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Sport Bikes For Sale April 20, 2014 posted by

First the Race Bike, Now the Street Bike: Another 1994 Harley Davidson VR1000!

1994 Harley Davidson VR1000 for salw

If a pure racebike isn't your cup of team, perhaps this homologated street version suits you better! As noted in the seller's description, these would have never passed emissions here in the states so they sold 50 of them in Poland to meet the AMA regulations of the time. But you don't need to travel that far as this one is in North Carolina. With just 153 miles on the Stack digital readout and recently refreshed from storage, this would be a jewel in any serious collector's showroom. The buy-it-now is set at $75k and the current bid (reserve not met) is $41k as of Sunday afternoon. Less than 3 days remain on this one.


1994 Harley Davidson VR1000 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Stunning and RARE Harley Davidson VR-1000 with just 153 miles. The bike has just been through a comprehensive service and runs great. It comes with a full service tool kit and helmet. I bought this Harley as part of an impressive Harley collection which consisted primarily of older race bikes. There were also several street bikes and a drag bike. I must admit, this VR-1000 has left us scratching our heads and wondering what we have.

We know that a street-version was built as required by AMA rules to homologate the racing machine. The road-going VR was made in a run of 50 examples (all that was needed to homologate), but they were never sold in the USA. US emissions laws were prohibitively strict and would have required a lot of fiddling to make the VR road legal stateside, so it was homologated for road use in Poland (And only Poland). AMA rules don’t specify where the machine needs to be road legal. Reportedly, they sold for circa $50,000 when new.

Now, where this gets interesting; this bike sat in a static collection for several years, so when I got it, I took it to a local motorcycle guru to get it running. He was looking for parts and was in contact with a Harley Dealer who reportedly purchased the majority of the left-over spare parts from Harley Davidson. When my guru described the bike to him and told him the serial number, that dealer suggested that he'd known of, or heard of, two US bikes built for the street and that this could be one of them. I can tell you that when you switch the bike on, the display says “V3.01 HD_ROADUS 06/07/94” and there's a sticker below the instrument cluster written in English (not Polish). Also, I found a magazine article from 1996 about a California dealer who raced VR's and had a street bike in his own collection, which indicates that there were road bikes in the US. This Harley has a clean, clear and valid Maryland title, which we have in-hand.



First the Race Bike, Now the Street Bike:  Another 1994 Harley Davidson VR1000!
Yamaha February 3, 2014 posted by

1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU with just 1300 Miles in Arizona

1988 Yamaha FZR750R For Sale

We witnessed some amazing sales last year with pre-OW01 FZR750R's last year. Today's example has traveled a bit over 1300 miles and has some mild modifications that appear easy enough to return to stock. The seller's buy-it-now seems to reflect this with an asking of $7500.


1988 Yamaha FZR750R for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Limited production Homologation Special. Predecessor to the OW01.
#200 of 500 offered in USA. Original Owner bike with 1,325mi collectors show piece.
This motorcycle is fitted with PM Spun aluminum wheels for performance and handling, PM brakes, Hindle exhaust, steel braided brake lines, performance enhancing cable actuated clutch, engine is completely stock and in pristine condition. Mechanically perfect in all respects.
In addition, this sale includes the bike's original outfitted parts and the original Yamaha brochure for this model.
Here's a chance to own one of Yamaha's original superbikes.



1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU with just 1300 Miles in Arizona
Yamaha December 31, 2013 posted by

Fogarty Connection? 1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01

1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 for sale

Today Dennis from Denmark forwards us this modern sportbike legend, the the Yamaha OW01 homogolation special. Produced in limited numbers it featured a very peaky 5 valve 750cc engine that breathed through huge flat-slide carbs and was mated to a close ratio gearbox. Ohlins rear shock and fully adjustable suspension up front made it one of the best on the track. Power output stock was a claimed 119bhp and it weighed just over 400lbs.

1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01


This particular example was recently treated to a restoration and featured in the November issue of Practical Sportbikes. The seller goes on to describe a story associated with this particular bike and that it may have originally been given to Carl Fogarty by Yamaha. While the seller notes he has not been able to credibly verify this information, it's seems plausible. What I do know is that offered for £11,995 (~$20k USD), this sounds like a great buy even if shipping is required.


from the seller:

1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 following a 2 year fastidious detailed restoration which is fully detailed in Practical Sportsbikes' magazine article and ride test of issue 37, November 2013. One of an original run of only 500 bikes produced worldwide to homologate it for the new World Superbikes series, this example is really stunning.

The bike has had an extensive and detailed restoration over the past two years costing thousands of pounds and taking many hundreds of hours. It's now complete and has a current MoT for UK riding, long road tax and comes with the elusive genuine toolkit and owners manual.

The work done has replaced every seal, bush, bearing and consumable on the chassis and those requiring replacement in the engine. This includes chain, sprockets, all caliper pistons and seals, wheel bearings, brake lines, Ohlins shock rebuild, hard chroming and fork rebuilds, brake disks, you name it, it's been done and the bike is immaculate as can be seen in the PS magazine article and the photos here.

In addition, when I bought the bike I was told it has history relating to Carl Fogarty although as I haven't yet been able to substantiate these claims, treat the information as "interesting" for the time being. Having said that there are some changes on the bike from standard that are very intriguing and may lend more weight to the story of brief ownership by Foggy.

The story has it that before the 1992 TT, Yamaha gave Fogarty a road based OW01 to familiarise himself with. Carl at that stage of his career would sell everything a sponsor gave to him, and so the OW01 was alleged to have been sold on to a member of his 1992 pit crew.

