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Kawasaki February 12, 2014 posted by

A lot of green for a lot of green: 1982 Kawasaki KZ1000R1 Eddie Lawson Replica


ELR models are retro-cool, retro-rare, and retro expensive. We have watched the prices climb on these Eddie Lawson Replica bikes over the past few years. This particular example is a ONE owner bike, however it looks like it might need a bit of loving to bring it back to its former glory.

1982 Kawasaki ELR for sale on eBay


From the seller:

Original owner will sell #400. It runs, but has been sitting for 15 years and I think the valve seals have cracked. It blows a lot of smoke. The chain has a sticky link. Needs TLC but is very complete. It still has the original break-in sticker on the tach!

I have uploaded more pictures including:
the serial number.
the owners manual (slightly worn but plastic coated since 1983) in
the complete tool kit (including a 5mm wrench for the cap screw I added)
the damage to the tank paint caused by the seat rubbing on it
the left and rear views

I have the Kerker sticker and button, still in the original plastic.

The title is from California but was re-issued in 1992. The title is clear, but since it hasn't been registered since 1998 the DMV has no record of the bike. They told me that I would have to take the bike to the Highway Patrol to verify the serial numbers and such. Shouldn't be any problems here, just the effort to do it.

I don't think that the tank has any rust in it but I didn't check thoroughly. I have only run it for a few minutes at a time, and only 3 or 4 times. Each time I had to put the petcock on 'prime', so I haven't made sure that the vacuum petcock is working properly. It might need a new diaphragm. It might need many things!

There aren't any dents or big scratches or broken cooling fins but there are a few nicks here and there. This bike has had an intimate relationship with the road, you know.

The intake manifolds are currently soaking in WD-40, but they aren't getting any softer. They do fit but it's a struggle. It was a struggle when they were pliable!

I have just rebuilt the carbs for the 3rd time now. It seems that the new rebuild kits have parts that are different from the original parts, so I used the originals where possible. They should be nice and clean, but I just didn't want to keep running it with it smoking because of neighboring garages. You'll have to wait until after the valve job to see, or find a place to burn a quart of oil to find out! It did warm up to idle with the choke off but I turned it off right away.

I'm sorry to see my baby go. I picked her up on a beautiful April 12, 1982 at Santa Ana Kawasaki. It was raining like mad but I rode all day anyway.
I have stripped it to the frame 4 or 5 times and cleaned it with a toothbrush. Hard to tell now that I've ignored it for so long.


With high-tech nitrogen filled "piggyback" shocks, a stout 1000cc four cylinder mill (air cooled with 2 valves per cylinder - and borrowed from the GPz lineup), triple disk brakes and enough green paint to make you visible from miles away, the ELR was really a unique bike in the day. It still is today. This particular bike is available on eBay with a starting bid of $16,000 (!). That would set some kind of record for an ELR, and this is not the nicest we have far. Check it out here, and then let us know what you think!



A lot of green for a lot of green: 1982 Kawasaki KZ1000R1 Eddie Lawson Replica
Kawasaki October 23, 2013 posted by

Another Green Monster: 1984 Kawasaki KZ1100R1 ELR


Hot on the heels of this very clean ZX7-R we find this striking ELR - the Superbike from a previous generation. If Nirvana-style Seattle grunge was hot when you were in high school, chances are you missed some of the most epic factory racing efforts on two wheels. This ELR - or Eddie Lawson Replica - celebrated Kawasaki's success at the top step back in the early 1980s.

1984 Kawasaki ELR 1100 for sale on eBay


Before liquid cooling, four valves per cylinder, fuel injection, slipper clutches, quick shifters, mono-shock swingarms with rising rate linkages or 320 mm font discs, this was state of motorcycle racing art. A lot has changed since that time - it was nearly 30 years ago, after all - but fast still looks good. Especially in green.


