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Aprilia September 20, 2014 posted by

Pint-Sized Sportbike: Aprilia RS125 for Sale

2009 Aprilia RS125 L Side

We’re on a roll here this week, with quasi-, barely, or not-even-remotely road-legal machinery. This Aprilia RS125 might, depending on your finesse with DMV chicanery, be made roadable: it does feature all the requisite equipment, including lights, and mounts for mirrors and signals, since it was originally intended to be a street-legal motorcycle.

The RS125 was built from 1992 until 2012, when production of the two-stroke, single-cylinder 125 was halted to make way for the new four-stroke RS4 125. This version of the bike features updated styling to match the RSV1000 that was all sharp angles, edges, and stealth-fighter shapes.

It’s a very muscular-looking bike for a 125, although they’re very small in person.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Screen

Overseas, bikes like this have long been the dream of 16-year-olds looking to impress their buddies: unlike here in the USA, where a 1300cc sportbike is just a credit application away from reality for anyone with a license, most European countries have a tiered licensing structure that prevents riders from buying larger-displacement bikes for the first couple years after obtaining their license, or before a certain age.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Cockpit

It also helps that motorcycle road racing is very popular across the pond, making 125 and 250 race-styled motorcycles somewhat aspirational machines for young riders looking to emulate their riding heroes. Here in the US, they occupy a sort of hazy area, since emissions laws basically killed off the breed years ago. They’re still beloved of petrol-heads and two-stroke junkies, largely forgotten by everyone else. But those fans are a rabid bunch, and two-strokes from the trackmaestros at Aprilia always generate interest when they come up for sale.

2009 Aprilia RS125 R Side Fairing

The bike appears to be for sale at a dealership in Portland, Oregon. The original eBay listing contains basically NO information about the bike, but does include a bunch of additional pictures that are well worth a look: 2009 Aprilia RS125 for Sale

2009 Aprilia RS125 Rear Wheel

Unfortunately, unlike the RS250 that came with top-shelf components all-around, the 125 really is more of a budget tool. Although you shouldn’t confuse it with something like a Ninja 300: de-restricted, these can make as much as 30hp, and with a weight under 300lbs, these are serious motorcycles.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Tail

The asking price is $5,000 which seems to be a very good deal, considering that it has 5 miles on the clock. It looks to be in great shape, although a history of modifications would be much appreciated: the tuning parts that have been fitted could conceivably have a significant effect on value.


2009 Aprilia RS125 R Side

Pint-Sized Sportbike: Aprilia RS125 for Sale
Aprilia September 17, 2014 posted by

Thank You for Smoking: 1995 Aprilia RS250

1995 Aprilia RS250 R Side Front

The goal in filling my fantasy garage is to have as wide a range of engine configurations as possible: a thumpy Ducati v-twin, a shrieking four in a big-bore MV, an older KTM Duke single, a howling triple Laverda. But I’ll also need a two-stroke. Maybe an old Kawasaki H1 triple, or something like this very nice Aprilia RS250

The elemental RS250 used a heavily updated version of Suzuki’s RGV250 two-stroke v-twin engine, tuned to make 60hp, with sleek bodywork that has aged extremely well, unlike some of Aprilia’s more recent offerings.

The whole package is designed with handling in mind, and features plenty of very trick details, including the distinctive swingarm and triple disc brakes that would work just as well on a bike that weighs 100lbs more. It has a reputation for being a manic machine with light weight and two-stroke power delivery, it’s really most at home on the race track.

1995 Aprilia RS250 L Side

Tragically killed off by strict emissions standards that don’t look very favorably on bikes that leave clouds of blue smoke hanging in their wake, these bikes have a very enthusiastic following and always sell well.

This one also features almost enough spares to make a whole second bike!

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Aprilia RS250 for Sale

This is a low mileage, exotic motorcycle with lots of spare parts. I have a brand new spare engine for this bike, a spare windshield, spare front body work, and much more. There are two stands - one front and one back. It runs on Amsoil 2 stroke synthetic oil and there is new oil in the crank case. I have only ridden this bike for short jaunts, but I do start it up from time to time. I inherited it from a friend and he was the original owner. It has a clean tile and is a street legal bike which is ready to ride - and this price includes all the spare parts

This particular paint-scheme is much more striking than the later grey/black/silver design. For style, I like these earlier dashes with the easily-detached speedo/idiot lights. The later dash may have been perfectly useful and includes a handy lap-timer, but the super-modern design took all of about five minutes to look dated. All it really needs is a bit of script that reads “Turbo” and it would fit perfectly in a 1980’s sports coupe.

