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Ducati July 15, 2014 posted by

Supply vs Demand: FOUR Ducati MH900e examples for sale!

These Ducati MH900e models are popular collector bikes, given the low number of miles that seem to accumulate on them (the first bike on this list is the rare, er, the RSBFS exception). By all standards, these are not mechanically unique rides. The Ducati two-valve, air cooled L-twin has been a rock-solid performer since bell bottoms were hip and disco ruled the airwaves. Overall power has not quite kept up with the times, but reliability, ride-ability and real-world torque abound. So mechanically there is no reason why these should not all have more mileage, but the collection factor (rare, individually numbered machines) and the bent towards aesthetics versus practicality yields what is essentially a gorgeous, mobile torture rack. It is not often that we find four of these bikes available simultaneously. If you are looking for a MH900e, it's a buyers market!

2002 Ducati MH900e with 7,677 miles in Ohio


From the seller:
Here is my Mike Hailwood. Clearly you know what this is. Mine has been ridden 7677 miles. It has never been down. It has been modded with the aftermarket clutch plate, clutch cover, and GP levers. I do not have those stock parts, fortunately I believe they are easy to come by if you so choose. The bike comes with its plaque in the case, two keys, and manuals. It has recently had the belt service as well as a new chain and some general love. The pictures are representative of its condition. This is a nice example that spent the winter in my living room and that I enjoy riding. I am selling to get a two-seater as I enjoy riding with my girlfriend. Naturally, as the bike has been ridden it will command a lower price than a zero mileage NOS example.

2002 Ducati MH900e with 1,784 miles in Texas


From the seller:
This motorcycle is in showroom condition with 1,784 miles on it. The vin for this motorcycle is ZDM1LA4N72B001.
Aftermarket parts included:
-Ohlins Shock
-Vented Clutch and Belt Covers
-DP Levers
-Staintune Exhaust
-Carbon Rear Fender
-Bike Cover

2002 Ducati MH900e with zero claimed miles in Georgia


From the seller:
If you are landing on this page you clearly know what you are looking at. You are bidding on a very special early 2001 MH900E with "100" miles. The reason for the quotation is because this bike has 0 miles on the odometer. My understanding is that the dealership has to pay additional fee's if they sell a brand new vehicle with "0" miles. Thus I believe it was recorded as "100" miles instead of "0" The title and registration (which has been paid for 2014) will reflect 100 miles on the bike. The bike is immaculate. The paint and body have been professionally detailed with mezerna polish and swissvax wax so the the bike looks better than the day it came off the dealership.

Bike comes with:
MH900E Stand
MH900E Numbered Shirt
MH900E Commemorative Numbered Plaque
MH900E Manuals
MH900E 2 Black Keys
For any collector, these items are a must to be included to retain top value for the bike.

2002 Ducati MH900e with 1,425 miles in Arizona


From the seller:
2002 Ducati MH900 Evoluzione. Very Rare and a Collector Bike. only 2000 Made. Like New. Ready to be Ridden. All factory, This 2001 MH900e Mike Hailwood EVOluziorve has only 1425 miles on the odometer - beautiful and works great. Numbered 1595 of only 2000 manufactured. (Only 500 or so made it to the states). Hard to believe it's almost 13 years old - Michelin Pilot Tires, all fluids checked/changed, new batteries, runs great. Overall I would rate the condition of the bike as excellent.

Well there you have it - four examples of the most collected model in (recent) Ducati history scattered across the US. Prices range from $16,800 to $25,000. If this is your bucket bike, then now is the time to buy. Good Luck!!


Supply vs Demand: FOUR Ducati MH900e examples for sale!
Ducati May 20, 2014 posted by

Featured Listing: 2002 Ducati MH900e available in San Francisco

Update 5.29.2014: Sold!

2002 Ducati MH900e for sale

This is the 3rd of 4 Feature Listings from Michael, and it's just as beautiful as his other offerings. Like many of the Mike Hailwood Evoluzione editions featured on this site, this one was destined for showroom duty and as such it has been nicely preserved. Should you wish to ride it a bit, it's been treated to a service earlier this month and is ready to go. After it's early summer tour it will be ready to be returned to a private podium for display and appreciation.

2002 Ducati MH900e for sale on eBay


We'd once again like to give a sincere thank you to Michael for the purchase of a Feature Listing. Good luck to buyers and seller!



from the seller:

I have owned this bike for a little over 5 years and have had it for display purposes only.

Just serviced at Desmoto in San Francisco on May10 . Service includes new batteries (dual), new drive belts with valve clearance check, synthetic oil service and brake fluid service. The tires are preserved original Michelin pilots.

