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Kawasaki October 3, 2011 posted by

And Something A Little Different: 1971 Kawasaki Kawasaki A1R Replica Samurai

And Something A Little Different:  1971 Kawasaki Kawasaki A1R Replica Samurai

This is one I post just because the second I saw it I knew it was just plain cool.  We generally don't have many Kawi two strokes come our way and I couldn't pass this one up.  I know it isn't original but you can't deny it is a hell of a restoration.



.....and after.  After lots of work, sweat and $$$.


Straight from the seller:

Started life as a 1971 A1.  Found it in a barn in Decatur Illinois in 2005.  I spent three years and over $16,000 collecting parts to turn it into an A1R replica.  This is street legal and is what Kawasaki should have built originally.  This bike took first place at the 2011 National Motorcycle Museum in the vintage class and second place at the Ace Café Vintage Motorcycle Days Café Show in 2008 plus numerous other 1st Places at other shows.  Details below:

  • ·         Complete nut and bolt restoration.  No expense was spared.  This bike needs nothing.
  • ·         Less than 250 miles since rebuild.  It is not even broke in yet.
  • ·         Completely rebuilt engine and transmission with 1st over pistons and crankshaft rebuild by   Damen Kirkland.
  • ·         Handmade expansion chambers built to A1R factory road racing specifications.
  • ·         Replica A1R bodywork from Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass in Australia.  Painted in factory colors.  Fuel tank is coated with Caswell’s Phenol Novolac Epoxy Gas Tank Sealer so that gas with ethanol can be used.
  • ·         Excel shouldered rims front and back laced by Buchanan’s with stainless steel spokes.
  • ·         Suzuki GT 750 four leading shoe (4LS) front brake.
  • ·         New period correct Redwing rear shocks.
  • ·         Rick Brett rebuilt tachometer.
  • ·         Stock oil injection system being used.
  • ·         Clear Illinois title.


It is just plain cool.  I can't stop saying that.  The sound from those pipes at full tilt must be killer.  Mufflers, who needs mufflers?  I guess you can see why they call the back section of a two stroke expansion chamber a "stinger".  This bike is the sellers own take on what he thought Kawasaki should have built.  If you'd like to see what they did build for the track check out this little site.  It has some Kawasaki race bikes I bet you've never seen.

Look at those pipes!  I'm not even guessing on value.   It is one of those;  if you love it, you will pay for it bikes.  Enjoy the pictures.  If only we could hear it!  Here she is.




Exclusive August 7, 2011 posted by

1984 Yamaha RZ350 For Sale with only 5366 Miles!

Today we have a reader who has contacted us with his beautiful RZ350 for sale in Salt Lake City. Amazingly low miles with just 5366 showing! Brandon is offering his bike on RSBFS before it goes to eBay hoping to find it a suitable enthusiast home here first.

Update: This great looking bike sold in only 12 hours! Featured listings work! Contact me if you have an exceptional bike for sale that deserves a feature. Just $25/mo (though we may have to start charging by the hour if this trend keeps up!)

1984 Yamaha RZ350 For Sale

The very detailed description from the seller:

Extremely clean, ultra low mile and 90% all original '84 Yamaha RZ 350. I'm the proud 3rd owner of the bike and I purchased it from a Yamaha 2 stroke collector who, in the 6+ years he owned it, put a grand total of 301 miles on it. As of this writing it has 5366 miles but is still ridden at least a few times a week so actual millage may vary at completion of sale.

As far as how it performs during those rides? Flawlessly. And I mean that, everything works as it should. Even with the battery eliminator it is a one to two kick bike always. Beyond the battery eliminator, other tasteful period modifications include: Spec II chambers (the very good condition and rare factory exhaust is included with the sale), K&N pod style air filters, reed block spacers, period fork brace and steering damper. The engine pulls crisply and cleanly through all gears and has never had so much as a hiccup in the time i've owned it. Within the last 500 miles the engine oil has been changed with Motul Transoil Expert (best 2-Stroke engine oil, IMO), fork seals and fluid changed with Motul Fork Oil and the oil injection has always received Motul 800 2t in the time I've owned it. New Bridgestone Battlax BT-45's were mounted within the last month as well and still show outer "whiskers".

