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Yamaha March 20, 2017 posted by

Naked Ambition – 2001 Yamaha FZ-1

The Yamaha R1's likeable cousin, the FZ-1 was known as the Fazer offshore.  With its smaller carbs stretching the torque curve, more compliant suspension, and accomodating riding position, the FZ-1 was a bit of a sleeper with 143 hp.  Some of that friendliness has been dyno-tuned out of this example from Michigan, with airbox delete, exhaust and re-jetted carburettors.

2001 Yamaha FZ-1 for sale on eBay

The Fazer model began as 600, but with the R1 right across the showroom, requests for the 998cc four in a plain wrapper became too numerous for Yamaha to ignore.  The FZ takes advantage of the Genesis five-valve heads and EXUP exhaust, which tailors the dimensions of the exhaust collector to engine speed.  Brakes are similar to the R1 but use a larger rear disk in anticipation of a passenger.  Frame mounted fairing is a little bigger than your average bikini, and echoes the R1 beak.

The FZ-1 was only offered in age-appropriate color schemes and this one is basic black with the steel frame in silver-gray.  The owner has deleted the frame-mounted mirrors and the blue anodized covers look good with the levers and brake caliper pucks.  But the stock mirrors will have to go back on unless the new owner picks some bar-ends, which are not part of the deal, as stated in the eBay auction:

Originally a slightly detuned version of the R-1 this is a torque monster. This bike is not detuned. It has a full stage 3 modification from Fast Bikes in Grand Rapids. He now works at Fox and does all the engine tuning and dyno testing. This bike pulled 136 HP at the REAR WHEEL. A huge grin to ride. And comfy enough to ride all day long.
It pulls like a jet from 30 to 110 and I have seen 154 on the speedometer. 
All the original parts go with it. I did think it was a bit plain so put vinyl accents on it. Also the tank bag, soft bags go with it. The soft bags had lousy rain covers so I had some made from Sunbrella waterproof covers.
It has plug covers where the original mirrors were. I have the original mirrors I had trouble seeing behind me with the stockers. So I put very pricey bar end mirrors on it. I am keeping them. All stock parts except the original pipe go with the bike.

The FZ-1 was a good seller, so while rarity wouldn't be in the cards, this unusual level of tuning might be worth looking into.  The FZ-1 reviewed as a real-world R1, and while compromises in the chassis and weight can't be denied, you can hack around town most of the afternoon and still have the energy for a quick jaunt on a back road.  This one has some neat professionally done mods and looks well cared for...


Naked Ambition – 2001 Yamaha FZ-1
Ducati February 26, 2017 posted by

Not Particularly – 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS

With a boatload of compromises made to accommodate the 998 cc Superbike engine, the list of things that the Monster S4RS isn't is longer than those it is.  All a matter of priorities, as the water-cooled testastretta with top of the line components has a way of re-aligning priorities toward the moment.  This example from Colorado has been comprehensively farkled and looks ready to try and stop time.

2007 Ducati Monster S4RS

Not easy to show everything a water-cooled engine needs and have it look good.  Things that are normally hidden are polished, dressed, aligned, and straightened, with an occasional carbon fiber guard.  The SR4S sports the deep-V sump and curved radiators required by the 130 ponies, and has twin cooling fans that even the superbike didn't get. The red paint of the trellis frame captures the eye and is complemented by the red racing stripe, but the tubular single-sided swingarm was left black.  Forged Marchesini snowflakes in white beckon the microfiber towel and cleaner wax.

The previous owners have been all over this Monster, and customized or updated nearly everything.  Euro-3 emissions required a catalyzer, but that was binned in favor of the Termignoni system.  Rizoma and DucaBike upgrades are everywhere, with SpeedyMoto, Samco, ASV, and assorted carbon accents.   With the exception of holes left from the rear blinkers, it hangs together pretty well, and almost gets a red, white, and blue theme going here and there.  From the eBay auction:

Up for sale is a 2 owner Ducati Monster in perfect condition. It has over 20k in upgrades. New tires less than -100 miles.
Full Termignoni Exhaust 
Termignoni ECU
Open Airbox
Extra gas tank
Speedy Moto bar risers
Rizoma bars 
Rizoma grips
Speedymoto clutch slave cylinder
CRG lanespltter mirrors 
Smoked windshield
Rizoma front blinkers
Integrated rear tailight 
Carbon Fiber front fender
Carbon Fiber rear fender
Carbon Fiber tail fender
Carbon Fiber chain cover 
Carbon Fiber cam belt covers
Carbon Fiber heel guards
Ducabike oil plug
Ducabike front sprocket cover
Ducabike rear sprocket carrier
Ducabike timing cover
Quick change lightweight rear sprocket
Gold DID chain
Re-geared front sprocket
Samco coolant hoses
Rebuilt front forks less than 200 miles ago
Cox radiator guard
Cox oil cooler guard
Rizoma clutch cover
Rizoma clutch pressure plate
Rizoma clutch springs & retainers
Motovation Frame sliders
Clutch & brake reservoir caps 
ASV clutch and brake levers
Blue Anodized adjustable fork dampers

The S4RS isn't a racking up the miles type of bike, and this one has some nice rides in store before the next major service.  Seems like a pro detail would be worth it, though this level of color and carbon will attract attention no matter what.  While other bikes better suited to long hauls and track days, the testastretta Monster is a pretty extreme choice for hacking around.  The quality components, factory and aftermarket, will be beneficial whether you're going across town or for the whole afternoon...


