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Bimota October 24, 2013 posted by

“Emotion Technology”: 2008 Bimota Tesi 3D

tesitesi front
Bimota's website describes the Tesi 3D as "Emotion Technology" and I don't think they could have found two better words. Bimota's are all about emotion and the Tesi 3d is an obvious engineering/technology exercise. This example is located in the U.S. and has had a whole 775 miles put on it.

Put the calls on hold, push the paperwork away and enjoy some emotion and technology in pictures.

tesi close
tesi forkstesi shock 2tesi frame

I have to admit, I've never really paid close attention to the Tesi since it is out of my league budget wise but when I sit and look closely;  "wow"!

A quick word from the seller:

Hello I have made a tough decision to sell my Bimota factory hand built limited edition Tesi 3D.It is based on Pierlugi Marconi’s college thesis for which the model was named. It has less than 800 miles and I am the original owner.

This is an early special limited production # 21 of 29 with special CDC and carbon fiber features.

More pictures you ask?

tesi tnak
tesi back
tesi mufflertesi left

You might have to skimp on Christmas if you want it because the bidding is already above $22,500 with a lot of time remaining.

Check out the auction here.


“Emotion Technology”:  2008 Bimota Tesi 3D
Bimota July 14, 2011 posted by

You don’t need front forks! – 2008 Bimota TESI-3D

Here we have an very rare example of a Bimota: the TESI 3D and it is number 3 of 29 bikes built.  Of course the unique feature of these is the swing-arm that replaces the front forks along with hub centre steering.  Like any Bimota the bike is beautifully crafted with CNC machined parts everywhere.  The front end design was all about eliminating front end dive under braking so that the steering geometry remained the same.  The battle was balancing the increased unsprung weight that the complex front end often brought with it.  Designer Pierluigi Marconi’s TESI  was named named because it was his Mech.E thesis (tesi being thesis in Italian) and it first saw the world  in 1990 as the Bimota TESI 1D and quite created the sensation.  The D in the name designates it as having a Ducati engine.  This bike is the 3rd incarnation and uses an air-cooled Ducati engine with some 95 HP, if you are worried about performance the bike only weighs 370lbs dry and if that is too heavy then there is always the optional carbon body to shave a few more.  You know you would all love to have one.

Go and have a look at the eBay auction here

The price this will go for?  Well new these bikes were $37,000 so I am sure that the seller will be looking for close to that. It will be interesting to see what it fetches in today's market.  If I had won the lottery.....


Bimota December 4, 2010 posted by

Brand new 2008 Bimota 3D Carbonio down under

Brand new 0 miles 2008 Bimota 3D Carbonio for sale in Australia.

I guess we have to stop calling these "rare" as this is the 4th Bimota Tesi 3D that we have listed in a month! Thanks to our reader Leigh for pointing us to this brand new Tesi 3D Carbonio that will be auctioned off in Australia:

This is a "regular" production (as opposed to the limited edition first production series) Tesi 3D in all black "carbonio" or naked carbon colour (if it's 'naked' would it still be called a colour?).  I have written extensively about the Tesi 3D before, so you can read all about it by checking out previous Tesi 3D listings.

There is no additional info provided on this specific Tesi 3D other than model year and mileage, but if you are interested, I would suggest getting in touch with the auction house to find out how to place a bid.  Click HERE to jump to the listing.


Bimota November 23, 2010 posted by

Apocalypse now! Bimota Tesi 3D LE (#23 of 29) for sale w/876 miles!

2008 Bimota Tesi 3D Limited Edition - #23 of 29 - w/876 miles for sale with a bargain Buy It Now price of $25,000!

What the heck is going on?  This is the 3rd Bimota Tesi 3D that we've listed (not counting serial #00 listed back in July) for sale in the span of less than a month!  First it was LE #06, then it was #28, and now it's #23 - the world must be coming to an end!

Up for sale is a Bimota Tesi 3D Limited Edition number 23 of 29 produced worldwide.

