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BMW April 5, 2017 posted by

The Ultimate Boxer: 2009 BMW HP2 Sport ABS for Sale

In the early days of motorcycle design, there were a variety of alternatives to the telescopic forks that have become the standard in an industry evolving towards efficiency but, unfortunately also towards homogeny. Even the S1000RR that followed today’s HP2 Sport as BMW’s flagship sportbike is evidence of this: that striking asymmetrical bodywork is wrapped around an inline four and conventional, if highly sophisticated suspension. Sure, it blew everything into the weeds upon its introduction and has more performance than any mortal can actually use on the road, but it’s kind of… same-y. You certainly can’t accuse the HP2 of that.

It may look like a pair of telescopic forks up front, but that’s actually BMW’s Telelever front end, and the HP2 features a pair of Öhlins shocks: one in the rear, and one controlling the movement of the front wheel. These days, the only real players in the alternative front end game are BMW and Bimota, although there are always a few weirdo independent builders lurking in the wings. Forkless front ends have distinct theoretical advantages, but generally seem to have two problems. One, they’re more complicated to design and manufacture, and multiple linkages in set ups like the one used by Bimota can lead to play and vagueness in the handling, something that should actually be a strong point of the design. But the bigger issue seems to be the fact that the rest of the industry revolves around telescopic forks. They aren’t ideal, but people know how to set them up and make them work, you can buy highly-developed components off the rack from specialists, and riders are familiar with how they feel: Bimotas and BMWs are actually engineered with a bit of dive tuned in, so they don’t feel completely alien to riders used to telescopic forks.

Like the front suspension, the engine of the HP2 is a bit more than it seems as well. Sure, it uses BMW’s iconic flat-twin engine with its longitudinal crank, shaft-drive, and cylinder heads sticking out where you might find the highway pegs on a Harley Fat Boy. But inside, you’re looking at titanium connecting rods, and the bike debuted new four-valve cylinder heads with radial valves that helped the bike produce a claimed 128hp. Those heads feature skid plates in case you deck them out on track: roadgoing cornering clearance is generous, but track riders are advised to add a bit of rear ride height, and might need to adjust their racing lines slightly if they’re used to dragging elbows in the corners. For the rest of us, this is a very capable mount for road or track.

Elsewhere, the bike was kitted out with the best of everything: monstrous radial Brembos, adjustable ergonomics, and even a quickshifter that was the very first fitted from the factory to a production motorcycle. Carbon fiber is everywhere and includes a self-supporting rear seat unit, and helped the bike weigh in at a relatively svelte 392lbs dry. Keep in mind that those exotic titanium rods will need replacement at the 30,000 mile mark, but that’s a long way off for a collectible like this, and at least you just need two of them…

From the original eBay listing: 2009 BMW HP2 Sport ABS for Sale

This is the ABS version.  One owner bike.  Own the coolest boxer ever. This is number #103.  Only 1987 miles.  Bike is nearly perfect.  There is a small blemish on tail section.  Tires are like new, bike has been maintained at local BMW dealer with full records. Currently has extended warranty until June of 2017.

So the original listing makes the lazy eBay poster move of copy/pasting the bike's manufacturer's specs in place of any detailed information about the bike being offered. Sellers take note: no one cares about the fact that the bike has a three-phase alternator. And just what in the hell is "inner leg curve, unladen weight"? If you've got some sort of wild racing cams in your bike, the people looking to buy it might want to know. Otherwise, it just smacks of "well, I know I should post something here in this section..." It's basically non-information: no one is reading it, and most of it is pretty meaningless even if they did. I'm assuming with just a shade under 2,000 miles it probably hasn't needed anything. And even if this isn't the original owner, I'm sure the "full records" mean that the seller can confidently say "there are no issues" leave it at that.