Not Particularly – 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS
Ducati February 12, 2017 posted by

Your Tax Dollars at Work ? – 2007 Ducati Monster S2R 1000 with 31 miles !

Shoehorning the 992 cc dual-spark into the popular Monster frame, Ducati lined up the elements of a great naked sportbike.  With air-cooled desmodue, single-sided swingarm, and dual mufflers, the model held down the middle of the showroom between the basic M695 and the radical S4RS Testastretta.  This example has been stored since new, and could continue the beauty contest or be rare stock rider.

2007 Ducati Monster S2R 1000 for sale on eBay

Now nearly halfway back through the long and continuing Monster history, the S2R 1000 has a slightly overstuffed vibe but still supports the original concept.  Nicer components such as adjustable suspension, sculpted trellis swingarm, oil cooler, and Marchesini alloys set the scene.  The reliable 1000 DS lump has scores of internal improvements and was found at the top of the range in Ducati's SuperSport and MultiStrada line-ups.  And of course with the Monster it's all on display.

A display bike since new, this Monster has only 21 miles for its ten years, bone stock and virtually showroom.  From the eBay auction:

The back story:  This motorcycle along with a second unit where purchased by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on a research grant testing electric drive systems.  The first bike was the primary, and used for testing of the drive system.  This bike was the back up and went literally untouched.  Upon completion of the research grant both bikes where offered for sale which is how I got a hold of this rare find.  I've had the bike for almost 7 years.  Being my second bike I elected to keep it as a display piece.  I have relocated to Houston from New England and no longer have the space to store the bike.

Quick on its feet around town, the Monster can be a challenge on the slab with just its headlight fairing.  The S2R has a few carbon accents, but the black belt covers, exposed fuel vapor system and Euro-3 catalyst are waiting for the customizer's credit card.  Rather more rare than smaller top-selling Monster, this would be a  great platform for a caught-in-time retro, or for a fan, maybe it's the one that got away...

- donn

Your Tax Dollars at Work ? – 2007 Ducati Monster S2R 1000 with 31 miles !
Ducati November 21, 2016 posted by

L.T.’s Pick – 2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S

Despite the relentless nudge toward water cooling and impenetrable fuel injection systems, as recently as 2008 Ducati put a capstone on their air-cooled desmodue development. The torquey 1100 is in a naked supermoto package and is widely regarded as some of the most fun to be had on two wheels.


2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S for sale on eBay



The 1078cc dual-spark engine provides 90 horses and 76 ft.-lbs. torque, propelling the Pierre Terblanche design to a theoretical 137 mph and 12-second quarter mile, provided the rider can find a way to hang on.  The multi-role machine has a trellis frame, 50mm Marzocchi forks and Öhlins monoshock on the single-sided swingarm.  Flickability is enhanced by the 390 lbs. dry weight and 17-inch Marchesini alloys.  Under the Brembo monoblocks, 305mm front disks and 245mm rear fire the retro-rockets.



Offered by a New Hampshire dealer, this Hyper has a little over 18,000 miles and looks clean and original.  Maintenance and damage history is not addressed in the eBay classified but would be worth a phone call.  The stalk mirrors are little surprising since Ducati put a great deal of work into the folding bar-end mirrors most 1100S's came with.  Could have been the previous owner's response to the too-wide bar-end design.



The Hyper's sharp design more than made up for the small tank's short range and lack of wind protection, and the bike again put Ducati in the forefront of the large motard chase.  The two-valve desmo is easy on the maintenance staff and the aftermarket has lots of ideas about how to improve things.  For 2010 the Hyper evolved into a higher-compression single spark engine, and a 796cc model was offered.   But in a specialty that often regards purity of concept very highly, if you could keep only one Ducati, for cognoscenti the earlier 1100S is often the answer...



L.T.’s Pick – 2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S
Ducati October 4, 2016 posted by

Somebody’s Got to Do It – 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS

Tough job keeping the top dog on top, having to finagle the latest edition superbike engine into a naked platform.  With the 998 cc Testastretta aboard, the S4RS is the supermodel that held the showroom door for thousands of Monster 696 shoppers.  The S4RS made room for most of the premium 999 components, some modified just for the mission.