This bike was carefully broken in and is fully sorted. The 600 mile service was performed by Ken Zeller of Evoluzione Cyclesports. This bike is completely stock and in "as new" condition, no disappointments. Retail price was over $40K.

From the Bimota website:

Bimota have now sold the 29 limited edition version of last years Tesi 3D. In 2008 Bimota are offering a more "standard" version of the Tesi 3D. There is no such thing as a standard Bimota, but the new Tesi 3D will cost 3,000 Euro less featuring less carbon fibre and Bimota's own CNC machined brake and clutch levers. Bimota themselves think these are just as good as the Accossato items on the pricier limited edition. The fluid reservoirs are now standard items rather than CNC machined units. The powertrain is the Ducati air-cooled 1100cc L-twin. Choose between an all blacked out carbon version or the white and red. All at around 26,000 Euro.

This bike is one of the more desirable Limited Editions with the extra carbon fiber, CNC reservoirs and wet clutch.

The bike is located in Thousand Oaks, California.

Regular readers of RSBFS will need no further introduction to the Tesi 3D, but to those untrained in the art of hub center steering, here's a very brief intro to why there's a swingarm hanging out in front instead of a pair of telescopic forks: regular forks are inherently flawed in their design in that they have to handle braking, suspension, and steering forces all at the same time, resulting in issues such as fork compression (and hence reduced suspension travel) during braking, causing a change in steering geometry and affecting stability of the bike during cornering.

Hub center steering designs separates braking, suspension, and steering functions, all but eliminating brake dive (or front suspension compression) and geometry change during braking, allowing the front suspension to remain "active" during braking and cornering, greatly increasing stability.

The Tesi 3D is the 3rd hub center steered bike from Bimota (after the 1990 Tesi 1D and the 2004 Tesi 2D), with the punchy Ducati air-cooled 1100DS engine pushing a welterweight 370 lb. It won't trouble any supersports on the track, but in the real world riding on the roads, it should be plenty fast enough. Here's a previous article on The Kneeslider on the Tesi 3D with some great pics.

So all that technical info sounds great, but what's it like to ride?  Two words: confidence inspiring.  But don't take my word for it - read what these magazine guys have to say about the handling of the Tesi 3D: Cycle World,, and Motociclismo.

Now we've addressed the technical / logical side of things - but what about the emotion side?  We all know that purchasing a motorcycle is as much a technical exercise as it is an emotional one, and the Italians - and more specifically Bimota - are the absolute masters at pushing the right buttons - just look at that CNC machined "omega" frame; the machined billet reservoirs sitting oh so pretty on top of the triple clamps; the carbon fiber tie roads and bodywork; even the saddle is exquisitely finished with the words "Tesi 3D" embossed on it. You could park the Tesi 3D in your living room, pour yourself a glass of red wine, and sit there and admire it all day - it's that much of an eye candy.

Just to get your pulse running, here's a great video of a Tesi 3D being flogged around the Tsukuba circuit in Japan:

And here's a Tesi 3D race bike being started (note the roar of those open Zard exhaust @ 0:48):

With the world coming to an end sometime in 2012 according to the Mayan calender, I would not walk, !


Bimota November 12, 2010 posted by

Can you tell it’s Friday? 2008 Bimota Tesi 3D Limited Edition #28 of 29!

Bimota Friday is BACK!  And to kick it off we have a 2008 Bimota Tesi 3D Limited Edition - #28 of 29 - with only 60 miles (what?!) on it!

Up for sale is a MINT condition, pretty much brand new,Bimota Tesi3 D Limited Edition number 28 of 29 ever produced. This bikes retail price is over 36K...and good luck finding one of these Limited Edition models for sale...let alone...finding one with only 60 miles on it.  The Bike is located in California.  The buyer is responsible for handling all shipping!

It's not everyday that you come across a Bimota, and even rarer still if it's a Tesi.  Just check out that fabulous engineering on that hub center steered front end.

