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Honda September 13, 2014 posted by

Growing on Trees: 1990 Honda CBR400RR

1990 Honda CBR400RR L Side Front

These have been showing up for sale regularly of late, which is surprising, considering how rare they are! I’d imagine quite a few of these came down through Canada, where they always seem to get the good stuff…

Produced from 1988 through about 2000, the CBR400RR was a JDM “Japanese Domestic Market” product, never officially brought to the US and only available as a “grey” import. With four small cylinders and cams driven by a precise gears, instead of a belt or chain, twin discs up front and racy ergos, these do a very convincing approximation of the bigger 600 and 900cc machines.

1990 Honda CBR400RR R Side Rear

These were originally limited to 59hp due to licensing requirements in their home market, but these are very high-spec engines and can be tuned to produce more power. The phrase “learner bike” is usually applied to clapped-out 250 Ninjas and GS500E’s. But that simply reflects the level of “learning” required to pass the lax testing here in the USA. In countries where the standards are much more stringent, there’s somewhat less of a stigma attached, and the quality of machine rises significantly when you’re strictly limited as to what you're allowed to ride at first, regardless of age or what you believe your skill-level to be...

1990 Honda CBR400RR L Side

From the original eBay listing: 1990 Honda CBR400RR for Sale

1990 Honda CBR400RR,  12,400 miles. New chain, sprockets, brake pads, and Michelin pilot tires. All fluids flushed and replaced. All coolant hoses replaced. Carburetor's rebuilt and fuel lines replaced. Comes with new, replacement bodywork , still in the box. Titled, tagged and inspected. Can be ridden anywhere to its new home

As a bike designed for new riders, the suspension is fairly basic, but I’d imagine adjustable units from a CBR600 would fit with minimal modifications and a rear shock with more sophistication shouldn’t be too hard to source. Keep in mind that, while these are definitely real sportbikes, they are physically small, and a bit cramped for full-sized riders. I’ve got no experience with the CBR400, but I’ve spent some time around the CB1 that uses the same powertrain and can verify that you might feel a bit like the proverbial "monkey humping a football" on one of these if you're over 5'9"...

1990 Honda CBR400RR L Side Front

Bidding is active and headed north of $4,300 with several days left on the auction. There are a few scrapes and scratches, and the pipe appears to be a generic item, but this looks to be in otherwise very nicely-maintained condition, with relatively low miles for such a practical, reliable bike.

Plastics might be hard to come by, although this one comes with a spare set, just in case! This should otherwise be easy to maintain and very fun to ride.


1990 Honda CBR400RR R Side

Growing on Trees: 1990 Honda CBR400RR
Honda September 10, 2014 posted by

Just add TLC: 1990 Honda CBR400RR in Canada

Update 10.13.2014: The seller has informed us that he has decided to keep this one for himself. -dc


The 400cc grey bike movement is in full swing here at RSBFS. No sooner did a 1994 CBR400RR make our pages did we find this 1990 model. The 400cc RR models are relatively rare in North America, and much more so in the United States. These bikes can be downright common in many other locales, and may not always warrant the true "rare" status we seem to give them. It all depends upon where you live. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. This 1990 model points out how important it is to shop around for what you want. Interested buyers will have to deal with some minor damage and wear from the elements in addition to importation fees and hassles. This might be on your list if you live in a DMV friendly state, or if you have the sort of connections that make the rest of us jealous. The seller is asking $6,000 but is open to offers. The ask seems a bit steep in this condition so look carefully, ask lots of questions, and then offer accordingly. Good Luck!


1990 Honda CBR400RR for sale on eBay


From the seller:
1990 CBR400RRL
Quick bike. Hard to find. Grey Market Japanese import.
Mileage is original. Odometer and Speedo are in Kilometers


Just add TLC: 1990 Honda CBR400RR in Canada
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1993 Honda CBR400RR with only 1700 Miles in Colorado

1993 Honda cbr400rr for sale

While not totally original, a 1700 mile CBR400RR is a rare sight in the states. It has some minor wear detailed by the pictures and a handful of new panels, an aftermarket pipe, and some frame sliders. The frame has also been painted which will require some detective work to determine if it's to cover up accident damage. Finally there is no mention of a plate. The good news though is that the seller is being realistic as the reserve is off and the current bid is just under $2300! To my mind that makes this a great track day buy, or even street if you live in a state with a friendly DMV department.