The body is in very good condition and I would rate it a 8/10 and that may be a tad harsh depending on who's looking at it. All original bodywork and paint as far as myself and the previous owner know and has never been down or so much as rubbed wrong since I've had it in my collection. There are some blemishes though when I got it: there is a small mark by the clutch side blinker on the headlight cowl that the original owner tried to touch up (hard to see at first until pointed out but is there in one of the pictures), the brake side chamber caused heat bubbling and a crack under the very bottom of the chin cowl on that side (hard to notice unless you get low, but again, its there), this also happened on the other side but much smaller, also on the brake side there is a small (fingernail fragment size) amount of paint missing where the chin cowl was overtightened in the recessed mounting hole. On the clutch side, the rear seat cowl/fairing's YPVS sticker has ULTRA minor cracking (you'd have to look close to even see it). I want to be very up front about these issues as I want that when I'm adding to my collection. Those are the issues as far as I can recollect.

The fuel tank might be the star of the "ultra clean" show. It is basically flawless. The paint is perfect, no scratches or blemishes of note and even the area around the fuel cap is perfect. The wheels look almost factory new with no oxidation present and this holds true for the brake calipers and rotors. I have high expectations and I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw it, its that clean. The bike needs nothing right now to be ridden the way it was intended. It is 100% complete and ready to go with zero issues. Included with the sale will be a factory service manual.

To sum it up, it's not a museum piece but I'd confidently say its one of the cleanest, low mile, "ridden" RZ 350's in the country.

Asking price: $5250

Please don't hesitate to ask more detailed questions as I may have forgotten an item you'd like to know about.

Please contact me at Brandon at Iconoreps dot com

Good luck with the sale Brandon!


Sport Bikes For Sale July 31, 2011 posted by

Looking For A Winter Project? How About A 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma?

Looking For A Winter Project?  How About A 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma?

It is not the latest and greatest and it isn't a "10" but it does have the makings of a nice winter  project (aka wife evader).  It is in decent shape, it is mostly stock and complete, it does have a title and there is no reserve.  Read on if intrigued.

They were parallel twins before the V's came along.  Pictures don't tell the whole story but they are a good start.  I'm not noticing a lot of major corrosion but there will be some for sure on various bolts, brackets etc.  Rubber that old tends to be cracked or brittle as well.  Factor in all those little parts you know you will need when making a bid.

Not showroom quality obviously but not abused either.  If you are curious about parts, there is a decent supply of RG250 parts to be had.

If you do some research I think you will be surprised how many color schemes these things came in.  They included several Walter Wolf versions and my favorite, the HB Suzuki yellow and white.  There were not any major design changes from the RG's inception in 1983 to the last version in 1987.

The RG's details:

This is a rare Suzuki 250 Gamma. It is titled in Washington State as a 1984 but the VIN and the color and the specs indicate it is really a 1987 ( MK4.)
( You may wish to do the research)
I have owned the bike for 12 years. It is a Japanese import which I bought for my son on his 18th birthday. He only rode it for a summer then went to college and after that went overseas.
This is a great little bike. I start it up periodically and it is garaged but I don't ride it often. It runs and sounds great!  The condition is good but it does have some blemishes-it has a scrape on the engine case, ( pictured) a scrape on the exhaust pipe tips, and the lower fairing is missing ( almost impossible to find one)   The upper firing has some cracks and has been repaired. There is an oil leak from the exhaust pipe where it enters the engine but it is small. It only has the single seat. 19,875 kms not miles.
This bike would suit a two stroke enthusiast . It is fun to ride, runs well, and best of all is street legal. Everything works.


Obviously, if you were interested in this as a project it would all hinge on the price.  It isn't a basket case but if you are doing a full restore you'd have engine work, paint, worn parts and all those pesky clips, brackets, screws and hoses that would need to be replaced.  I'd ask about the missing fairing pieces as well. 

I've never paid too much attention to the older RG250's but I've seen a couple restored recently and they impressed the hell out of me.  If you can stay out of a bidding war on it I think you'd have a diamond in the rough.  Here she is.