From the seller:
Up for sale is a 1984 Z1100R1 ELR super bike replica. ( European sale only) This is One of approximately six known in the in the U.S. Number 1128 out of 1300. Everything works as it should. Paint is in really nice condition on fenders, body panels , rims, tank and engine. Frame powder coat is just as nice. Mechanically, the engine runs extremely strong. Bored to 1260cc .425 lift cams, welded crank, ported head, Wisco high compression pistons and external oil feed to the head. New clutch. Since the addition of 10% alcohol in gasoline I found that using avgas or race gas is by far better to use. I did a 530 chain/sprocket conversion from the 630 oem New bearings , bushings and seals . Valves were lapped and new valve seals. Forks and shocks rebuilt as well. Since the restoration I have noticed two things that should be addressed. One is a real slight oil seep from the copper head gasket and the starter clutch is a bit weaker than it should be. This is a rear opportunity to own one of these bikes. Very few of these bikes are on this side of the pond. Buyer is responsible for coordination and shipping. Cash or pay pal. Check or money order will be held until cleared through bank.

Kerker header has 2" racing baffle, not the standard one in pictures.


Pristine, museum quality ELRs are getting harder to find, and more expensive than ever. This bike is not stock, and has some modifications done to it. The big bore kit improves performance and is largely period correct for the era, but will detract from the collector value. There is a fair number of miles on the bike as well. Again, heavy usage detracts from collector value.... but for those of us who would rather ride than imprison these mighty steeds to a life of being parked in a corner, I value a runner.


The auction on this Texas-based bike is moving slowly - but it is still early days. The current bid is only $5,100 with reserve still in place. We have seen ELR models eclipse double that number in the right conditions, but time (and the reserve) will tell us if this is such a bike. It's still in bargain basement territory for the moment, so put a watch on it and let's see what happens! Click the link to jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Another Green Monster: 1984 Kawasaki KZ1100R1 ELR
Kawasaki May 23, 2013 posted by

The best way to go green: 1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R ELR


Forget your Prius, electric car, recycling, composting and general conservatism. This is the REAL way to go green: a 1983 Kawasaki ELR model. Built to commemorate Eddie Lawson's Superbike titles with Kawasaki, the ELR shows off its cutting edge race-spec stuff, including twin piggy-back shocks, and a mighty 1000cc air cooled inline four.


But let's face it: what really sets ELR models apart is the brilliant green finish. Look beyond that and you will start to notice the GPz-like bikini fairing, the cast alloy wheels, triple disk brakes, fork brace, factory Kerker exhaust and more. This is no simple KZ; this was the top of the Big K heap in 1983.


From the seller:
I am selling my 1983 Eddie Lawson Replica (R2) with 22, 377 miles, which is in excellent running order and in very good overall condition. The frame and engine do not match. The original engine was heavily modified for a Cycle Magazine article and the engine was subsequently damaged beyond repair (over rev'ed). It was replaced with a Police 1000J engine.

The bike has new Dunlop tires, a new clutch cable, and new front shock seals installed with less than 2,000 miles. The brakes, battery, chain, and original seat are in very good condition. All of the electrical works (with the exception of intermittent flashing to the oil pressure warning light). All of the turn signals, hazard lights, and the "hi and low beams" of the headlight are working.

This bike comes with: Works rear shocks, a "newish" Kerker exhaust, tuned Mikuni flatside carbs w/ 4 High flow air filters, and an "aftermarket" Dyna electronic adjustable ignition.

Bike has been repainted…but there are a few chips and scrapes. Paint scheme is the "S1 Racing" scheme. Stickers can be removed…no scratches underneath.

Spare parts: stock front and back turn signals, racing oil cooler, stock air box, and the black chromed grab rail that fits around the rear of the seat.

Purchase includes the original Owner's Manual (pristine condition), the Service Manual, and the Cycle Magazine article + 2 framed photos.


The ELR models we have posted here in the past have been in varying condition. Some have been absolutely concours condition and destined for museums, while others were riders or slightly worse. This bike looks to be a bit cleaner than most of the riders we have seen, but is far from stock or original. Will that matter to buyers? Given that pristine examples run in the $12k and above ranges, the BIN for this bike is set for a more reasonable $8,000. The opening ask is $6,500, with a reserve in place.


Will the bidders turn out for this one? If this was the actual magazine testing bike (and documented), that could make it an interesting find. I would love to know more of the back story on that one; could the historical aspect of this bike have any bearing on the final sale price? Click the link to jump over to the auction and check it out. Going green is easy on an ELR!


Kawasaki March 18, 2013 posted by

Printing Green: 1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R2 ELR

Big mean green machines from Kawasaki are worth big bucks these days, and we have seen a number of attempts to cash in on the ELR trend. This bike is the latest ELR we have come across, and it comes to us from Arkansas with 14,150 on the clock.