HP2s are quirky, fast, rare, and actually usable, although they don't seem to be particularly desirable yet. Maybe they're confusing to collectors? Neither fish nor fowl, with decent, but not eyeball-flattening performance and sporty, but not particularly beautiful looks. High-quality, light-weight, race-bred parts attached to a platform ultimately limited by design in terms of absolute performance. But with a whole raft of perfectly fast, competent, and slightly vanilla inline fours out there that can be had by the bucket load, it's hard to put a price on character and individuality. Or maybe you can: the Buy It Now price for this one is $16,999 which is pretty much right on the money for a nice HP2


The Ultimate Boxer: 2009 BMW HP2 Sport ABS for Sale
BMW December 13, 2015 posted by

Reverential – 2008 BMW HP2 Sport

Living as we do somewhere between the bike and  the post, your editors at RSBFS always appreciate the effort to photograph a bike well.  Though they can try to hide mishaps, a good photograph is better at highlighting the lack of history, illustrating careful ownership.  So much the better if a special bike is shown well.  The pinnacle of BMW boxer development, the HP2 Sport is such a bike, here with a neat short focal-length treatment.

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right front

2008 BMW HP2 Sport for sale on eBay

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport left

Holding down BMW's sport corner from 2008-12 ( at least as a figurehead after the S1000RR arrived ), the HP2's air/oil cooled engine brings home 128 hp and 80 ft-lbs. torque.  The HP2 has a chrome-moly trellis frame which uses the engine as a stressed member, and self-supporting seat subframe and fairing.  BMW's Telelever front and Paralever rear each use fully adjustable Ohlins dampers.  With the optional ABS, the rider can depend on the 330mm front disks and 265mm rear.  The design studio squandered their budget on the HP2, the fairing and appointments, like the full-featured LCD dash, are top notch.

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport front  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport tail fairing

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport rear  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport front fairing

Professionally photographed with under 4,000 miles,  it's a dreamboat.  Never tracked, a shame for the past owners ( and a benefit to the next owner ).  No damage history, from the eBay auction:

This is an amazing motorcycle!  The HP2 Sport was the first BMW R motor to used radial positioned valves on the historic engine that helped it produce more HP and Torque than any previous R-motor BMW.  Additionally, at the time it was the most expensive BMW motorcycle ever sold and I believe that to still be true.  The bodywork is all carbon fiber, half was painted white and the dark sections remain exposed carbon fiber so you and everyone else will know what it is made of.  The valve covers are even carbon fiber!

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport left front  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right rear

There are higher horsepower motorcycles out there but this has as much torque as they do.  And, it comes in low in the rev range and pulls strong all the way to red line.  it is smoother and more comfortable than any other top tier superbike on the market and is a great collector piece.  I believe there were only 235 imported into he US in 2008 and 2009.  The option available we ABS and this bike has it.  Long term values on these make it a great place to put your motorcycle money.

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right front wheel  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right rear wheel

The wheels are made specifically for this motorcycle by OZ racing
The suspension is provided by Ohlins
The radial mounted brakes are from Brembo

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport dash  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right rear shock

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right cylinder  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport cockpit

Centrally located in Austin, a pre-purchase inspection should be easy to arrange.  A lot of BMW's work went into reducing weight, and the HP2 is under 4oo lbs. fueled, quite amazing when you consider its sport-touring ancestry and robust build.  As with the Porsche 911 flat six, there will likely always be a BMW boxer twin, and this is one of the best...


Reverential – 2008 BMW HP2 Sport
BMW September 4, 2015 posted by

Blowout: 3 different 2009 BMW HP2 Sports for sale

This is a quick post as it covers multiple listings of a fairly rare bike, the BMW HP2 Sport which was one of BMW's sport efforts before the S1000.   These aren't very common in the USA; from what I have been able to find over its 2008-2010 production lifespan, approximately 2141 were built but only about 216 coming into the USA during the 3 year period.

