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Kawasaki September 18, 2017 posted by

One Complete, One in Pieces: Turbo’d 1975 Kawasaki KZ900 and 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000

Here's a weird one. This seller in Oklahoma has two turbo'd Kawasaki Z bikes for sale in two separate auctions and in two very different states of disrepair. They wear identical paint schemes, and the seller says they come from the estate of a good friend.

1975 Kawasaki KZ900 Turbo for sale on eBay

The original owner bought the complete 1975 Kawasaki KZ900 brand-new and then added a Blake turbo kit and his own Turbo logo and paint job. The seller says the bike does not run, and the thick layer of dust and rat's nest of wires poking from under the right side cover back that story up.

The same gentleman bought the 1977 KZ1000 to build what the seller calls "a real hot rod," and it comes with an American Turbo Pak, among a vanload of other spares. It is unclear whether this project was complete before being disassembled, or if it never got off the ground in the first place. Either way, the '77 will need a lot of love to be whole again.

As grubby and daunting as these two bikes are, they are from a unique, frenetic time in the evolution of sportbikes. They came at the end of America's obsession with the muscle car, and before the collective interest had discovered corners. Though they are not as collectible as a factory-optioned Z1TC, they are a rare and incredible look into the not-so-distant past.

The auctions have little time left, but are no reserve, so the high bidder is taking home a full garage worth of intense, rewarding project.

From the eBay listings:



I'm selling this on behalf of the widow of the one and only owner of this bike. Randy bought this Kawasaki Z1 brand new in 1975 and then added the Blake turbocharger and his own spin on the paint scheme. His old riding buddy has lots of stories about how fast the bike was. BUT, Randy then bought a second bike to build into a real hot rod. That bike is listed separately, partially disassembled, and comes with a large number of extra parts.It's possible many of those parts will fit this bike, but they're being sold right now with the 1977 KZ 1000 with the American Turbo-Pak. (See our other auction.) These bikes have been in his garage for years and are not in running condition. Sold as-is, where is.

Ideally the same bidder will win both auctions and keep this great collection of authentic hot rod Kawasaki history together.


I'm selling this on behalf of the widow of the owner of this bike.  Randy bought a Kawasaki Z1 brand new in 1975 and then added a Blake turbocharger and his own spin on the paint scheme.  His old riding buddy has lots of stories about how fast the bike was.  BUT, Randy then bought a second bike (this one) to build into a real hot rod.  That bike is listed separately, partially disassembled, and comes with a LARGE NUMBER OF EXTRA PARTS.  It's possible many of those parts will fit both bikes, but they're being sold right now with this 1977 KZ 1000 with the American Turbo-Pak. (See our other auction for the 1976 Z1 with Blake turbocharger.)  These bikes have been in his garage for years and are not in running condition.  Sold as-is, where is.

Ideally the same bidder will win both auctions and keep this great collection of authentic hot rod Kawasaki history together.
There is just over a day left in the bidding for these insane machines, so click through and make your play, if you dare.
One Complete, One in Pieces: Turbo’d 1975 Kawasaki KZ900 and 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000
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Featured listing: 1978 Kawasaki Z1-R for sale in Germany

Kawasaki's KZ series has a very special place in my heart. My first motorcycle, and the third bike I had ever swung a leg over (including the MSF course Suzuki TU-250) was a 1982 Kawasaki GPz 750, the younger brother of today's featured 1978 Kawasaki Z1-R.

1978 Kawasaki Z1-R for sale on eBay

As a car guy who came to bikes late in the game, pictures of Reg Pridmore hanging off the side of a Z1-R on the way to the '78 AMA Superbike Championship were my formative introduction to motorcycle road racing. Pridmore's bikes reminded me of the GPz, and with their big, wide seats, tacked-on number plates and the DIY-looking oil cooler on the rear fender, they made it seem like with just a few simple tweaks, I could be hanging off the tank of my bike, too.