1993 Honda CBR400RR for sale on eBay


from the seller:

1993 Honda CBR 400RR. 2710KM, New Oil, Recently Cleaned and Tuned by Mad Moto here in the Denver Metro area. The Motorcycle is about an 8 out of 10, has a little wear. There are some NEW Genuine Honda Fairings: left Mid,left lower and left tail that go along with the sale. There are a few Chips and scratches on the mirrors.

1993 Honda CBR400RR with only 1700 Miles in Colorado
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Welterweight CBR: 1990 Honda CBR400RR (NC29)

Update 3.16.2014: The last time we took note of this CBR400RR was July of 2012, and before that was 2010. Maybe 2014 will be the right year for this one. Links updated. -dc

1990 Honda CBR900RR for sale on eBay

If rare Honda’s are your thing, then you got to check out this CBR400RR. Granted, these aren’t too rare in certain other countries, but here in the US they don’t show up to often. These feature a 53hp inline four that screams to 14,500rpm while tipping the scales at roughly 360lbs dry.

OG RSBFS readers might recognize this exact bike being for sale in October 2010 (check Doug’s post here). It doesn’t look to have accumulated a single mile since the last go around and the sale ad is virtually the same, though now with more pictures.

From the Seller:

As much as it pains me to do this, I am putting up my NC29 1990 CBR-400rr for sale. I have owned this bike for years and now have a new grandson to spend my money on. My baby RR is 100% street legal and you can ride it anywhere the day you get it! NO WORK NEEDED! She has new Pilot Powers front and rear, EBC brake pads, braided lines, carbon slip-on and Motul 300v synthetic in her veins. Motul brake fluid, Fox rear shock, steering damper, F-3 rear wheel conversion (17 inch) and progressive fork springs. ALL lights and electronics are 100%. I have safety-wired most every critical bolt because frankly I don't like thinking about wheels, brakes, or oil plugs falling off. The bike runs and rides perfectly. For some unknown reason the speedo needle is stuck on zero but the odometer is still working, so mileage is accurate and is in kilometers. She is jetted and piped for optimum performance. Cosmetically all the ORIGINAL PLASTICS are in good shape, with the exception of a few rash marks from a previous owner. I always intended to restore the bodywork, so I purchased a set of aftermarket plastics and never got around to switching and restoring the originals. ALL will be included in this sale as well as a plethora of NEW SPARE PARTS (a couple grand worth) that are impossible to get and will keep you riding for years to come. SEE THE PARTS VIDEO for details. Please look closely at all the pictures and watch ALL the VIDEOS for the most accurate representation of this bike and the included parts -- and to see it run. I have transferableVermontregistration of ownership so this bike is street legal in allUSstates. If you would like a copy to check with your local DMV, I would be happy to provide it.

One of three videos from the auction page

Looks like the bike is still in the condition it was in back in 2010, including the suspension modifications (among others) and the slightly scrapped fairings and engine case. Now, I will say that this appears to be the exact ad and photos from the previous go around. Having said that, if this bike truly hasn’t acquired a single mile in that time I would hope that it is still in the condition as described. But this is a cool and unique bike that you can ride and enjoy without being afraid of a scratch. It also comes with a bunch of spare parts and a title ready to go. Check out the auction here for more videos and to place you bid!


Welterweight CBR: 1990 Honda CBR400RR (NC29)
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Vertically Challenged? 1993 Honda CBR400RR

cbr right 2

As you can see, I've  passed our poltically correct human resources class here at the RSBFS towers.  The seller points out that this bike is great for shorter riders but I'm telling you, the 400's are great fun for all. 

cbr left

We've seen a couple of CBR400RR's for sale in the past few months but this one looks like the gem so far.

From the seller:

Perfect for shorties and small riders!!!

We purchased this bike here in Colorado 5 years ago and it has been one of the most consistent, easy, fun bikes I've ever ridden. If you're short -- this bike is for you!!! I'm 4'10" and could whip this thing around anywhere with utmost confidence and it's smooth engine makes it a dream to maneuver in small spaces. The suspension is perfectly tuned for someone smaller in stature so it handles amazing and I never had trouble keeping up with the liter bikes in the mountains.

Even the paint is custom, the bodywork is all OEM and aside from the suspension and some braking goodies, most of the bike is still stock. It is in immaculate mechanical condition and runs very strong. I'm really sorry to see this bike go (honestly it has been the "happiest" bike I've ever ridden), but with our second child we just realized we don't have enough time for the bikes anymore.