Unlike many of the pristine and restored examples, this bike has been ridden and shows some age. The Kerker exhaust is stock, but the black chrome has been worn off over time. The paintwork is not exactly perfect, the rear shocks have been swapped out for shorter units to accommodate a rider without sufficient inseam, and the seller notes numerous "fixes" and mods to the bike.


From the seller:
For your consideration is this 1983 ELR in Mostly Original Running Condition!
Much of the bike is original, but does have some damage, plenty of wear, and amateur touch-up & alteration - please read the entire listing.

The tank, seat fairing, side covers and front fender have original paint; the front fairing and a few black parts are poorly re-sprayed. It looks like all the stock plastic (air box, chain guard, tool tray, etc.) is there and uncut. Even has the Original Owners Manual and Took Kit!

The motor runs fine, with no smoke, knocks, rattles or slaps. There are no broken fins, scuffed covers, welds or repairs other than a generous application of silicone sealer on the valve cover gasket; it still leaks some. The clutch and gearbox operate smoothly, the "Neutral Finder" works, and the bike handles well. Case guards have been installed. The stock exhaust has been repainted, but turned grey at the header.

The Stock Rear Shocks are Missing. The bike has been short-shocked for a vertically challenged rider, resulting in the rear tire wearing a hole through the plastic inner fender. The bars and mirrors have been changed. The tank has 6 dents ranging from shallow 'silver dollar+' diameter (on the lower right front) to hard-to-find tiny, and the petcock will not shut off (inline valve installed); the inside of the tank is very clean, but there are plenty of chips in the green.

The lights, signals and charging system are functional; the kill switch and fuel gauge do not work. Wheels, brakes, disks and hydraulics look original - the chain and tires are good. The chassis and body paint has nicks, marks and scratches, the mounting tabs on the grab rail are broken, and there are welded repairs on the signal brackets. The visible part of the seat cover looks great, but the bottom edge has a few splits.

A quick road test around the block revealed no apparent issues. It makes good power, shifts through all 5 gears, and stops well using either front or rear brakes. No high speed wheelie passes though; the test ride was not far or overly aggressive.


ELRs can be cash machines - but only clean and original - or fully restored - bikes need apply. The opening bid for this one is $7,500, which is very steep for a bike in this condition. If you are jonesing for an ELR and have been unable to find one, here is a good foundation for a restoration. If you are looking to show, you might want to look elsewhere; this one will need some work. Good Luck!



Kawasaki November 9, 2012 posted by

Eddie in Texas: 1983 KAWASAKI KZ1000R ELR

1983 KAWASAKI KZ1000R ELR for sale on eBay

These original ELR machines are not exactly the Hope diamond in terms of rarity, but they are limited in numbers and the general consensus around the breakroom in the RSBFS headquarters indicates that most wouldn't mind one in their garage. We have seen these bikes offered across the US and Canada, and even found one for you in Budapest. This one is located in Texas, and looks to be a solid find.

From the seller:


Finding a clean ELR in nice condition is not an every day occurrence. We do run across a few ratty examples, and a few rebuilt and restored bikes that look better than factory new. This one is a well cared for example that has some miles but is otherwise a looker and a rider. Check out the photos.

Prices on these ELRs tend to support the "everybody wants one" theory. This auction is at $13,000 at time of writing, with moderate bidding. There are still a few days to play out, so you have not missed your chance. To check out this bike and all of the pics, click the link and jump over to the auction.


Kawasaki September 13, 2012 posted by

A more modern ELR: 2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200R

For Sale: 2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200R

After the last gneration ELR I posted came under fire for uncertain bits and potentially less than authentic kit, here is a more modern version that the seller makes no bones about not being stock. This is a Gen-II ELR with some major additions that make it look and go even faster.

From the seller:
Up for bid is my 2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200R. While the bike appears to be pretty stock, it is anything but.

This ZRX has a $4,000 full Muzzy Stage II high-performance engine kit. A Kawasaki dealer in Minnesota professionally installed the kit according to the previous owner. The kit includes:

Displacement bump from 1157cc to 1224cc
High-compression (12.5:1) piston kit
Aggressive cams
A Muzzy-spec engine block (note the color)
Custom airbox modification to a single big K&N filter - so simple to service
Full Muzzy Titanium exhaust system front to back - cuts 36 pounds, sounds great but not overly loud
Carbs have been expertly rejetted for optimal performance with this system
Original engine parts (block, pistons, cams, airbox) are included!