The Stardust Silver Z1-R pictured here was originally sold in Germany as a Z1R-Z1000S, which means it has a 4-4 exhaust, as opposed to a 4-1 system, and an extra set of passenger pegs. With no hyperbole, we can say that it would be next to impossible for this bike to be any cleaner.

This Z1-R was recently treated to a no-expense-spared restoration, down to new frame paint applied using original factory methods, and NOS master cylinder parts, which you must obtain either from an acquaintance with a backlog of OEM Kawi parts, make yourself or do without.

From the eBay listing:

Please look at our other items for sale, we are dissolving the remainder of our collection of bikes and parts here on Ebay. This is one of 5 rare motorcycles we will list this coming month here on Ebay UK

This 1978 Kawasaki Z1R-Z1000S is one of a handfull of bikes left from our collection which we have been dissolving this past year due to continued health related reasons which in turn require us to consolidate all our personal items and to scale back from multiple locations to just one

This is not a 'normal' motorcycle in 'average' condition so the text describing it and this sale's particulars might be somewhat different than what one would normally see written in a listing here on Ebay. If you dont care for long descriptions, please feel free to just skip to the photo album link here below and enjoy the images. If those images raised your interest level i am sure you will take the time to read the remainder of our description as posted below:

Please do take the time and look at our Seller Feedback Rating to see what previous buyers have consistently been saying about us in the past 17 years about every single item we have sold here on Ebay

There are really no guidelines as to what the value of this fairly rare Z1000S in this exceptional condition might be worth in the current international market place, so all we expect is a reasonable and fair offer that both, we as the seller and you as the buyer can be satisfied with and the motorcycle will be sold

We will not scoff at any offer made with serious intentions of buying this bike, though we might reserve
the right to wait out this adverts month long posting time before considering offers that we deem on the lower side. Thanks for understanding.


A 1978 Kawasaki Z1R-Z1000S rarely if ever comes up for sale anywhere. This model is as rare as the KZ1000 Vetter Mystery Ship and probably just as collectible. In any good Kawasaki collection a Z1R-Turbo, the Vetter Mystery Ship and a Z1000S are definitely 'must-haves'

Those enthusiasts who would like to come and see this bike in person are very much invited to contact us for an appointment. Everyone is also invited to go to our dedicated Online Photo Album to view over 100 high quality digital images of this very special bike and to see what sets it apart from 99.9% of all similar bikes offered for sale here on Ebay or anywhere else.

A couple of things might be of interest: Frame and frame attachments are professionally painted in the correct black, just as was done by the factory in 1978. The cost of this restoration was never an issue and many of the spare parts used on this motorcycle are NOS items, such as the nowadays impossible to find complete front mastercylinder assembly or the correct original tinted Shinkolite windscreen with rubber-lip. Probably over 200 hours in total were spend building up this Z1000S and it has only been run 449km (280 miles) since.

This motorcycle has its original german title present, with the 22 Liter tank actually noted in the title under special equipment, which is very unusual for a Z1R but I guess was necessary back in the late 70ies, since Kawasaki Germany wanted the S model to be fully homologated with these add-ons and compliant with german registration rules and regulations.

The frame has the correct european side-stand mount as well as the special provision for the safety switch
behind said sidestand, mounted inside a special sheet-metall enclosure which is bolted to a special tab
welded onto the frame at the factory. The "Side-Stand" handlebar cut-out switch on the left side completes the german frame and component differences to the other Z1R bikes produced for other markets. This small switch was used on multiple Kawasaki models across multiple years in multiple european markets and is an original Kawasaki spare part.

The Z1000S difference is solely made up by the extra rear footpeg mount, of which there are 2 on each side versus one on all other Z1R's i have ever seen. One to carry the special 4-4 exhaust bracket and one to carry the actual passenger footpeg, both in their original rubber dampeners.

