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Posts by tag: BSB

Yamaha August 7, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing: 2016 Yamaha YZF-R1 Factory BSB Superbike for Sale

Update 11.14.2017: Bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

While a Yamaha YZF-R1 might not seem quite as exotic as the race-prepped Ducati Superleggera we featured earlier this week at first glance, the specification for this genuine YZF-R1 Factory British Superbike will certainly catch your attention on closer inspection. It's even got a bit of celebrity history thrown in as an added bonus, as it was ridden by none other than former MotoGP rider John Hopkins!

Yamaha's R1 is probably most famous for its "cross-plane" crankshaft configuration that gives it a distinctive sound. Cross-plane cranks are common in car engines but weren't seen in inline four motorcycle engines prior to the R1. Yamaha's MotoGP development team found that V4-powered machines had better acceleration out of corners and built test engines with 90° cross-plane crank throws instead of the usual flat-plane set up. The results were conclusive, and Yamaha's subsequent MotoGP bikes have all used cross-plane cranks.

In a road bike, the advantage for Yamaha is mostly marketing: a bike with a cross-plane crank doesn't make any more power than one with a flat-plane crank, but that unmistakable exhaust note makes the R1 one of the best sounding roadbikes outside an Aprilia RSV4, a bike powered by an actual V4. Of course, this isn't a roadbike we're talking about in this case...

I try to avoid simple listicles in these posts, where the seller brags about all the bolt-on farkles [and their prices] included with the machine in question, but it seems very appropriate in this case! This package basically includes a fully-prepped, fully-developed superbike with a fresh engine and spares to keep it running.

From the Seller: 2016 Yamaha YZF-R1 Factory Superbike for Sale

Yamaha YZF-R1 Machine - This bike was a factory Yamaha YZF-R1 Superbike that competed in the British Superbike Series. The bike was raced by former factory MotoGP rider John Hopkins. It was purchased fully refreshed for the 2016 season directly from the team owner. Included with the sale is data from both Milwaukee Yamaha and Tommy Hill Motorsports. This is the closest thing to a current-spec World Superbike a mortal can expect to own. This bike can win races at any level and is covered in factory race parts that are pure unobtanium.

Motorcycle is 100% fresh and needs absolutely nothing. 

Since our acquisition, Motec M1 ECU has been upgraded to World Superbike specification, to enable full rider aids, auto blipping and auto-tuning. This includes the ability for sector by sector mapping and rider aids. We added an E-Lean 6-axis lean angle sensor for superior accuracy in rider aids. We added in a 39N 5 button pod, that controls traction control, engine braking, etc and has a factory-spec connector. Suspension has been updated to current factory spec and fully refreshed. We replaced the exhaust with a Yoshimura kit exhaust that performed better in the midrange. We also updated rearsets and hand controls to Evol Technology. We updated secondary case covers to 39N CNC units for superior protection and ground clearance. Lacomoto matte carbon frame and swingarm protectors have been added. Originals are available. 

This bike was less than a 10th of a second from winning the last 2 races it was in and holds multiple lap records. 

Bike specification: 

  • Brand new frame fitted, Brand new bearings fitted, New complete engine re-fresh only 3 hours on engine.
  • Factory Ohlins RSP40 Rear shock 
  • FGR 301 Fork with Factory Ohlins valving kit plus shims 
  • Factory Yamaha Swingarm Including adjusters and bolt adjuster. 
  • Full Official Yamaha factory racing 2D Loom with carbon fibre box kit
  • Motec ECU M173 (updated to M1 Superbike-spec)
  • MB Motorsports WSBK Oil Cooler and Radiator
  • Yamaha factory racing parts as follows:
  • Subframe - Billet Gilles
  • Carbon fibre rear subframe box
  • All carbon 2D Factory Data/Junction boxes (Front, Main, ECU, Side, Side 2.)
  • All 2D Yamaha racing wiring Loom
  • Fuel Mapping originally from Yamaha Factory included
  • YEC Kit cams latest spec, Factory Funnels for variable stacks
  • Head work, porting. YEC Pistons rings, YEC Valve springs, Rods
  • Factory Oil Pan Spacer for increased capacity
  • MWR Factory filter
  • Top and bottom yokes and stem Yamaha Racing 
  • Spindles all by Yamaha Racing
  • Front carbon fiber dash mount and factory air scoop
  • OZ Piega R Kit Wheels front and rear
  • Brembo Kit disks front and rear
  • 2D Speed sensors front and rear
  • 2D Suspension potentiometers front and rear
  • Hel quick release brake line kits worth hundreds of pounds
  • Race fuel tanks same as original Yamaha racing tanks - 20-22 litres max
  • Steering damper mounts Yamaha factory
  • Steering damper Ohlins
  • Renthal clutch lever
  • Brembo MotoGP front master cylinder
  • Titanium Bolts
  • Brembo EVO Monoblock Factory-Spec calipers
  • Factory carbon Yamaha Racing rear hugger
  • THM Link arms - Replica Factory ones.
  • AMB Transponder with mil-spec quick disconnect
  • And lots more! 

Bike same spec as WSBK apart from swingarm and clutch, and ECU - ECU spec is equally capable.

Spares included:

  • Domino Throttle cable sets
  • Tyre warmers + Controls
  • Spare sprockets + Sprocket carriers x3 
  • New Radiator Guards
  • Motec dash protector – Billet inc button - new
  • All paddock stands front/rear/peg/yoke/ chassis
  • Spare grips - new
  • Head cups – different angles/offsets – Blue - new
  • Offset stem spindle - new
  • Front spindle - new 
  • Full set of side panels, seat unit, belly pan, tank cover - new
  • Fuel tank cap
  • 2 NEW Speed sensors - new
  • THM Battery jump pack starter
  • Clutch Boss - new
  • Chassis Bolts - new
  • Tank Screw cap tool
  • YP Aliant battery spare
  • Front /rear wheel collars Black - new
  • Front carbon front fender mount brackets - new
  • Radiator bracket - new
  • Oil cooler bracket - new
  • Hose kit NEW
  • Aliante battery charger
  • THM Ride height tool
  • Spare captive nut for rear spindle - new
  • 3 Oil cooler take off unions - new
  • Tank grip pads - new
  • Rear swingarm adjuster – caliper mount - new

Price as described - $50,000

Additional spares available but not included include a brand new MB Motorsports Radiator/Oil Set, complete 2D boxes set, various sensors, spare carbon subframe box, spare factory Akrapovic headers, upper triple clamps and more. 

Price with all spares - $55,000

We are willing to discount for removal of the shock, exhaust or brakes. 

$55,000 is a pretty huge chunk of change for most of us to part with, but considering the parts and prep that have gone into it, that price seems, dare I say it: almost reasonable. Buy it and display it, buy it and track it, buy it and race it, or just buy it to drool all of the exotic, race-spec parts, this is a rare opportunity to own a genuine superbike with all of the trimmings. You could even swap the race-spec parts over to your street-legal R1 to create a terrifyingly trick backroad weapon...


Featured Listing: 2016 Yamaha YZF-R1 Factory BSB Superbike for Sale
Yamaha May 21, 2015 posted by

BSB Replica – 1995 YZF750SP on eBay UK

1995 Yamaha YZF70SP on eBay UK


If you were a Superbike racing junkie like me in the 90s, you know that BSB provided some of the best racing to be found.  Like AMA Superbike, it was a launching point for some of the biggest name to eventually hit the WSBK scene and the BSB riders always did the home crowds proud when WSBK made their annual stops at Brand's Hatch.  I always loved the Boost Yamaha's livery and this replica is a beauty.  Underneath the vibrant purple paint lies all of the homologation goodies that the SP was known for including the solo seat, an adjustable front and rear suspension, 39mm flatslide carburetors, more aggressive cams and a close ratio transmission.  Niall Mackenzie would be proud.  That tall windscreen has to go though... it just looks, wrong!


As a YZF750R owner, I think the SP is overlooked in the homologation world.  It's overshadowed by the OW01 and R7, I think (perhaps foolishly) that I'd rather have an SP over those two.  The eBay auction does not have a lot of details, but if you want to check it out, you can find it here: 1995 Yamaha YZF750SP on eBay UK

Yamaha YZF750 SP painted in Cadbury boost paint job, immaculate condition for year! MOT'd & Taxed, Excellent opportunity to buy a rare bike like this one.  The bike qualifies for classic insurance due to being 20years young.  Has a bimota topend converstion, very quick bike!! VIEWING A MUST FOR SERIOUS BIDDERS. 


BSB Replica – 1995 YZF750SP on eBay UK
Honda January 25, 2011 posted by

Ex-racers: ultimate track day weapons! Part 1 – Honda

Two Swan Honda British Superbike CBR1000RR  Fireblade ex-race bikes for sale!

**Just a quick apology to everyone. I missed one of the auction end dates on Phil's series of race bike posts. Please accept my apology and I hope you enjoy**

We go on harping about rare bikes such as the Bimotas and Ducatis (well, some of them), and in their own right they are, but sometimes a bike comes along that not only has all the trick parts on it but also race pedigree that just blows all the other "rare" bikes away - and these ex-BSB race bikes definitely fit that description.  Here's part 1 of a 3-part mini series of some amazing factory race bikes for sale:

Available for sale are the two Superbikes as used to win BSB races in 2009 and 2010, ridden by Stuart Easton, James Ellison and Karl Harris.

The specifications are too complex to list on here.

However we can guarantee that these are 2 of the best bikes raced in the 2010 Superbike championship, (and better than most WSBK machines) using the highest technology to control throttle, power and engine braking.

They have the best chassis technology, electronics and engine components available on the market.

The bikes and especially the engines have been maintained to the highest standards, all components are mileaged and replaced as required by our strict limits on use.

As stated it is impossible to list everything on here, if you are a serious potential buyer then please contact us for more information on how to view the bikes and the full specifications.

We have wheels, 3 spares engines and full gearbox options available for each engine plus many many spares available, packages to be agreed for buyer.

Price listed of £35000 +vat is base price machine only, deal to be arranged for spare engine, wheels et\.

Not a lot of info there I know, but when it's an ex-BSB race bike ridden by the likes of Stuart Easton, James Ellison and Karl Harris, what more do you need to know?  £35000 is approximately equivalent to US$56,000 - a lot of money for sure - but with that money you're getting 2 bikes with race winning pedigree plus a boat load of spares (probably enough to build a third bike), so it's not outrageous as it may sound.

If this Swan Honda race bike speaks to you (quack quack?  Geddit?  Swan? Sorry, I just couldn't resist...), .

Sport Bikes For Sale January 25, 2011 posted by

Ex-racers: ultimate track day weapons! Part 3 – Yamaha

Steve Hislop's Virgin Yamaha YZF-R1 as ridden in the 2003 British Superbike Championship!



I don't think I need to say much more - the list of factory race spec parts and the pedigree speaks for itself.  The asking price is £24,000 (which is approx. USD38,000 - ouch), so if you're a hardcore Hizzy fan or you just like really tricked out Yamaha R1s, get your cash ready and .

Question is, of all the four ex-racers listed here, which do you think would the ultimate track bike?  Hmm....