Can be seen in person @ Piston and Chain Motorcycle Club 1285 Folsom St , San Francisco

Comes with plaque #1857 and red wheel stand

Call Mike 7026770499

Featured Listing:  2002 Ducati MH900e available in San Francisco
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Featured Listing: One Owner 2002 Ducati MH900e with 650 Miles

Update 6.2.2014: Now on eBay

2002 Ducati MH900e Mike Hailwood Evoluzione

Amongst modern-classic Ducati's, the Mike Hailwood tribute MH900e is close to the top in terms of collectability. While some purists will maintain that a modern-classic would require fairings and race pedigree, there is seemingly no shortage of collectors still highly interested in this rolling piece of artwork. And this is the kind of example they're after as it checks all the right boxes: perfect condition, very low mileage, one owner, and just serviced. While it's very likely to get ridden only once or twice and then put back on display, most buyers want an example as close to new as possible and ready for use. This fits the bill very nicely!

2002 Ducati MH900e for sale on eBay

2002 Ducati MH900e for sale

We have featured several of Chris's rare and beautiful bikes over the years and this one is no exception. He has provided us with fresh pictures and description of this special edition MH900e. All pictures are linked to high resolution images. Enjoy the new desktops!

We'd like to thank Chris again for supporting the site by purchasing a Featured Listing. Good luck to buyers and seller!



from the seller:

One collector owned motorcycle that was used a bedroom display piece in near mint condition. The body and paintwork is all original in immaculate condition. Tasteful enhancements and upgrades include mirror lenses repositioned 30 degrees upward, Cycle Cat machined billet aluminum risers, Ducati Performance polished billet aluminum belt covers and Ohlins rear shock.
This makes the bike very enjoyable and comfortable to ride.

I have all the books and documentation, copy of the original title, extra un-used key as well as the official numbered T-shirt with box, original magazine article, Desmo club documents and patch, numbered plaque and original rear shock.
Just serviced at Fay Myers Ducati in Colorado on April 3rd with 480 miles. Service includes new batteries with tenders, new drive belts with valve clearance check, synthetic oil service and brake fluid service. The tires are original issue Michelin pilots in near new condition.

We have many more detailed photos that we will be happy to send or provide any specific photos that you may be looking for.
The bike has been NC inspected and is being sold by a local franchised motorcycle dealer. Viewing and inspection during the week or weekend by appointment. Dealer and motor vehicle fees are excluded.

Please call 252-294-8988 for more detailed information or to schedule an appointment.

Selling price of $19,995

Featured Listing:  One Owner 2002 Ducati MH900e with 650 Miles
Ducati April 11, 2014 posted by

X-Ray Vision: 2002 Ducati MH900e Brand New in the Crate!

2002 Ducati MH900e for sale in the crate

Even though these were practically released as turn key collectibles, most buyers put them on the street for a little while to experience the investment a little bit. If you browse our archives, the examples we have highlighted have only turned 500-2500 miles in most cases. Not this one. It's still a 0 mile example and never removed from the crate. While previously unopened sportbikes we've seen haven't necessarily had a preview of what's inside, this seller has taken the time to x-ray the contents! While part publicity stunt, it will add to this particular example's history and value. 20 years from now if it's still in the crate, can you imagine what it may be worth?


2002 Ducati MH900e for sale on eBay


from the seller:

2002 Ducati MH900e still in the original, un-opened, crate!

This is #1617/2000. The crate has literally NEVER been opened. It still has the original nylon straps around it as it came from the factory.

I won’t go into details about the Ducati MH900e model itself because I’m sure, if you’re looking at this listing, you are well aware of the history of these bikes. If not, Wikipedia has some great information.

This particular bike was purchased locally by an acquaintance who, by the time the bike was actually delivered to him (2 yrs after his online order), had fallen ill and was in no condition to drive it so he had it delivered to his home still in the crate. It sat in his heated garage until last year when I acquired it.

Knowing the rarity of finding an MH900e still in the crate I did not want to open the crate either. But also knowing that a potential buyer would want some form of confirmation as to the contents, I made arrangements through some senior contacts I have at UPS to have the bike taken to the airport for a security scan and x-ray. I’ve attached pics of the x-ray. If you look closely you can see everything inside, including the stand and box that contains the plaque & shirt (on top of the seat). I also have the original bill of sale (from 2002) from the local dealership.

I make/offer no warranty about the mechanical condition of the bike itself other than it is brand new, complete, and the crate has never been dropped, damaged, or opened. Obviously never having been PDI’d by a dealer, it would be impossible for me to warrant it mechanically.

I apologize that there aren’t more pics, but there’s only so much detail you can show of the crate itself. If you would like any more shots please contact me. For obvious collectability reasons though, I will NOT “break the seal” and open the crate to take pics. The winning bidder will be entitled to open the crate and my facility prior to shipping if they choose, once payment in full has been made.

X-Ray Vision:  2002 Ducati MH900e Brand New in the Crate!
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2002 Ducati MH900e #1450 with 566 Miles in New Jersey


Here's another beautiful, exceptionally low mileage, limited edition, Italian motorcycle, available for a fraction of the original MSRP. This bike is shown by the original owner, has books and receipts, and well documents the minor flaws that have been incurred from storage over the years. If you're looking for a conversation worthy display piece for your home, check it out!