Tony Sculphers book on the correct restoration of a Z1R and a small folder with memorabilia come with the bike. This book has a 2 page paragraph dedicated to the Z1000S with 2 pictures posted. Multiple original sales brochures in different languages as well as both owners manuals, the german and the english language international one are included. The original zippered pouch is present for the owners manual, the original key is present and the Kawasaki toolkit is present under the seat in the tooltray. The kickstart lever is present and mounted in its correct location underneath the seat.

I do not think there is a need to go into extreme detail on every component on this motorcycle, the images in the photo album say more about what level of condition this motorcycle is in than words could ever do

As mentioned before, we have prepared such an online photo album showing this motorcycle in detail in more than 100 high quality images (with and without the bodywork mounted) that might be of interest to a serious collector. The copy and paste link is available again here:


We can be reached at the phone number posted below at the times listed if you are interested in more details. Please leave a message with your phone number where we can reach you and a time when it is best to call, should we not be able to pick up. You can also write to us here through Ebay of course.

An 500 pound paypal deposit will secure this vehicle until the purchase details can be sorted out properly. Crating this motorcycle for international shipping is available as well at reasonable cost, as is help with sorting out all the details involved with shipping it overseas

Please live and let live, no fun-bidders/offers who are not buying at the end, no jokers, no hassles please.

Just selling some honest items for a fair price, getting out of motorcycles alltogether so when all is sold there will be no more from us. Please see our posted pictures for more details of what you are buying .

Thanks so much for looking, if you have any additional questions we can be reached by phone between the hours of 18.00 and 22.00 GMT ( Greenwich Mean Time ) at ‪+49151-7184-8942

The Buy-It-Now is set at £16,500, or about $21,300, which is a big chunk of change, but not wholly unexpected for a rare bike in this condition. The ad is live for a month, and the seller will entertain offers. Don't take our word for how nice this thing is, take the time to peruse the enormous photo gallery below!

Featured listing: 1978 Kawasaki Z1-R for sale in Germany
Bimota February 10, 2017 posted by

1984 Bimota KB3 in Italy!

In the 1970s and 1980s, the Big Four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers appeared to know little about frame design and its effect on handling. Enter the small shop known as Bimota, formed as a hobby by Valerio Bianchi, Giuseppe Morri and Massimo Tamburini. Using existing motorcycles as a jumping off point, the Rimini firm created stout new frames and sensuous bodywork made to accept a variety of Japanese engines. These were initially offered as kits; buyers received the chassis, bodywork and suspension, to which they affixed the engine, transmission and electrics from a donor cycle. Completed Bimota motorcycles were ridden to rave reviews; razor sharp handling (usually to the compromise of comfort and convenience) was the order of the day.

1984 Bimota KB3 for sale on eBay

This 1984 Bimota KB3 (the 3rd model in the series of Kawasaki-powered Bimotas), shows the company making a massive turning point. Unlike kit-built bikes assembled by amatuers or hired guns, by the early 1980s Bimota was starting to assemble them in their own factory. This tiny company from northern Italy near the Adriatic Sea was making the jump to become a full-fledged manufacturer of motorcycles. And whereas the kit-built bikes were all unique and custom - showing the nature (and skill level) of their builders - this move by Bimota to assemble in house leads to a more consistent offering across the model type. This KB3, powered by a Kawasaki KZ1000 engine, was one of the early Bimotas that could be considered "factory built."

From the seller:
model year 1984
VIN 0051.

Fantastic original preserved shiny conditions, one of only 30 factory built kb3 (not a kit), just 15k kms from new. Perfectly working. Unique opportunity.

Ride and collect!

The KB3 came on the heels of the watershed bike for Bimota, the GPz550-powered KB2 Laser. And whereas the KB2 frame was created using short, straight sections of chrome moly tubing welded in a pyramid matrix to handle loads, the KB3 chassis incorporates longer sections of tubing and novel aluminum stress plates - all of which have been welded, bolted and epoxy bonded together. Billet aluminum sections join upper and lower sections, and provide a base for the swingarm pivot. The sleek bodywork is created from Kevlar - a magical substance of strength and lightweight in 1984. Maximizing stiffness to ensure optimum handling while shaving off an estimated 65 lbs from a standard KZ1000, the KB3 was perhaps the ultimate literbike in existence.