2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for sale on eBay



With 130 narrowhead hp on tap, the S4RS goes well under 11 seconds in the 1/4 mile, with a theoretical 153 mph top speed, well above any kind of naked sensibility.  The generally red trellis frame allows the sub-systems easy access, the cooling system and oil radiator plumbing exposed but neatly done.  The engine cases and covers have been trimmed to allow for the Monster's single-sided swingarm, and Öhlins provide the monoshock and 43mm forks.  Brakes are lifted from the 999, radially mounted fronts of 320mm, with 245mm rear.  17-inch forged Marchesini alloys are sized for 120 and 180mm width tires.  Seating for one, though the long reach over the wide racing stripe is like sitting back on a biposto.


20161004-2007-ducati-monster-s4rs-front  20161004-2007-ducati-monster-s4rs-rear

Apparently the hack around bike at a Honda CBX specialty shop, this S4RS has low miles, just a few upgrades and looks good.  An Arrow system has replaced the factory dual exhaust and catalyst.  ASV levers and some space-age Rizoma reservoirs update the controls.  The fuel tank was replaced under a factory  recall.  The previous owner's scrape on the water pump cover and radiator guard could be easily remedied.  From the eBay auction:

as you ducati monster gurus are aware this is the fastest most powerful monster ever built--it is a 998 cc watercooled 4 valve beast--it is in excellent condition and runs great--we recently did a full service on it less than 500 miles ago with new timing belts and complete valve adjustment--it has a complete arrow exhaust system with a reflashed ecu from rexxer for the arrow system , the renowned ecu tuners in the us --it has like new bridgestone bt 016 tires on it and a new chain as also--lots of carbon fiber , rizoma clutch and brake reservoirs and handlebars, battery tender lead,it has ohlins rear shock and front forks and brembo radial calipers on marchesini wheels,cox radiator and oil cooler custom grill covers,ducati gear bag,carbon ducati tank protector,asv adjustable levers and included is the code card,red key, extra black key and both the owners and service manual--we have owned this bike for several years and have always taken immaculate care of it as we do all our bikes--the only flaw on the bike is the radiator line  return cover on the motor has a  scuff on it( see picture) but this happened b/4 we bought it and doesn't  interfere with performance, just a cosmetic boo boo--also the tank was replaced by ducati a few years back due to the ethanol issue that all plastic duc tanks had during this time period.


20161004-2007-ducati-monster-s4rs-left-front-wheel  20161004-2007-ducati-monster-s4rs-left-rear-wheel

With journalists still reeling from the S4R, tests of  the -S showed the naked bike to have too much of a lot of good things - handling, power, braking, and of course MSRP.   The reserve seems sensible and bidding has opened.  And while not a garage queen, this S4RS appears an easy return to super-nice shape.  Too much fun for touring or actual sport riding, the S4RS is pretty much the pinnacle of Monster development in the bikina-faired / pre-traction control era, and as Motorcyclist magazine reviewed, a Monster that lives up to the name.



20161004-2007-ducati-monster-s4rs-right-front-wheel  20161004-2007-ducati-monster-s4rs-right-rear-wheel

Somebody’s Got to Do It – 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS
MV Agusta September 14, 2016 posted by

Et tu – 2008 MV Agusta Brutale 910S

After Cagiva's purchase of MV Agusta's storied name in 1999, the company decided to enter the boutique naked-sport market and developed the Brutale 750.  The model has been the subject of several limited production factory customs, and further evolution brought the Brutale 910S.  Though it will never have the utility or daily ridership of a Monster or SV, the Brutale is one of the very sportiest of naked sports.


2008 MV Agusta Brutale 910S



The 910S is powered by an inline four with MV Agusta's excellent four-valve heads, pretty high compression at 13:1 and making 134 hp.  The rather sculptural trellis frame surrounds the engine and terminates in large cast swingarm connectors.  The front suspension is a pair of rather massive 50mm inverted Marzocchi forks, and a Sachs-damped single-sided swingarm is found under the seat.  Nissin supplies the 6-piston front calipers over 310mm rotors, with a single 210mm rear brake.  It's unfaired except for the radiator shroud, though the double parabolic headlight looks aerodynamic enough.  Behind the teardrop instrument binnacle, a split level seat and low European handlebars complete the cockpit.



This Colorado Brutale has less than 2,000 miles, and looks excellent.  Apparently the only mod, the HP Corsa exhaust is a lot shorter and likely quite a bit lighter than the factory dual mufflers.  From the eBay auction:

This bike only has 2,000 miles on it.  It runs and looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. It only has one small crack in the paint in the tank, which is very difficult to see in the light.  I used a flashlight to take a picture and make it more visible for the ad.  You won't find a nicer, lower mileage 2008 Brutale anywhere.  This bike has a custom exhaust that gives it an awesome look.



The 910S reviewed as a nice handling standard with ergonomics favoring the smaller rider.  The low bars and nearly rear-set pegs make for an aggressive posture, the narrow seat helping the rider move around a bit.  The trademark star alloys identify it as an MV Agusta, and the fuel tank's wings give you almost another gallon.  A distinctive and thoroughly modern take on the naked sport, the Brutale 910S uses Agusta's potent transverse four, but otherwise makes its own road...



Et tu – 2008 MV Agusta  Brutale 910S