2002 Ducati MH900e for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Up for auction is a beautiful 2002 Ducati MH900e motorcycle. It is number 1450/2000. I took delivery of this bike brand new from Jack Trebour Motorcycles on January 5, 2002 after a two year wait. This motorcycle is in mint condition. It has only 566 miles on it. This vehicle has always been garaged and is in original stock condition. It has never been raced, misused, or abused in any way. This motorcycle has always been properly stored (i.e. no stale fuel) and started on a regular basis. The oil has been changed on a regular basis. I put new batteries (Yuasa YTX7L-BS) in it in late September, 2012. Battery tender leads have also been installed to make charging the batteries much easier. The oil (Mobil 1 4T), filter (OEM Ducati), and spark plugs (OEM Ducati Champion RA6HC) were recently changed. I am the only person (40 something) who has ridden this motorcycle since taking delivery. In the name of full disclosure, there are a few minor issues worth noting. Each is shown in the photos and highlighted in yellow.

1. There is a small scuff on the rear seat pad.

2. There is a fine and shallow scratch (approx. 1/2") on the rear cowl.

3. The paint on the inside of the fairing where the left mirror is attached is chipped. This was present when I took delivery.

4. There are some minor blemishes on the left side of the triple tree. They were present when I took delivery.

5. There is a fine and shallow scratch on the right exhaust.

6. There is some cracking in the clear coat on the rear wheel. It is located on the hub area and each of the five spokes on the right side of the wheel. In addition, there is some cracking in the clear coat on the left side of the rear wheel. One is a 3" patch and the other is a 10" patch on the short side of the rim that mates to the tire. The cracking is extremely fine and shallow. All areas are smooth to the touch and there is no flaking. I am not sure if this was present when I took delivery. It is rather difficult to notice.

7. There are some scratches in the paint on the center stand. Most of them are on the bottom.

All of the original paperwork will be included in the sale. In addition, a Ducati MH900e shop manual, Ducati Performance MH900e Accessories and Kit Catalogue, Ducati Desmo Owners Club booklet filled out in my name, and some magazines from the period will be included. Finally, the plaque, t-shirt (used) w/box, original spark plugs, oil filter, Fiamm batteries (no longer working) will also be included.



2002 Ducati MH900e #1450 with 566 Miles in New Jersey
Aprilia May 16, 2013 posted by

Month in Review: April 2013 Sales Report


Welcome back to our latest sales report, where savvy buyers and sellers keep an eye on market values. We blogged 60 bikes in April and here is a review of 20 of them, most having sold. In fact 4 of them sold to our own readers. Lowest sale price was $1900 and highest was $64k!

Congratulations to April's buyers and sellers!


This Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike failed to sell even though it was bid up to $8100.

Lucky Strike Suzuki

From the Michigan collection, this 1996 Bimota DB3 Mantra did end up selling after one relist for full price of $16900.

Bimota Mantra For Sale

This 2002 Ducati MH900e with under 1000 miles sold for $22900.

Ducati MH900e For Sale

The 1983 Honda CX650T Turbo sold for $15100! These really do have quite the following!

Honda CX650T For Sale

The 4k mile Honda RC30 failed to get much love when first listed with spares at $30k and then relisted without it failed to sell at $17600.

Honda RC30 For Sale

This adorable and exceptionally clean 1983 Kawasaki GPz 305 sold for just $1625!

Kawasaki GPz 305 For Sale

The first of two 86 Honda NS400R's that would sell this month, this one sold for $10099!

Honda NS400R For Sale

The second NS400R sold for just $6100 in comparison.

Honda NS400R For Sale

This 1987 Honda NSR250 looked pretty tidy and sold for just $3800.

Honda NSR250 MC16 For Sale

At $4000, this has to be the cheapest RVF400 we've seen sell. Congrats to the lucky new owner!

RVF400 For Sale

This little 1983 Ducati 350 Desmo sold for only $1900, which is probably the cheapest Ducati we've ever seen sold either!

1983 Ducati 350 For Sale

Here's the 1983 Suzuki GS550ES which sold for $3450.

Suzuki GS550ES For Sale

Sold to one of our readers, this 1998 Ducati 916SPS sold for $12900.

Ducati 916SPS For Sale

Also sold to one of readers was this 1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight for $9200.

Ducati Superlight For Sale

This stunning 74 Ducati 750 Sport, original and unrestored, sold for an eye popping $64k!

1974 Ducati 750 Sport For Sale

Back to the blue smoke, this 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup sold for only $5300.

Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale

This 1985 Honda VF1000R sold for a tidy $8000.

Honda VF1000R For Sale

A good month for classic Honda's as this 1983 CB1100R sold as well for $23600.

1983 Honda CB1100R For Sale

Sold to one of our readers was this very handsome 1997 Aprilia RS250 for $8100.

Aprilia RS250 For Sale

Finally, this 85 Yamaha RZ500 sold to one of our readers for $14500.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 For Sale