller:
Derestricted ( SAPC) and fully kitted for pump gas.
Tyga Performance GP Tail section (will include stock tail section in sale)
SP Heads / Barrels
Carbon Fiber Hugger
Smoked wind screen
6 piston front calipers with new pads ( front and rear) and NISSIN front radial brake master cylinder for eye popping braking
Earls Stainless Steel brake Lines
New Tires Pilot Power -- 110 / 70's and 160 / 60's
New / power valves - freshly pinned and perfect (will include stock valves in sale)
New Battery
New hi quality air filter.
Wet Clutch/CR gearbox - 34mm carbs - cleaned and synced
Sugaya kit pipes – ( These pipes are impossible to obtain $$$) cans are slightly dented ( have never seen a pair thats not)
Fresh NGK Iridium plugs
Fresh gear oil
Oil injected / injection intact and operates perfectly
New ( aftermarket fairings) Original fairings new = $2200.00 / couldn't justify...
Trick master cylinder covers
Low miles 7673 (12,350) kilometers
Clear Connecticut title / Registration
Bid with confidence -- 100 % positive feedback..

******** Will include a spare , low mile , great running stock motor and carbs, if buy it now price is met $10,500.00) ********

The current bid on this one is only $5,200 with reserve still in place. The BIN number is ten point five large ones, but as you have already noted, this would include another stock motor (perfect for a rebuild project or a winter "hot saw" project for you lumberjack types). There appears to be even more in this bike, as in the pictures I spotted Woodcraft clip-ons - I wonder what other treasures this trove holds. For more info and pictures, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Lucky Strike livery - does it get your motor running? Let us know in the comments!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 2, 2012 posted by

Where there is smoke: 1994 SUZUKI RGV250 VJ22

Update 11.2.2012: This bike is back on eBay after we first saw it early in October. In previous listings it has failed to pass $4k in bids and wears as $10200 buy-it-now. Thanks for everyone's email. Links updated, -dc

Finding a good two stroke these days is getting tough. You are generally faced with locating a pristine museum piece (and paying museum piece prices), or finding a solid bike with some minor mods or defects that you might need to address at a more "normal" price point. Even then, the mystery surrounding the purchase could well turn into a full blown rebuild as you uncover other issues. As always, RSBFS recommends that you do your homework whenever looking at rare, collectable bikes - especially when they are imports.

This VJ22 model Suzuki shows well from a distance. The Telefonica / Movie Star livery is striking, and the Tyga exhaust is certainly a plus. Closer in, you will note that there is some damage to the fairing and windscreen. All of this is perfectly legit for a bike of this age, but only a closer look will tell you what evils might lurk beneath. The carved off speedo is a neat trick, simultaneously eradicating the mileage issue and making it impossible to answer the inevitable "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

From the seller:

Despite the obvious flaws and unknown issues, I would be surprised not to see this bike snapped up relatively quickly - if the reserve is set properly, that is. While we see a number of decent bikes on any given month, we see a larger number of relics and basket cases that never even make our pages. This bike is better than most from the pictures, and a great model to introduce you to the wonderful world of two strokes.

This is the second time around for this bike - the previous auction failed to meet reserve. The opening bid is only one buck, but the reserve is undoubtedly much higher. The BIN set for this example is $10,200, which is pretty high for a quarter liter bike that isn't being rolled out of a museum exhibit. Take a look at let us know what you think - and then leave us a note in the comments. Good Luck!


Aprilia June 20, 2012 posted by

Conversion Soup: Aprilia RS250 Framed, RG500 Powered, Tyga wrapped Biaggi Replica…..


Conversion Soup:  Aprilia RS250 Framed, RG500 Powered, Tyga wrapped Biaggi Replica.....


..and Ohilins sprung.  Conversions are an acquired taste but this UK RS/RG/ETC impresses in pictures.  It has a bit of everything and that everything appears to be top shelf.  With a conversion though, a true test is seeing it in person.  Seeing how the wiring is done, how the engine conversion was handled and basic fit and finish. First impressions are this one is put together correctly.