There were only 112 KB3s created, ensuring the rarity of these special bikes. We have seen a few on the pages of RSBFS, and they never fail to enchant. These are bikes that do not come around often, and never in such original condition. This bike is located in Italy (naturally!), appears to be in the best original condition we have seen, and is looking for a new home. When first offered by Bimota, these were very expensive machines ($13k and up). Collector status has done well for these incredible bikes, and while the opening ask on this one was a single US dollar, I expect the final auction result to include a few more zeros. No idea where the reserve is set, so this will be one to watch. Check it out here, and then share your thoughts on your favorite old-school Bimota in our comments section. Good Luck!!


1984 Bimota KB3 in Italy!
Kawasaki June 6, 2015 posted by

How bizzare, how bizzare: 1980 Kawasaki Mystery Ship


While at first glance this appears to be a customization run amock, it is actually something a bit more than that, a 1980 Mystery Ship.  The Mystery Ship was the brainstorm of Craig Vetter, founder of the aftermarket Windjammer motorcycle fairing company.  After Vetter sold Windjammer in 1978, he embarked on a new effort..a "streetable road racer, with all the right parts."  And what did Vetter decide to use as the basis of his bike?  Just one of the most powerful bikes of the day, a Kawasaki KZ1000 Turbo.

The KZ1000 turbo is by itself already a rare bike; a more expensive illegitimate brother of the standard KZ1000.  Interestingly, the KZ1000 turbo was not actually an official Kawasaki model; it was offered as an "official" bolt-on turbo kit that Kawasaki would install for buyers.   The turbo kit was developed by ATP with input from Kawasaki engineers but was not warrantied by Kawasaki so any engine blow ups were the responsibility of the owner.  And engine blow ups were apparently not unheard of, since the kit offered the ability to quickly adjust the turbo boost from 5-10 psi.

Price for the turbo equipped KZ1000 edition was almost 50% significantly higher than the non-turbo version and the original frame struggled to keep up with the power so its not really surprising that only 1600 were sold during the Turbo's two year life cycle.

Anyone wishing to read more about the KZ1000 turbo can click here.


original KZ1000 turbo

mystery ship with the turbo still visible

1980 Kawasaki Mystery Ship on ebay (New Zealand)

Vetter launched his new effort with a stated target goal of producing 200 units. The plan was to take the already powerful KZ1000 turbo and upgrade/modify the chassis, add magnesium racing wheels and Yoshimura exhausts and, of course, drastically restyle the bike with a new Vetter designed fairing/bodywork.

So what happened?  1st of all, the asking price for a Vedder was $10,000 USD, which was about three times the price of the unmodified non-turbo KZ1000.   More significantly, this price was still not enough to cover production costs.  The result was only 10 Mystery Ships are recorded as having been actually produced.


Here is a summary of what the seller has to say:

  • #6 of 10 Vedder Mystery Ships produced
  • Has not been ridden since new, only 2 original miles on the clock but some slight dis-coloration at the headers
  • Otherwise condition is exactly as it left the  factory.
  • Age has added some patina to paint work and switch blocks
  • Cracked sidewalls of the Tires/TT 100's (probably due to age)



So is this bike worth the $23,500 USD asking price?  Well it meets all 4 major criteria to be considered a rare sport bike; limited production, condition, location and technology but it just doesn't appeal to my collector instinct as anything more that an oddity.  I think it will take a very serious collector or perhaps a curator of a museum like the Solvang or Barber museum for this one to find a new home.




