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Ducati February 19, 2013 posted by

1999 Ducati 996SPS #342 For Sale in Florida!

Update 2.19.2013: Previously listed and sold last July, the seller is relisting this sweet looking 996SPS for $11.5k buy-it-now which is a bit less than it sold for the last time. Seller's eBay description has more detail now too so make sure to check it out on eBay. Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

It would seem that the 916/996/998 is one of the favorite Ducati designs on the recent era. I would definitely agree with that as well. I would also agree that the SPS (sport Production Special) versions of the 916/996 takes it up a notch or two in performance and desirability. The 996SPS shares the same engine as the 916SPS, but still made about 10hp over the base model. The 1999 version also had a Showa front fork which latter gave way to an Ohlins unit in 2000. After that, the SPS moniker gave way to the now used ‘R’ designation.

Where the standard 996SPS wasn’t as dramatic over the standard model, the bike up for grabs here features a 1026 big bore kit to give it some more power. There are some modifications to the bike besides the big bore kit, but the seller says all of the stock parts are included. Add some maintenance to the bike and a chance to score a some fully carbon fiber fairings fro an extra $500 on top pf the auction, and you have one serious bike.

From the seller:

Bike has always been serviced at local Ducati dealership. It was serviced recently at the tune of almost $1900 dollars.

Bike got:

New Clutch Sprang

New Pressure Plate

New Clutch Plates (aftermarket, slips my mind brand)

New Belts

New Clutch slave cylinder

All new fluids

Fresh brake pads and fluid flush

NewBattery(replaced again 3 months ago, faulty)

Everything the bike needed, the bike got! I've put a couple of hundred miles on it since I've gotten it back and maybe 8-900 miles total since I've owned it, it sat in climate controlled garage since I've owned it.


Fast by Ferracci 1026 Big bore kit

Terminiogni Full exhaust

Pazzo shorty gold levers

Gilles Rear sets

Open Clutch Cover

Fender Elimator kit

The bike seems well sorted and an excellent way to enjoy some back roads or the track. If riding this 2,900 mile bike at the limit inst you thing, then it would also make a nice addition to any collection. With Ducati ownership changing hands recently, these classic duc’s are sure to see some increase in value. Bidding is already active and this is sure to find a new owner as there is No Reserve and I see this going for over $11k easily. Check out the auction here for more photos and to bid on this Italian stallion!


Ducati January 25, 2013 posted by

1990 Ducati 851 SP2 For Sale in New York

1990 Ducati 851 SP2 For Sale

Now here's a Ducati that is legitimately rare, the 851 SP2. The second version of Sport Production model produced for Superbike racing was upgraded further with a second injector added, larger intake and exhaust valves, larger 45mm Termi exhaust, 42mm USD Ohlins front fork, and power upped to 116hp.

1990 Ducati 851 SP2 For Sale on eBay


The eBay listing has a $20k buy-it-now and has 15 days remaining. Hat tip to Adam on Facebook for the heads up!



from the seller:

1990 DUCATI 851/SP2
5500 MILES

Ducati January 13, 2013 posted by

1994 Ducati 888 SPO For Sale with 430 Miles

Update 1.13.2012: Back on eBay in the new year, this nearly new SPO has about a day left and is currently at $14200 reserve not met. It has gone a bit higher than $15k without sale. Links updated. -dc

Update 11.3.2012: Back on eBay with a little over 2 days remaining, bidding has reached $13.5k this time but still not met reserve. Will it find a winning bid this time? Links updated, -dc

Update 10.6.2012: This one has been relisted a time or two and the highest bid has reached $13.1k without reserve being met. Links updated. -dc

A 100% original Ducati 888 SPO with just 430 miles in Massachusetts. Bidding is almost up with about a day remaining and so far the reserve has not been hit at $12150. The bike has some minor nicks from storage but otherwise it looks clean enough to eat off of.

From the seller:

Here is your opportunity to own a piece of Ducati Legendary Racing History, a 1994 Ducati 888 Limited SPO. The bike has been in storage since 1994 with only 430 original miles. Yes, you read that right! Everything on this bike is original, every nut and bolt, bodywork, and fluids. Not sure if the bike even had it's first service, but anyone interested in riding the bike will have to do a complete once over.

The condition of the bike is near mint, but it does have a few flaws from storage, There are a few paint chips and scratches, the windscreen has a light scratch on it, the rear carbon hugger has a small crack, and the tail section by the seat on the left side has a small crack, and some of the bolts show a little rusting (major ones are by the front rotors), but something that can be cleaned up. I did my best with the pictures to show the small flaws, email me if you want a better view of description of any of them.

1994 Ducati 888 SPO For Sale with 430 Miles

Even with a few blems, the market is responding with strong money for this one. I'll be very curious to watch the close to see who decides it's worth the extra for the collection. Good luck to buyer and seller!


Ducati December 18, 2012 posted by

Great Rider’s Tribute: Ducati 996 SPS Carl Fogarty (Germany)

Ducati is probably the most "limited edition" prolific motorcycle company out there. What we have here is a special edition of the 996. At the beginning Ducati started to differentiate itself from the others by using the suffix S or SPS for their track oriented models. In particular the SPS stands for "Sport Production Special".

In those times in Italy, Sport Production was a common form of national racing championship dedicated to serial production motorbikes. In a way very similar to the modern national superbike championships. Alongside these, were also the "Monomarca" racing formulas consisting of private riders with all the same equimpent (among which the most common and affordable were the Aprilia RS 250 or the Suzuki RGV 250 championships).