500cc's wasn't enough so this is bumped up to 570cc's.  I think I'd let an expert look at how that engine is mounted for peace of mind.  I've seen some mounted without the down tubes and I had a frame builder tell me that is insane with the big RG engine. It looks like a down tube peaking out there beneath the fairing though.





It's a long list!

here we have my latest just completed aprilia rs250 with suzuki rg500 engine fitted

the bike has been built with no expense spared, every part of this bike is either new or refurbished 

if you no these bikes you will appreciate how much time, effort, and money goes into building one of these bikes

brief description of the specification of the bike

engine completely rebuilt inc

cranks rebuilt 

570cc big bore

new pistons rings gudgen pins bearings clips

gearbox rebuilt with new later undercut gears

new clutch with mod done

refurbished disc valve covers

new billet clutch cover

new itg air filters

every bearing, gasket, o ring, oil seal, has been replaced with genuine suzuki parts where available 

swarbrick exhaust pipes with carbon cans

carbs ultrasonic cleaned and rebulit with new needle valves, gaskets etc


standard aprilia rs250 frame modified to take rg500 engine

frame powder coated

swingarm powder coated

ohlins front forks with radial brake callipers, fully rebuilt with new seals, oil etc

ohlins rear shock fully rebuilt and resprung 

rs250 wheels powder coated new bearings

brembo 320mm discs

brembo radial master cylinder with pazzo lever

new pazzo clutch lever and perch 

gsxr switch gear

new carbon frame protectors 

new carbon swingarm covers

new carbon hugger

new carbon front mudguard 

new braided lines

new alloy clipons

new chain and sprockets

new koso dashboard

new tyres

new tyga fairing

new one off seat unit loosely based on honda rs250

new max biaggi paint job last years colours in fluorescent orange, the pictures dont do it justice



I'm guessing the suspension is swiped from another Aprilia model since it has been rebuilt and resprung.  Not sure if the brakes are Aprilia items as well.



I wonder how much it has been ridden since all the work.  There would definitely be some sorting out on a project like this.  I'd wonder about the heat coming of those chambers under there and ruining the paint if it is a tight fit.



Have you been adding up the numbers as you've been looking at the pictures?  Did you come up with 12,500 GBP ($19,600!)?  If you go down the list and add up all the parts and labor I'm sure you get to that total.  You know there has to be a "but" don't you?  The problem with conversions is that you build them to your tastes and the pool of buyers out there probably doesn't have the exact same tastes.  More importantly, they aren't willing to pay for the things you thought were worthwhile.  Even if you aren't a buyer this bike should be an inspiration on what you can do with a conversion.


Take a look at the ad here.





Aprilia July 9, 2011 posted by

Eur-asian Mix: Aprilia RS250/ Yamaha RZ500 Hybrid

Eur-asian: Aprilia RS250/ Yamaha RZ500 Hybrid

What you are looking at here is a monster in the making. This is the nearly consumated, unholy plural marriage of Italian looks and handling, Japanese precision and perfection, and good old Yankee ingenuity. Mix them together well, add a healthy budget and let it simmer with some serious sweat equity. Once it's baked you are looking at 100+ ponies crammed into a 250cc sized rocketship - and littered with the best of the best bits available on any continent. This is a dream in the making...

A great many of our RSBFS and CSBFS core readers pinged us on this one, so it's great to see that you are all awake out there! I don't know if I've ever seen a more sano looking conversion - even if we tend not to post customized bikes here on RSBFS (April 1st posts notwithstanding). However given the subject of this customization as well as the workmanship involved, we are willing to make an exception. This is one cool looking hot rod!