1995 Aprilia RS250 Speedo

I’m still not completely sold on the buzzy, nasal sound of two-srokes, but all the rabid stroker fans out there can’t be wrong. And I love the idea of a lightweight motorcycle that punches above its weight: nothing like passing a liter bike on a 250 to make you feel like a riding god! Hopefully, one of these days I’ll get the chance to try one of these out.

There are several days left on this auction, and bidding is up over $8,000. This seems a bit on the high-side [pun!] for RS250’s, but all those extra parts may be contributing to the interest in this bike, along with that desirable title. Although this isn’t exactly an ideal bike for the road, unless that road ends at a racetrack!


1995 Aprilia RS250 R Side

Thank You for Smoking: 1995 Aprilia RS250
Ducati September 10, 2014 posted by

Craigslist Gems: 10 Mile Yamaha RZ350 and 350 Mile Ducati 750 F1A

First up is this submission from regular reader and frequent commentor "SixthGear" in this 1985 Yamaha RZ350 that reportedly has 10 miles. It's listed in San Francisco for $13,500.

1985 Yamaha RZ350 for sale

The second bike was emailed to me by several readers for consideration. We've actually seen this one before in this post but I agree that this 350 mile Ducati 750 F1A is worth noting again. It's listed in New York for a little less than $30k.

1985 Ducati 750 F1A for sale

Thanks to everyone for their submissions!


Craigslist Gems:  10 Mile Yamaha RZ350 and 350 Mile Ducati 750 F1A
Suzuki September 10, 2014 posted by

Gamma Rays: 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma


Make no mistake about it, the bike you are looking at is artwork. Literally. Given that it does not currently run, its only purpose is to look fantastic in your living room, den or man cave. Of course if you have the means, the connections or the wrenching chops to get this one to fire, then you have artwork and a pretty serious canyon (or track) carver as well. The RG250 is the lesser loved of the quarter liter set, but in the day the RG set the standard. This 1987 model is the last of the parallel twins for Suzuki; the next year the vaunted RGV model was introduced. Expect between 45-49 HP for a stock Canadian example, which is really not bad for a bike that weighs in at 290 lbs or so. This one sports an aftermarket set of pipes, but there is no additional info on the state of tune.


1987 Suzuki RG250 for sale in Canada


From the seller:
I am going to be selling a few of my bikes from my collection, here is a 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma. As you can see from the pictures the bike is in amazing shape, a few scratches and scrapes that I have tried to show, (please ask if there are any specific pictures you would like me to take). The previous owner told me that the CDI unit packed it in and that was all it would need to have it up and running. The bike has never been started and or ridden by me and it has been kept in a temperature controlled showroom in the basement of my house.

I bought this bike with the intentions of using it as a weekend track bike but as with many things never got around to it, so it is time to sell it to someone who can enjoy it. Mileage shows 17,500 kms (that's just under 11k miles# but I have no idea how accurate it is. The bike comes with a BC registration in my name along with a Bill of Sale.


There is no question that this bike looks pretty clean. It has some cosmetic damage to the right side exhaust can, clutch cover and water pump housing - consistent with a low speed tip over. There are some cosmetic issues to be sure, but the unknown may be what is keeping bidders away from this one. Without any ring a ding ding in its step, this RG250 could be a bargain, but it could also be a basket case. Worth the risk? Check it out here, and let us know what you think!


Gamma Rays: 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma
Suzuki September 9, 2014 posted by

Double the fun: Two Brand NEW Suzuki RG500s


Pour the Fosters into the gutter. Forget about the shrimp on the barbie. Give up on the opera house, the great barrier reef, Ayers rock or any other tourist sights. Ditch the Men at Work cassettes and your AC/DC CD collection. Turn off the tube - you can watch that Crocodile Dundee marathon some other time. The most significant Australian contribution to humanity is here, and it is not even Australian in origin. Behold what must be the last 2 "brand new" and original Suzuki RG500s left on the planet. Well, at least the only two currently for sale. These two bikes come as a pair - with interesting history - and will not be separated. So clear out that 401k, raid the kids' college funds, pawn the wife's jewelry, re-mortgage the house and sell a kidney and a lung: Vintage historic two strokes do not get any newer than this.