Going back to the Sport Production era you might also remember the Suzuki GSXR 750 SP and the Yamaha YZF 750 SP of the mid 90s.

This model here is an early SPS (using a Showa front fork):$(KGrHqJ,!pwFCss9RTL9BQspzY,l7g~~60_3 $T2eC16F,!yUE9s6NEGiMBQspzZOI1w~~60_3

On the rear it is fitted with a Swedish made single shock:


Later versions of the SPS used Ohlins also in the front likewise the top of the range 996 R that substituted the SPS models. This model was produced in only 150 samples and it carries the same colors as the racing bike used by one of the greatest Ducati riders ever: King Carl!


The bike has a very low mileage of 3600 km:


and comes with the original indoor cover and Ducati plate of authenticity:


Apart form the rear suspension and the flashy colors, the SPS model had his hidden treasures in the chassis. These included the light 5 spoke magnesium wheel and new frame with adjustable steering head.

This 996 special is on sale in Germany and posted on eBay with a reserve of 12.900 EUR (circa 17 grands in US currency). The bike is in original trim excluding the foot pegs and a few carbon bits:


Here a few words form the seller (translated from Deutsch):

I bought in 2008 and only once in a driver training moves without falling, since the machine is at my local dealer. The previous owner has to improve some details can (aluminum sprocket, footrests, rear stabilizer, various carbon parts) Probably the motorcycle owner once toppled or had a slight fall, as the brake pedal is slightly bent. Definitely, but no major damage, frame is original and all right, the trim is original and not repainted.

The bike comes as shown with the following accessories:
A covering
2 Exhaust
extradition badge
silvered folding key
new tires
TÜV requested anew
If you are seriously interested, the vehicle can also be viewed by appointment. Questions will be answered.

This is a private sale, warranty and return are therefore excluded.

If you want to take part to this auction, click on the link below:

Ducati 996 SPS - Carl Fogarty - limited edition


Yamaha November 23, 2012 posted by

Yamaha FZR750R OW01 For Sale With Less Than 3000 Miles (UK)

Following the brand new RC45 we posted earlier, here's another piece of homologation exotica across the pond. Available in Edenbridge, United Kingdom, is this sub 3k mile Yamaha OW01 for roughly $25,500. There are a couple others available on eBay UK but they're not as well preserved as this one. While not quite brand new, this one has barely been ridden really. If you were to purchase, ride or display?

Yamaha FZR750R OW01 For Sale on eBay UK

from the seller:

This machine is part of a collection one of our valued customers has asked us to dispose of.

This Yamaha is in superb origional condition and would consider this to be 8.5 - 9 out of 10.

She is an import model and has not yet been registered in the UK.

This motorcycle has just 4621 Km on the clock (2889 miles) and although we believe the mileage to be correct due to the condition of this machine it cannot be guaranteed.


Honda October 26, 2012 posted by

Clean One-Owner 1990 Honda RC30 For Sale!

Jamestown, RI – 6,954mi – Currently $16,099

 It doesn’t take a Rare Sport Bike “Expert” to tell you that the Honda RC30 is one of the most sought after sport bikes on the market. Fans of all types of sport bikes tend to agree that the RC30 was a special bike and near perfect machine. Combine good looks, homologation special, hand laid fiber glass fairings, and the race pedigree to back it up, and it’s no wonder these bikes are continuing to rise in value.

This bike looks very clean and clearly it has been taken care of by the original owner its entire life. It sports the US indicating red Honda logo, “RC30” badge (Euro’s got the “VFR750R” badge) and the larger headlight design as well as the white mirrors. The early JDM models had smaller diameter headlights and black mirrors. It isn’t bone stock, but only has some minimal modification. These include SS brake lines, modified stock signals, plate bracket, and easy-reach petcock knob.

From the seller:

1990 RC30. Owned since new by a former Honda shop mechanic. 6954 miles, excellent condition, stored in heated garage/showroom as part of a collection. Bike was last ridden in 2008, at which time the fuel system was completely drained, and carb float bowls and jets were cleaned. Oil was changed 96 miles ago, coolant about 400 miles ago. Tires are OEM replacements, with around 1000 miles on them, but changed in 1995, so they're getting pretty hard. Brake fluid changed in 2010 (and every 2 years prior), fork oil changed in 2010 as well.Batterynew in 2008, and still holds a charge (on battery tender once a month).


Modifications include SS brake lines, stock turn signals tucked in closer, shorter license plate bracket, lighter bar end plugs, and custom easier-to-reach petcock knob. All stock parts are included. Also, the numerous warning labels were removed when new, but a set of new OEM replacements is included.


The only flaws are a small scratch on top of the tail (touched up), a slight scratch on the muffler, and marks on the wheels from original wheel weights (see photos). Front and bottom of belly pan were protected from new with adhesive clear plastic, which I removed prior to photos, as it was getting a bit shabby looking. Did it's job, though!

With sub 10k miles and a mostly stock appearance, this bike sure looks to be a good one. It’s hard to gripe too much about a couple small scratches on a 22-year old bike. The tires will probably need replacing if you are looking to ride this one (and I hope you do!), but for someone looking to display this beauty, then I wouldn’t worry too much. The last super clean RC30 got bid up to $28k and still failed to meet reserve. No telling where the reserve is on this one, but I imagine somewhere in the $25k+ area. It’s a one owner bike, so I doubt it will be low. Check out the auction here and place you bid today!