From the seller:
110HP, 290LB....I built this bike over 2 years...nothing but the best went into the bike. This rs250 conversion might be the best around. I have over $30k in parts alone, not including engineering or time to do the work. 95% of all parts are brand new! Best of the best went into this bike. The build has zero miles on it. It has been started, heat cycled and driven up and down the driveway a few times to verify all works well.... re-torqued bolts etc. The tune is very rich safe.... will need a final tune at its final location. I will list the parts below:

Aprilia rs250 main frame from aprilia NEW no VIN, no title, no stamping
Aprilia rs250 swing arm from aprilia NEW
All new fasteners, bolts, bearings etc...Nothing used.

RZ based engine, 485cc
straight cut gears, billet clutch basket, slingshot lockup clutch, oil injection, over drive oil pump gear, rz transmission, billet stroker crank, TZ bearings, forged pistons, new engine cases, the whole engine is new except the trans.

New 39mm keihin PWK carbs, v force reeds, trinity cheatah power valve cylinder, removable dome heads..setup for 93 octane, RZ kick starter, RM stator with DC conversion with zero gravity lithium battery, ignitech programmable ignition. Engine is super smooth and super wide power band. I build custom two stroke bikes for my self, this one is just nasty... Tyaga stainless pipes and kevlar silencers.

New shark skins bodywork, custom fit, gloss black show paint job. All stickers are over the paint and can be removed and customized per your taste.

Custom one off LED projector hedlights...low and high beam...awsome! RSV4 rear hugger. gsxr1000 front fender matching rear hugger with gold inserts.

AIM strata digital dash, shows oil level, water temp, shift lights, twin EGT, turn signals, etc....Amazing, fully programmable.

Gilles rear sets, fully adjustable, brembro levers/masters

Gixer 1000 Ohlins road and track new forks(setup for 200lb rider), triple tree, custom bearings, rsv front rotors with custom spacers, Gixer front calipers, custom cush drive and sprocket! This allows the use of a 190 rear tire as installed. I wanted a modern look...the only aprilia 250 in the work with a 190 tire...looks amazing. Chain alignment is perfect and centered due to the custom cush. You will get all the drawings...for the custom parts stock rear rs250 shock. RSV rear master, caliper, custom rear caliper hanger.

Wheels are forged OZ and super light!

Other: >>>>
twin k&N air cleaners, thermostat custom housing, there is so much custom stuff done on this bike its hard to remember it all. LED rear turn signals, plate light, stop light, custom rear plate holder... This Bike was fully engineered to be serviced and’s simple to take apart and work on.

Needed:>>>> Needs to be final tuned and any small issues resolved. Rear master seems a bit to strong for the light weight bike..... I would change it. The tires were used... I used them for mock up to see if the massive rear tire would clear...I left them on as they will pass inspection just fine...Once I did some more miles I was going to swap them out.

This is not a bike for someone who is not mechanically inclined..... I don’t feel any two stroke is like that...they require a person who can do the work themselves.

Please Email me with any other questions. You are welcome to come view the bike.

Pickup local, or arange shipping from your end. I am around during the day so I can help from my end but you will be responsable for shipping costs and coordination. I can empty fluids and prep bike for shipping but I cannot crate etc....

My reserve is less than the parts alone, keep that in mind when bidding! Happy bidding! The bike will come with the full build book. All electrical wiring schematics I made, parts lists, build pictures, drawings etc...

I left the sellers full commentary in the post because there is a lot to say about this bike. Check out the auction and study the pictures - the craftmanship appears to be top notch; not the usual frankenstein appearance we often see with conversions. The upside is that there are a lot of parts and pieces on this bike that more than make up for the existing auction price. The downside is that you will need to complete it and sort it out. Given the way the project looks at this stage, that may not be too daunting a task.

The Aprilia RS has long been regarded as a fantastic handling bike - but 250cc is just not enough these days! Who among us has not dreamed of liter-bike power in a 250 GP bike size? Time to wake up and smell the castor oil because one such beast is for sale today! To see all the fun and fury, click the link and jump over to the auction. Trust me, it's worth a look!