Note:  This bike is located in Auckland, New Zealand


How bizzare, how bizzare:  1980 Kawasaki Mystery Ship
Kawasaki December 8, 2013 posted by

Magnum PI: 1984 Harris Kawasaki

Update 12.8.2013: First posted on our site last November, this custom Harris Kawi is back on eBay. Not sure if it's the same seller as the pictures and description are slightly different, but it's definitely the same bike. Links updated, -dc

For Sale: 1984 Harris Kawasaki

Generally speaking, we don't feature customs and bike builds on RSBFS. However in the case of specialty framed bikes (Harris, Spondon, Rickman, Bakker, early Bimota, etc) this is the only way the bike can come into existence. And this build looks fantastic.

Centered around a Harris Magnum chassis and powered by a breathed-on Kawasaki KZ1000 mill, this is one of the best looking Harris bikes I have seen. Intended as a track-only endurance racer, the pictures really tell the story. Sit back and enjoy some lime green eye candy.

From the seller:
2012 Restoration and build , displayed at Barber 2012 Vintage days. one of the nicest examples of a Harris Kawasaki in the USA. Chassis #HP551 magnum II chassis and swing arm. Marzocchi forks with harris yokes, custom Ohlins rear shock, Harris special aluminum gas tank with air tech seat, farring and pan. Paint by manning , powder coating by j&b powder coating, Dymag magnisum wheels with brembo brakes and discs, BT016 bridgestone tires. stack electric tach from england. Powered by a KZ1000 endurance race motor# KZ100AE068005.. KZ1000 cases with mkII style top end 1075cc 12 to1, 425 lift cams, full race head , port and polish, stainless steel valves with oversize intakes, bronze valve guides and shim on bottom folloners. Polution ports removed. All internal top end compenents are NEW. HD cam chain , cylinder studs and head nuts. Rebuilt crank, indext, welded with updated thust bushing, undercut trany, HD clutch hub , dyna ignition and coils, 31mm Keihin cr carbs, harris exhaust, 1 mile since restoration, post vintage endurance ... race ready or ?.... museum quality. .. SOLD BILL OF SALE ONLY... NOT SREET LEGAL.., SOLD AS IS... FOR RACE USE ONLY.

This bike looks to be the whole package: Well known frame designer, professionally built engine, top level suspension components and a fanatical approach to paint and final assembly. The problem with "kit bikes" is that you never know who put them together - or how well. In this case, there appears a wealth of knowledge and attention to detail in the build.

As we go to post, this mean green machine has enjoyed moderate bidding up to the current offer of $6,100 with reserve still in place. I really have no idea how high this one can go. The track bike nature of the beast might limit interest, but one has to admit that this is one serious looking bike! Click the link and jump over to the auction for more pictures and details. Don't forget to tell 'em you saw it on RSBFS!


Magnum PI: 1984 Harris Kawasaki
Kawasaki October 28, 2013 posted by

Flood Gates Are Open: 1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica

kz right
And you guys thought we listed a lot of Bimota's. It has been a dream Fall for buyers in the market for KZ1000R ELR's. This one is another beauty with less than 3,000 miles and looking like it just came out of the showroom.

kz close
It apparently is still riding on the original tires as well. Make sure your life insurance is paid up.

kz enginekz engine 2

The story on it:

983 Kawasaki ELR KZ1000R in mint original condition with 2623 original miles. Rare bike.

Original Paint Throughout, never been down. No rust and runs well. No Mods, all factory. A very well kept collector bike..
All original stickers appear to be present. Original tires still in good shape. Added on engine protector at dealer.
ll markers on throttle and Clutch side are mint, never been touched.Tank is mint with a tiny fingernail indention that can be pulled out without any harm to paint, just haven't done it because it is only noticeable if pointed out. Original seat, Original black carbs, Original gold wheels, Original Kerker & Everything works!... Clear Blue Title.
kz tankkz dashThere's your view if you pick it up.  I think that would go nicely with a ZXR750R in the garage.
Flood Gates Are Open:  1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica