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Yamaha July 26, 2014 posted by

Even Better Than the Real Thing? Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica

This Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica is the rarest of the rare, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to buy a one-of-a-kind motorcycle. Meant to recreate Yamaha’s iconic year 2000 OWK6 racing machine in the classic Marlboro livery, this bike may not be the original article, but is a hugely impressive machine in terms of the enthusiasm and money invested. Powered by a tuned 500cc V4 two-stroke engine and suspended by Yamaha R6 bits, with an authentic replica frame and bodywork, this might be the closest you’ll ever get to riding an actual GP machine.

2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica L Front

I am no expert on these bikes, so I’d love to see the peanut gallery weigh in as to the accuracy of this replica. I’ve been next to full-on WSB and Moto GP motorcycles and it’s always interesting to me how they still basically look like motorcycles. Racing cars, especially Formula 1 machines, really look nothing like actual cars, aside from the four round rubber bits. But racing motorcycles? It’s the details that really impress, since they have the same basic silhouette as their road-going counterparts, but chock-full of amazing details.

2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica L Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica for Sale

A replica of the legendary Yamaha YZR500 from year 2000. Based on a chassi handbuilt in aluminium by Mick Costin  "Costin motorcycle enginering" Sydney Australia. An exact replica but made to accept the Yamaha RD500LC 2 stroke v4 engine. Also rear sets and suspension linkages comes from Mick. This one has a 1985 1GE engine rebuilt with new bearings, oil seals, clutch, pistons, and it is tuned "TSI mods" done by Orluff racing in sweden. 1 mm overbore. Samco silicon hoses for the modified Yamaha R6 radiator, Jim lomas custom made exhausts in stainless steel with carbon silencers. New Mikuni TM28 flatslide carburettors with new K&N Filters. The bike was run in a dyno bench in may 2014 and has 99 hp on the rear wheel. Forks, triple clamps, swingarm, rims and rear brakes comes from a 2006 Yamaha R6. Rear shock and front fender in carbon comes from a Yamaha TZ250, PVM radial front brake master cylinder, goodridge steel brake hoses to tociko 4 pot calipers. Galfer wave brake discs front and rear, new galfer brake pads, Fuel tank is a heavy modified unit from a VFR400 nc30 with a Pingel dual outlet fuel tap. Fairings are copys in glasfiber made by Motoforza from a 2000 YZR500 painted in Marlboro red. Standard RD 500 tacho and temp gauge, New Regina 520 chain and Afam alu sprockets, Only scrubbed in Michelin power supersport tires, The bike has only been ridden twice since it was built. I have many more pictures taken from building this bike that i will send to seriosly intrested buyer.

2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica R Rear

I’m seriously impressed with the dedication and money that went into creating this motorcycle, but I’m not actually sure what you’d do with this thing after you buy it: it’s not the genuine article, so it’s a tough call for collectors, and it’s very, very pricey for a track day or vintage racing junky. On the plus side: you can actually ride it, without worrying you'll crash a priceless and historic racebike.

Or maybe, if you live in a more permissive state, it can, as the seller mentions, be registered for road use… How hilarious would that be? Suction cup a little projector-beam headlamp and a bicycle taillight, a pair of LED turn signals… I’d read recently that Britain actually has a special “track bike” MOT that allows limited use of track day bikes lacking the usually required road equipment to get to and from the racecourse during daylight hours.

2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica R Side Engine

It’s certainly a very nice curiosity, and one I hope finds the right buyer. At $27,000 with the Reserve Not Met, that’s going to be a tall order. Please also note that the bike is currently in Sweden, if you didn't notice the non-USA license plates on the cars in the background of the photographs. Regardless, there’s very little time left on this auction, so move quickly if you want to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind motorcycle!