I'm also selling all of my gear so if you are short and interested in gear (zip together Tiger Angel leathers, textile jackets, vented jackets, gloves, etc.) I have plenty and am willing to make a deal for the buyer of the bike.

Features include:
Fully titled in the state of Colorado
Always garaged
10,000 miles (9,000 km + 4400 miles)
All OEM body panels with custom paint and custom decals

Race Tech Front Suspension rebuild/revalve (Professionally tuned for light weight rider)
Ohlins Rear Shock
Hel Steel Braided Lines
Pipe Werx Slip on
EBC Rotors
EBC HH pads
Recently rebuilt front calipers
Powder coated wheels, subframe and miscellaneous brackets
Header wrap
Safety Wire
Tyga light smoke windscreen

Additional included items:

Rear Pit Bull stand
Spare double bubble tinted screen
OEM clear screen
Stock silencer
Riser clip-ons (still need some assembly to use them)
Passenger pegs
Immaculate bike cover
Haynes Owners Manual
Miscellaneous OEM and aftermarket parts

Asking price: $5,300cbr disccbr muffler

cbr top

A obviously well cared for bike that just needs a new owner (short or tall)  to twist that throotle.

cbr lights

The asking price is $5,300 and the bike is listed on Denver Craigslist.


Vertically Challenged?  1993 Honda CBR400RR
Honda August 19, 2013 posted by

Instant Honda Sportbike Collection: RC30, RC45, RC51 SP1 & SP2, CBR400RR, VFR400R, CBR900RR, CB1100R and More!

Honda Superbike For Sale

Sean forwards us this spot on eBay UK for an instant Honda sportbike collection. The collection includes an RC30, RC45, RC51, CB1100R, and other signification Honda specials. If you just hit the lotto or feel like making your investment portfolio a whole lot more interesting, bid accordingly!


Honda Sportbike Collection For Sale on eBay

Honda RC45 For Sale


from the seller:

To include

CBR900 (893cc)

Most mint or near mint. Many with handbooks, toolkits, some with spares, etc. Viewing is welcome if I can please have notice to retrieve them from the secure storage facility. There will be a few revisions as I add more pictures and better descriptions over the next few days. Please contact me for further information on content before bidding.

RC30 – Excellent condition. European import – 1 previous UK owner. 30K miles. With spare new mudguard, mirror and rear brake disc. New complete toolkit and accessory toolkit, and very clean owners manual. Also has brand new OEM rear brake cylinder and cap which will give it that finished touch with the fairing off.

RC45 – Only 9000 miles. Netherlands import. I previous UK keeper. Full Akrapovic system and double bubble screen. Comes with genuine owners manual, original screen and brand new boxed OEM rear shock.

SP1 – Red. 20K miles.

SP1 – Red. 40K miles with a most incredible sevice history

SP2 – 2003 Black. 20K miles. Mint. With rear pillion cover and seat. Original sales documentation, spare key, owners manual, etc

CBR900 893 - twin headlamp Fireblade. 1993 white and purple. Excellent condition. Runs and starts perfectly. New battery. Stainless steel exhaust system with Micron can. Comes with original black silencer. Original screen, etc. still present

VF500F2 – 1985. You will struggle to find a better one anywhere. Strip and rebuild a few years ago, radiator rebuild, bearings, chain/sprockets, calliper rebuild, braded lines (original ones still present). Collector box and pipes in amazing condition. Original paintwork in beautiful condition. I MOT’d it and rode it for a short while after the rebuild and she has been in storage ever since. Comes with spare collectors, downpipes, carbs, screen, gaskets and other bits.

NC29 – Near mint. Late model, 1 previous owner, low mileage. White with flame pattern. Complete with one of the last, boxed OEM exhaust cans anywhere (about £500 when you could get them).

NC30 RR-K RC30 colours. Low mileage. Absolutely gorgeous and clean under the skin, but there is a small dent in the tank, and most of the fairings are spot on, but a couple need a little work. Fairings are included, but not shown in the photos.

NC30 RR-L Black and red. Near mint, but the wheels could do with a repaint.

CB1100RD – What a beast! Needs restoration, but is complete. Also, with a spare set of rear shocks in good condition, plus a basically new complete rear shock set and front forks, triple tree (all original, genuine RD spares) and £1000 worth of new OEM fastenings, etc. Lower fairings and spare seat cowls are available, but not shown in the photos.



Instant Honda Sportbike Collection:  RC30, RC45, RC51 SP1 & SP2, CBR400RR, VFR400R, CBR900RR, CB1100R and More!