Classic Sport Bikes For Sale February 13, 2011 posted by

1962 Yamaha YDS1R (YDS2R) Restored In Los Angeles

This is a great looking, restored, YDS1R race bike on eBay!

Bike:  1962 Yamaha YDS1R

Miles:  TMU

Price:  $18,500/Offer

Location:  West Los Angeles, California

What makes a bike collectible?  Well, being the first production road racer from a multi-world-championship-winning motorcycle manufacturer can't hurt.  The YDS1R was Yamaha's first production road race bike and based strongly on the factory example--and which also lead to the TD1.  The YDS1R was originally a kit intended to be fitted to a stock YDS1, the kit enabled the bike to produce 30hp with a top speed of just over 100mph but was also a serious race bike in terms of maintenance and tuning.  Yamaha later offered the YDS1R as a complete bike and followed it with a YDS2R before finally releasing the TD1.  Read more about the YDS1R here.

The bike for sale here looks to be in outstanding condition with a 1st place trophy from the now defunct Legend of the Motorcycle Concours d'Elegance.  Here is what else they list in the ad:

Yamaha YDS1R for sale, Very rare Pre TD1 Road racer. Original Asama Road racer Gas tank,
1-1/2" Yazaki racing tach, complete. ready for show.
Ordani racing brakes, (I have original Brake you can choice)
International shipping available.

I'll admit, I don't know a lot about these bikes but based on the date shouldn't this be a YDS2R?  Any aficionados, please comment and put me straight! See the bike with .


Yamaha October 31, 2010 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ350 in California

For sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ350 2-stroke

Located in La Puente, California, this clean 1985 RZ350 provides you another opportunity to grab that elusive 2-stroke that you might have missed in the showroom back in the 80's. Although these bikes are not as rare as some of the hand-built Italian hardware we occasionally see on RSBFS, finding a good example of a survivor is difficult. Let's look at the bike:

From the seller:
Up for auction is a used Yamaha RZ350. The motorcycle is in very good condition overall and has low miles for its age. It is all stock except for the exhaust, they're Allspeed and they appear to have been ceramic coated. This motorcycle has a clear title and includes all service records from original owner. The bike has sat for approximately 3 years and has not been started, so I would assume the carbs are going to need to be cleaned and the fluids changed, plus it needs a new battery. I have a new battery I will throw in but I don't have the acid for it. This RZ350 ran great before it sat, it does have a very slow oil leak on the left lower side of the engine(had the leak when it was purchased). If you would like more pics please ask.

The mileage is listed at 7,647, which is not a lot for a bike this age. The bike is not completely original - it has aftermarket expansion chambers - but the modifications are period correct and definitely enhance performance. The exhaust is ceramic coated to boot!

The opening bid is quite reasonable for one a RZ350, and there is no reserve on this auction. This is your chance to grab one of these great bikes -


Honda October 29, 2010 posted by

The roll on King: 1983 Honda CX650 Turbo

For sale: 1983 Honda CX650 Turbo with 16,000 miles

By 1983, three of the Big Four Japanese manufacturers had Turbo bikes in the showroom. Only Kawasaki was missing from the party, and wouldn't show up until the following year. For Honda, though, 1983 was a big year. The previous Turbo, 1982's CX500T, was not well recieved and they made a significant effort to change that with a major re-design: the 1983 CX650 Turbo.

From the seller:
Here is a rare Honda CX650 TURBO,in very nice shape. Not perfect,some nicks and scrapes. Never down at speed,onlt stand still tip over. Paint is in pretty good shape,tail section shows some aging[see pic]. Engine and drive train are very strong and tight. Was going to keep this,but decided to sell my collection of Turbo bikes{2 500 turbos,650 Seca Turbo}.Here is a chance to own a great sport touring bike and a classic at the same time.

As a one-year bike, these 650 Turbos are pretty rare. Sources at the Turbo Motorcycle International Owners Association place the number of imported units for 1983 at a mere 1,015. Interest in these bikes is strong due to performance; while the 1/4-mile times were average (11.95 @ 112.4 mph according to Motorcyclist magazine), the roll-on performance was nothing short of phenomenal. Even today this motorcycle can hold its own on the open road against much more modern (and larger) machinery.

This auction is going on now, and the current price is well in line with the going rate.