Two BRAND NEW Suzuki RG500 Gammas for sale in Australia


From the seller:
Suzuki RG 500 X 2....
Both "Brand New"
Both have Never Been Started Or Had Fuel In Them


More from the seller:
Bike With Single Seat Cowl Shown In Pics Is A Standard Production RG 500
Taken From Crate In 1995 And Put In House As Display
Comes With Factory Stand & All Books
Has Never Been Touched


More from the seller:
Other Bike Is A Pre Production RG 500 Previously Owned By Suzuki Australia
There Is "NO" Compliance Plate On This Bike

There Are A Few Differences On This Bike Compared To The Production RG 500
* Fitted With Different Tyres
*Different Gear Linkage Set Up
* Muffler Ends Are A Different Shape
*Rough Cast Top Triple Clamp
*Some Nuts, Bolts & Washers Are Of A Different Type Or Colour & A Few Other Things

This Bike Also Comes With A Verification Letter From Suzuki Stating What the Bike Is


To call these bikes rare is to make a mockery of the word. This auction represents the Holy Grail of rare bike collecting, to put it mildly. Already have a collection? I'll bet you don't have two of these, much less an unused, pre-production model authenticated by the factory. Don't have a collection yet? Bid here and you will have a terrific start. As to value, bring all you've got...and more. Bidding is currently above $95k AU (which converts to just under $89k USD) and the reserve is still in place. Worth it? Depends on what you value. I doubt that any buyer will fire these bad boys up and ride them to the local 7-11, but I'm sure they will be tempted. Check it out here, and start planning that trip Down Under!


Double the fun:  Two Brand NEW Suzuki RG500s
Cagiva September 6, 2014 posted by

Unicorn Sighting: 1995 Cagiva Mito with Cali Title for Sale

Introduced in 1989, the Cagiva Mito was restyled in 1994 by… Well you get three guesses. If, after a quick look at that front fairing and headlight arrangement, you guessed “Massimo Tamburini”, you win a cookie! Either that or you’re quick with a Google search…

1995 Cagiva Mito R Front Rear

Looking for all the world like a miniature, aluminum beam-framed Ducati 916, the Cagiva Mito was powered by a water-cooled 125cc two-stroke single that put 34hp through a 7-speed transmission. So it was a genuine miniature sportbike, not some feeble learner’s tool: this baby 916 actually gave Valentino Rossi his very first title, in the Italian 125cc championship.

1995 Cagiva Mito R Side Bar

With no power to mention below 8,000 rpm and a redline at 11,400, it needs all seven gears to keep the power flowing. The bike is extremely narrow and your knees can nearly touch. Like riding a very angry mountain bike…

With the typical American aversion to anything two-stroke or under 1000cc’s, these are exceedingly rare on these shores. In fact, the seller claims that only 25 were imported to the US, although I assume he’s referring to this specific model year.

1995 Cagiva Mito Front Wheel

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Cagiva Mito for Sale

Designed by the late Massimo Tamburini is a pearl white 125 Cagiva Mito with an Evo1 motor (7 speed). It's powered by a 2 stroke racing engine that makes it a light, fast and a extremely nimble bike with a California pink slip and registered with custom CA plates. The mito was rebuilt from the ground up, every bolt, nut, and part is either brand new or professionally refurbished to better than new.

1 of 25 imported to America!
CA plated and current registration
Italian made using the best European race parts available.
Digital dash
Aluminium frame
Steering damper or dampener
Upside-down Marzocchi forks
Four-piston Brembo front brake caliper
Super light race fiber glass bodywork
updated Evo 2 wheels
De-restricted from Europe
Engine has been tuned and serviced by CN racing

As the seller mentions, he’s updated this bike with Evo II wheels. This is a very cool little motorcycle, although why a bike from 1995 needed a “ground up” rebuild is something to ponder. These aren’t the sort of bikes one does big miles on... The pearl-white bodywork with minimal graphics looks great: the original featured a good bit more badging and racy sponsor-decals. And that Vapor digital dash is very slick-looking.

1995 Cagiva Mito Brake

But it does beg the question: why? Was it crashed? The title is listed as being “Clear” so that increases confidence somewhat, and the bike does feature a California title and registration, also big marks in the “Plus” column.

There's a nice start-up video as well:

Bidding is active, although remains a bit low, and the Reserve Has Not Yet Been Met. There’s a couple days left on this, so jump in if you’ve had a hankering to wind through seven gears and aren’t put off bit a bit of cosmetic updates to your miniature masterpiece!


1995 Cagiva Mito R Side

Unicorn Sighting: 1995 Cagiva Mito with Cali Title for Sale