Fogarty Connection?  1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01
Honda December 29, 2013 posted by

A Honda RC45 To Be Ridden

Honda RC45 For Sale

I haven't seen an RVF750 available in a while and as usual when looking for exotics, delivers. This one looks very tidy and has actually seen road use with 20k miles on the clock. The description is thin but the pictures show a bike that has been kept pretty original except for the frame sliders. While most prefer the near-racebike-for-the-street RC30, when I was getting turned on to sportbikes it was the RC45 that got me excited. At £18k ($29,600) this one is priced a bit on the high side from what we've seen recently but not by much.


Honda RC45 for sale on eBay UK

A Honda RC45 To Be Ridden
Sport Bikes For Sale November 14, 2013 posted by

A Wolf In Wolfs Clothing: 1999 Yamaha R7/R1

r7 right

r7 left

Usually a sleeper (some say cheater) bike is an average sport bike with a little something special hidden under the bodywork.  This one would draw way too much attention with the drool worthy R7 chassis to pull off such a stunt.  This R7/R1 combo  was built for racing pure and simple and is loaded with race hardware.

1999 Yamaha R7 for sale on eBay

From the seller:

So a couple of years ago I put this bike up for auction here on ebay.  I had a ton of response and even got a buyer.  He put up the $500 deposit and then I never heard from him again.  I gave him 2 years to collect it so unfortunately that dude is out.  Anyway here's the same listing from back then. Nothing has changed with the bike.  I rode it one more time since then.  It was put away (fuel emptied, motor fogged) in my vast collection and now I am once again offering the holy grail of superbikes.   Here's your chance to own one of the rarest superbikes on the planet. This is a full factory prepared R7 superbike. This particular bike contested the Unlimited 1999 Macau GP with Michael Rutter then went on to compete in the Island of Man and the Northwest 200. 

So lets start with what this bike is. This is a full factory Yamaha R7. If you know what a R7 is then you'll understand that this is the Godzilla of R7's. Spec wise we have a full factory R1 (1078cc) Superbike motor with TI rods, knife edged crank,3mm big bore,YEC kit cams, full YEC kit tranny and KES quickshifter, its fueled by a very unique Motec fuel injection system, it all flows out a Promotive custom Ti exhuast that weighs next to nothing!.You get your dash info from a Stack tach metering system wired into the Factort YEC kit racing harness. Ok here's the cool stuff this bike was tuned by Slick Base (Fogerty's championship mechanic). I dyno'd it on a DynoJet 200 where it made a strong 182.4 rwhp.All that power and heat is cooled off by a full length Superbike R7 Febor radiator (about $5,800 at the time).

 Lets talk about the subline chassis of this trick R7. The R7 was already known for awesome handling and this bike brings that legend to a new level. Spec wise we have a YEC kit swingarm with quick change front and rear spindles. Of course there are the GP spec Ohlins (unobtainium) front 43mm fork supported in a magnesium and aluminum Harris adjustable triple clamp. In the rear there is GP spec TTX22 Olhins attached to a YEC Kit linkage. When it comes to braking nothing but the best was sourced for this monster. AP six piston calipers grab 330mm cast Brembo superbike rotors with a Radial AP 30mm master cylinder. The wheels are very trick Magnesium Marvic Pentas 3.75 front, 6.25 rear...these are ridiculously light wieght. It's got a new set of Dunlop Ntech's with one track session on them. The bodywork is all YEC Spec fiberglass painted up in HAGA R7 colors by Dreamworks. 


r7 nakedr7 rad

For those with a radiator fetish (like me), take a moment and enjoy.  Notice the scoop to gobble up nice cool air?

r7 engien
A look at the motor with all the factory goodies.

r7 arm
How many of you want that swing arm? Hmm?

r7 triple
The reserve is off and the bidding is approaching $22,000 as of this post.

Get in on the bidding action here.


A Wolf In Wolfs Clothing:  1999 Yamaha R7/R1
Yamaha November 13, 2013 posted by

One Owner 1988 Yamaha FZR750RU in Colorado

Yamaha FZR750RU For Sale

For all those tire kickers that show up in the comments of perfect but never ridden examples, here is a rare bike AND it has been ridden! Our latest Feature Listing is for this FZR750RU, Yamaha's homologation special before the infamous OW01. We have seen a fair number of these this year and prices are definitely appreciating. This example has a few blems from a tip over but as you can see the overall condition looks better than very good. And at just $4500 you can feel good about putting the next 30k miles on this one!



from the seller:

1988 Yamaha FZR750RU FOR SALE

Own a piece of motorcycling history, Super Rare motorcycle!
Only 225 imported into the US

Ohlins Shock
1990 OW01 front wheel, forks, triple-clamps
YZF mirrors, brake and clutch master-cylinders, adjustable front brake and clutch levers
Modern Yamaha mirrors allow you to see more than just your elbows
Brembo Cast-Iron brake rotors with Nissin calipers
Aluminum clip-on handlebars
Polished frame and upper triple clamp
Rear turnsignals replaced with front (3 lead) turnsignals and wired to also perform as running lights for additional visibility
Manual fan switch wired into loom
Heated Grips
Steel braided brake and Clutch lines
Racing seat cowl
Factory Yamaha service manual
New battery
Shift pattern has been converted to 1 up and 5 down with stock shift lever. Can very easily be converted back to standard pattern if desired.
K&N Air Filter

Original owner

33,670 miles

Right side of front upper and lower cowling have minor damage from being blown over in Colorado winds. Right heated grip is torn from same wind incident. Grip still heats and does not drag on handlebar. There are also a few chips in the paint on the fuel tank from rocks and car doors.

Contact the seller by email

One Owner 1988 Yamaha FZR750RU in Colorado