2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica L Side


Even Better Than the Real Thing? Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica
Honda July 13, 2014 posted by

For Display Purposes Only: 1994 Honda NSR250SP Rothman’s Edition

Unfortunately this listing was ended early before we published, but it's too beautiful not to show on the site anyway! -dc

This is actually a very nice NSR250R SP in Rothman's livery, a road-legal version of Honda’s 250 race bike that obviously includes all the necessary lights and signals to keep you looking suitably responsible. The little 250cc two-stroke v-twin pumped out about 45hp as stock, but up to 60 when suitably de-restricted. Which, when pushing a bike that weighs under 300lbs dry, would make it quite the surprise for much bigger machines, considering the snarly little leaf-blower noises and heavy smoke dripping out of the pipes.

1994 Honda NSR250 Rothman's Edition

1994 Honda NSR250 Rothmans R Side

If you’re not familiar with the Rothman’s name, they were a premium tobacco manufacturer that sponsored Honda’s GP motorcycle racing efforts between 1985 and 1993. Their stable of brands also included Players and Dunhill, two other brands famous for their motorsports connections.

This is a very slick little machine, but presents a serious problem for someone like me. It’s way too nice to beat up on the track, and without a title there's not much chance of you using it on the street, unless you live in a state with a very permissive DMV. So this one looks to be a collector's item, forever doomed to sit in an office, garage, or museum, never to turn a wheel in anger...

1994 Honda NSR250 Rothmans tail nose

From the original eBay listing: 1994 Honda NSR250 Rothman’s Edition

The MC28 SP bikes represent the fifth generation of Honda 250 two-strokes.  They were significantly upgraded from the fourth generation MC21s throughout the bike. The memory card “key” is very slick, the bodywork also had been upgraded for sleeker aero dynamics, and better looks to match the all new single sided swingarm (PROARM).  While there were previous versions of the Rothman’s edition, the MC28 SP was the last, and only 1,500 were made. Finding a 1994 Rothmans MC28 SP is quite rare and expensive due to the limited numbers.  This is the real thing, not aftermarket bodywork on a plain 250.  Check the VIN as well as the official part label on the tail section in the photos.

Bike comes with a limited edition Rothman’s embroidered jacket; size 52 Euro.  It also comes with a 1994 NSR250SP Parts Manual (Original), Part # 11KV3RJ5 (in Japanese), code #; D 200.2005.01, 142 pages.  You can also see more information about NSRs and an English language service manual at 

1994 Honda NSR250 Rothmans Damper Detail

With no valid title, I’m curious as to how this picked up as many miles as it has. The laws regarding what constitutes "road legal" varies from state to state and who knows? Maybe you live in a state where this kind of thing might be doable. I’ve spent most of my life in New Jersey and California, and neither place has a very friendly DMV.

Honestly, I'd be tempted to buy this little dinger, put the beautiful original bodywork on the wall of my office, throw on some Airtech race plastics, put all the road equipment carefully in a box, and ride the living hell out of it.


1994 Honda NSR250 Rothmans Dash

For Display Purposes Only: 1994 Honda NSR250SP Rothman’s Edition
Yamaha July 12, 2014 posted by

1985 RZ 350 Kenny Roberts in California

I will admit that my first real exposure to SportBikes started in the late 1980's with fast Freddy Spencer so I didn't really get to appreciate what people like Kenny Robers did for motorcycling.   King Kenny, applying a dirt track racing style to 500cc racing circuit, became the First American World Champion, and to commemorate his success, Yamaha produced a Kenny Roberts edition RZ350 in 1984 with his signature on it.

These bike are always popular on RSBFS, not only due to their commemoration of King Kenny but also because they were one of the last street legal two stroke bikes brought into the USA. It is also important to recognize that the RZ350 had had some advanced technology for the times: the RZ350 was the first Yamaha street bike sold with a perimeter frame, was the first bike with a catalytic converter for California emissions, and introduced Yamaha's variable exhaust power valve which helped balance torque and power.

k roberts rz 350 1

1985 Kenny Roberts RZ350 for sale on eBay

Based on the gold rims and the California location, this particular model appears to be a RZ350NC2, which was a California only bike.   Price seems to be quite a bit above recent sale prices but the seller lists a lot of recent work including the following

  • Stripped and professionally rebuilt by RZ's Unlimited in Glendale California.
  • Body work was prepped painted and had the RZ' unlimited graphics kit applied and a deep mirror like clear coat applied over it.
  • Engine was completely gone thru with only OEM parts installed, all internals were balanced and the crank was welded and trued.
  • Front fork has the upgraded internals to prevent brake dive and bottoming.
  • Brakes have the stainless braided Galfer lines  installed.
  • New pipes installed
  • A Fox rear shock with remote reservoir.
  • All the body grommets were replaced
  • A high output headlamp was installed
  • New hoses, all the fluids done
  • New clutch and basket.

kin kenny 2

king kenny 3

The seller has even indicated that he will install a new set of Avon Venom tires on it before delivery.

Price for the Kenny Robers RZ350 seems to be less than the opening price for this but as the seller says "if you want a perfect running unmolested RZ this is your bike you won't be sorry."


1985 RZ 350 Kenny Roberts in California
Aprilia June 28, 2014 posted by

Size Doesn’t Matter: Titled 2009 Aprilia RS125 in Colorado

Here in the US, there’s always been a limited market for small-displacement bikes. And when it comes to sporting machines, this seems doubly true: in many circles, a GSX-R600 is a “learner’s bike,” and anything smaller might be slapped with the dreaded “girl’s bike” label.

Which is sort of funny: I’ve met some girls who ride. They’re faster than you are.

2009 Aprilia RS125 L Front

But overseas, where high gas prices and tiered licenses make small but sporty bikes a near necessity, the RS125 has a long history of making race-replicas with the emphasis on “race.”

US emissions laws effectively killed the road-going two-stroke here in almost ten years prior, so when it was imported by Aprilia in 2009, the RS125 was not intended to be used on the street, although it came with full road equipment: headlights, turn signals, horn.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Dash

This example is in Colorado and is claimed to have a clear, street-legal title, although you should be sure to check with your local regulations if you live in more draconian California or New York where registration might be an issue.

From the original eBay listing: 2009 Aprilia RS125 for Sale

This is a super low mileage (327miles) bike. Like new.
It is very rare because it is street legal and comes with a CLEAR Colorado TITLE.
It was made street legal using factory Aprilia parts including the factory wiring sub harness.
It is installed with a full Arrow exhaust system.
It has an aftermarket gas cap. The stock pipe and gas cap and two keys come with the bike.

The seller has also included a nice video of the bike being started and ridden.

With just 15hp to play with, corner speed is the name of the game. Aided by a sub-300 pound dry weight, they handle like they’re on rails, in spite of their largely non-adjustable suspension.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Front

Asking price is just a shade under $6,000 which is, interestingly, almost exactly $500 more than the bike’s original MSRP... Depending on your local laws, this could make for a very fun back road carver or track day toy.


2009 Aprilia RS125 L Side


Size Doesn’t Matter: Titled 2009 Aprilia RS125 in Colorado
Aprilia June 22, 2014 posted by

1995 Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield Available in Oregon


Update 6.28.2014: Bike is now sold. Thanks to everyone for your interest and congratulations to Jim! -dc

Today's post is for my own 1995 Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield. This is a great rider quality bike with easy restoration potential. I’ve put less than 600 miles on it since buying it in early 2011, which is precisely why I’m selling it. I tell my friends it’s like owning a jet ski: you only take it out on perfect sunshine days and ride it hard all afternoon as intended. Sadly that didn’t happen as often as I would’ve liked and I’m ready to put something else in it’s place.


When I purchased this RS250 I was told it had a recent top end done but no paperwork since it was an in-house job and they never intended to sell the bike anyway. I verified the work best I could with my mechanic using the correct procedure to test compression, and we measured 125psi on both cylinders.


In terms of condition, I’ll start by noting the swing arm has some minor etching. From 5-10 feet you wouldn’t even notice, but I want to clearly represent what condition the bike is in. While the swingarm could be polished to correct this, it would lose the factory micro finish. You could also cover it with the tasteful carbon fiber swingarm cover from Tyga.


Overall the cosmetics are best described as an honest 7/10. The plastics are free from damage and cracks. The decals were applied over the clear coat from the factory, so after 19 years there are some dog ears, slightly faded colors, and clear coat deterioration. Modifications are mostly cosmetic and include the colored-in number plates, painted front fender, smoked windscreen, and aftermarket exhaust. To be honest the number plates feel right at home with the period GP replica. Better yet, I have a brand new, 1995 OEM factory decal kit, correct to this year, which will be included with the sale if you’d like to restore it to original in the future. It is highly unlikely you will find another OEM set, so a future restoration can be as correct as possible with the addition of a perfect swingarm.


All said, the bike is in really good condition as is, especially if you plan to enjoy it as intended. All the minor issues I just described disappear in a moment as soon as you get on the pipe. Speaking of which, it’s a period Arrow exhaust that was nickel plated after a repair to a pin hole leak in the expansion chamber. The result complements the satin finish frame and swing arm very well.


Mechanically speaking the carb floats stick and it could use new tires as it’s currently wearing track day rubber that is several years old. There is some remaining safety wiring as well. The rear license plate holder and turn signal assembly was missing when purchased so a fabricated replacement has been installed with new factory indicators. Horn is missing. Otherwise the overall condition suggests it has always been enjoyed and cared for by enthusiasts.


What I’d really like to convey is how special it was to me to have owned a Chesterfield. My hope is to find a buyer that has always wanted one too and intends to ride it and/or improve it. While a museum collector may need to pass, if you’ve always been 2 stroke curious, send me an email! I will also consider trades of various amounts including the following in very good to excellent condition: Ducati 851/888/748/916/996/998, MV Agusta, 400cc gray bikes, Laverda Formula, Bimota, Aprilia Mille R, CBR900RR/954RR, or something else that would wind up on the pages of RSBFS! I’m also in the market for a sport tourer of similar vintage: BMW R1100S, Ducati ST4, ?

Thank you for looking. My price is $7000 firm. Please contact me with your interest by email:


1995 Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield Available in Oregon
Yamaha June 16, 2014 posted by

One Owner 1985 Yamaha RZ500 with 4400 Miles For Sale in New York

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale

Update 6.16.2014: First listed in late May, the seller has dropped his buy-it-now over $3,500 to $15,699. Thanks for the heads up Tony! -dc

If the RG500 that sold yesterday for $36,900 was too rich for you, maybe this tasty RZ500 is at nearly half the price. This one has 4,400 miles but looks very well preserved and is coming out of a collection. Preserved well enough that the things the seller points out are just to detail what isn't 100% from the factory, like the original tires. Otherwise it sounds like it will need some reconditioning as it hasn't been run in a while, but the seller sounds eager to work with a potential buyer.


1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

1985 bike, remained 100% stock except SS brake lines and Metzeler tires. (personal preference), done at dealer pre-delivery. I rode it very rarely and it was last plated for road use in 1999. Since then it was stored at our family estate which while not explicitly "climate controlled" was an attached insulated full brick 2 story with mezzanine garage - and you can tell from the bike's condition.


Here is the complete list of non-stock items and flaws I know about with this bike:

- The DOT3 fluid has seeped out of the brake reservoir and somewhat marred the black paint on the aluminum
- Does not have factory original Bridgestone tires or brake pads/hoses - replaced with Metzlers and Ferodos/Russell lines at pre-delivery
- Small scratch on "V4" sticker of cowl, RH side, visible from 3 feet, as missing "red", white paint below it perfrect, not visible 10 feet
- Non stock chain, changed to gold DOD o-ring along the way to match wheels
- Original belly pan developed (and by developed, I mean, was broken during PDI) a crack. The crack got progressively worse, so I substituted the fiberglass reinforced belly pan from my 1984 rz500 when it was sold. This belly pan is 100% solid but does have a pro fiberglass reinforcement in the bottom

Otherwise, this is about as close as it gets to "time machine".


One Owner 1985 Yamaha RZ500 with 4400 Miles For Sale in New York