A quick bit of info on the Tesi: before working for the exclusive Italian marque, ex-Bimota chief engineer Pier Luigi Marconi wrote his Mechanical Engineering degree thesis on the hub-center steering concept.  While at Bimota, Marconi applied his thesis design to create the Tesi 1D (‘Tesi’ meaning ‘Thesis’ in Italian, and ‘D’ indicating that it has a Ducati engine - a Bimota modified 851 motor – inside) – Bimota’s first alternative front end design.

After the Tesi 1D was introduced in 1990, there came the Tesi 1D SR (slightly larger engine displacement than the 1D), the Tesi 1D EF (Edition Final), Tesi 2D, and now the latest incarnation, the Tesi 3D.

The Limited Edition refers to the very first production series of the 3D, the it has carbon tie rods, CNC machined fluid reservoirs on top of the triple clamp, and a wet clutch, as opposed to steel tie rods, plastic fluid reservoirs, and a dry clutch for the later production series.  I am not so sure about the seller's claim of "29 ever produced" as some other countries - such as Japan - also had a limited edition first production series as well.

Personally, I would say the LE is definitely the best looking of all the 3Ds, especially with the machined fluid reservoirs sitting oh-so-pretty on top of the triple clamps (which coincidentally echo the same design on the 1986 Bimota DB1).  The starting bid of $30,000 - while significantly cheaper than MSRP - is still a bit high considering that another similar Tesi 3D LE sold for quite a bit less earlier. Click here to see other Bimota Tesis previously listed.

In any case, the Tesi 3D is definitely the jewel in the current Bimota lineup (yes, more so than the DB7 in my opinion), so if you are lucky enough to be in the market for one, I'd say go for it.  Besides, how many Bimota Tesi 3Ds have you seen lately?  ;)


Bimota October 27, 2010 posted by

Pushing The Envelope: 2008 Bimota Tesi 3D W/350 Miles

Pushing The Envelope:  2008 Bimota Tesi 3D W/350 Miles

Sit back, relax and just enjoy the Italian engineering and craftsmanship.  Engineering art on two wheels.  This particular bike appears to be collector material.  It only has 350 miles on the clocks and from the looks of it, not a scratch on it.  So, move all your other Bimota's to the back row of your collection and make room for this beauty. Our own Bimota expert Phil gave some good background on the Tesi 3D in an earlier post.  If you would like info straight from Bimota here is a link to the Tesi 3D page.  Let's look at some pictures!

Is a simple seat supposed to look this good?

Very unique looking since the forks have gone missing.

Looks like the back of a DB6; oh wait, that is the front.

The details on the bike:

 This Tesi 3D is in perfect condition as it came new from the factory. Only a few hundred miles, carefully observing the break-in procedure. Always stored in humidity controlled area. The Tesi front end feel is unique and amazing. Leaned over in a corner, it is dead stable. Bumps or corrections don't affect the stability at all. It is very confidence inspiring. Heavy braking without pitching is a revelation too. It makes the standard forks of even the best superbike look and feel primitive. The attention to detail is beathtaking as you can see, from the beautiful suspension arms to the machined frame to the stitching in the seat. It really is a piece of Italian sculpture. It's a show stopper on the street too, people crowd around to see it. I'm a big fan of the Ducati 1100 Dual Spark motor. I know it doesn't have high horsepower like superbikes these days, but it is loaded with torque. Street riding is a blast with lots of grunt available at all rpms. It's a perfect motor for real-life riding conditions. Here is a chance to buy a Tesi at a fraction of the new price.

Talk about an exercise in engineering.  I know bikes are made to be ridden but this is one of the few that I would be happy just starring at.  How does $25,000 sound for the privilege of having this bike grace your collection?  MSRP back in 2008 was $36,000. Hmmm, $11,000 less, low miles and new condition.  From someone who doesn't have $25 let alone $25,000 to play with it sounds like a decent deal.  What is the opinion of the  Bimota collectors out there?   .