From the Muzzy website: The 1224 cc Stage 2 is definitely the way to go. This consists of the pipe and jet kit, the "drop-in" cams, and a 2mm overbore kit with higher, 12.5:1 compression. The added compression and 61cc's of displacement provided by this step adds back the mid range power missing with just the Stage 2 cams and moves the top end power to an exciting 165 hp at 9800 rpm, a whopping 45 hp, a 37% increase over stock. Even better news though, is the 100 hp you get at 5850!

That sounds like a pretty expensive bit of extra oompf that somebody has already dropped the dollars for. But it doesn't end there:

From the seller:
Additionally, this ZRX includes:
Corbin custom seat with green seat piping and very comfy passenger section - best seat I've ever had and sharp looking
HyperPro steering damper with 24 levels of adjustment
Zero Gravity sport-touring windscreen (perfect height)
Fork brace
The rear track stand in the photos is included.

Finally, the seller has included a description of all the rest of the details not evident in the photos or the earlier bullets.

From the seller:
I have never had the bike dyno’d, but I’ll have to say this is by far the most powerful bike I have personally ever ridden in terms of torque and acceleration. It is not for beginners, but that said, it is also very easy to ride around town and is also a decent touring bike - the just-tall-enough fly screen makes a big difference in comfort. It currently has 21,000 miles on the bike and the engine kit was put in at about 10,000 miles according to the previous owner. It has stock gearing and runs perfectly.

One other benefit of the engine kit, via the airbox and battery mod, is the creation of a generous amount of under-seat storage. I can fit a full rain suit (tightly folded), winter gloves and flat repair kit along with other small items in the space where the airbox used to be. The stock underseat storage space holding the tools is also retained so you can carry quite a bit of kit under the seat.

Another unexpected benefit of the engine kit: better gas mileage. ZRXs typically get between 30 and 35mpg, but I average 40mpg or better most of the time (got 43mpg on one long ride). It just runs more efficiently. However, it does require premium gas due to the high compression ratio. I’m told this is common with the Stage II kit.

I just put on a new Pilot Power rear tire, it has less than 50 miles on it (it’s “scrubbed in”). Matching front tire is in excellent shape. This bike is ready to ride.

This is the “least neon” and “darkest green” of the green models (they are a bit different year to year) and it has black and grey stripes rather than the purple. Best ELR color combo of all the ZRXs in my opinion.

The previous owner said he put the bike down in his driveway (gravel), causing a small rub mark on the fairing (currently covered by a small sticker) and a rub mark on the exhaust and grab handle (see end photos). There are NO cracks in the fairing. The alternator cover has some chipping on it but again, this is hard to see (but visible in the last photo). The bike had frame sliders on when it went down and they did their jobs (and are still on the bike). See photos below for detailed shots. The bike has a clear Oregon title with no brands.

I bought this bike because I’ve always had high-performance Kawasakis (Mach III, Z1-R, ZX-11, ZX-12R) and I love the look of it and the way it rides (oh, the POWER), but I’ve decided to get into flying so I need to finance my flying lessons and get some dirt bikes for my kids. And I’m not riding it much since I got a dual-sport bike last year. Getting older I guess...

This bike is huge fun to ride and enormously powerful - far beyond a stock ZRX. Yet, you can easily cruise around town or the open road in comfort. It looks great and sounds very burly without being obnoxious. It gets a lot of attention. And I have found it to be highly practical as well, with good MPG, the extra storage and no mechanical issues of any kind. I’ll miss my big green Kawi street machine!

I like it when bikes are advertised like this. It shows that the seller cares about the bike, knows what was done to it, and there are enough pictures for a potential buyer to understand the real condition of the machine. Plus, with all the words the seller used I don't have to type as many. Bonus!

This big, green and fast machine is available now for what seems to be a pretty reasonable amount given all of the extras: The starting price was a mere $1,500, and bidding has pushed that up to $2,500 at the time of this writing. As with all auctions, the reserve price will be the real tell tale here, but at current this looks to be a nice find and a good bookend to that earlier ELR in Hungary. For all the pictures and details, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Old style or new style ELR - which one floats your boat? Sound off on the comments!