For anyone not familiar with the HP2 sport, check out the link here.  You can also review some previous posts of these on RSBFS by Tad D by clicking here

Here is the first one, with 3232 miles and some nice carbon pieces


2009 BMW HP2 (first one)

Here is the second one, located in Illinois.  Mileage on this one is only 1851 miles!

hp sport #2

2009 BMW HP2 (second one)

Here is the 3rd one with even lower mileage of 1034 miles, located in Santa Monica California.  Like the first it seems to have some carbon fiber accents added.  This one seems to be being sold by a dealer.

hp sport #3

2009 BMW HP2 Sport (3rd one)

Previous posts of these seem to indicate a going price of around 11,000 but those were higher mileage.   I have to admit these have grown on me over the last couple of years and I would like to ride one to see what they are like.   IF one of these are something you have been looking for, this seems like a great opportunity.


Blowout:  3 different 2009 BMW HP2 Sports for sale
BMW May 6, 2013 posted by

Tron called and he wants his bike back: 1990 BMW K1


This is one of those bikes that really deserves a place among the rare and collectable here on RSBFS. It has all of the elements of a future classic: Styling, performance, low production numbers and initially high price tag. The fact that it looks like it escaped from a sci-fi movie and was subsequently painted by Ronald McDonald does not help make my case, nor does the lack of BMW experience in the "limited edition" motorcycle set. I don't care. And given the activity on this auction, I am clearly not alone.


Think of this K1 as BMW's version of the Ducati Paso. Actually, given the public's acceptance of the Paso, it's better that you don't think of it that way. The Germans have never really had the passionate expression of form like the Italians, but when it comes to technical functionality they are unsurpassed. This K1 exudes technical features and innovation you would expect from BWM: 1000cc four cylinder with fuel injection, ABS, aerodynamics to reduce rider fatigue and maximize top speed cruising, and integrated and lockable storage. This was a technically superior machine that simply fell down flat on the showroom floor.


From the seller:
The motorcycle that you see in this ad may be one of the most perfect K1s in existence. It is extremely low mileage of 4,261 as you can see from the picture of the odometer that is believed to be correct. The bike looks like it is almost brand new out of the box just after being put together by a dealer. The pictures will show you the high detail and the excellent condition of just about every part on the bike. The bike runs just as it should, stops as it should and sounds phenomenal, especially when accelerating rapidly. This bike has never been abused and has always been somewhat of a trailer queen. It has spent much of its life in the equivalent of somebody’s living room.

This particular bike appears to be one of the cleanest and best preserved examples of the breed, and sports very low miles. Most of the K1 bikes we see have some tip over damage or minor rash (there is a LOT of bodywork on a K1), or have been ridden as they were intended and have very high mileage. Neither condition is good for a collectable - if, in fact, that is what this bike is. Some bidders think so, as the current bid is over $6,000 USD with moderate bidding. There is still a reserve in place, so the seller obviously thinks it is worth more. What does a pristine K1 go for in 2013 dollars? Click the link to jump over to the auction and let's find out!


BMW July 6, 2012 posted by

Best looking bike ever! 1990 BMW K1

For Sale: 1990 BMW K1

What do the Italians know about style? I mean, really. The Ducati 916, the MV Agusta F4, Bimota DB1, Laverda RGS, Moto Guzzi Le Mans - none of these have the sheer presence of a BMW K1.

I'm kidding, of course. Only the Germans could come up with a techno-wonder-rocket bike and then allow Ronald McDonald to dress and paint it. Yup, I'm lovin' it.

From the seller:





In truth, the K1 was a tour de force for BMW, and allowed them to flex their technological muscles. Utilizing brains over brawn, BMW created a high speed touring machine based around a 100 HP limit. The aero work allowed the K1 to reach higher top speeds than other bikes that adhered to the voluntary 100 HP figure, and with ABS (a big deal at the time), integrated trunks and snazzy (depending upon your definition of snazzy) graphics, the limited numbered K1 was a media hit.

Fast forward 20+ years and the K1 looks dated. It is no RC30 in the investment department, but still holds value relatively well. This particular bike is in need of some refreshing - which can be very expensive due to the rare nature of the panels. I sure hope Ronald didn't get any road rash when this one went down.

For your chance to own the best looking bike ever built (or maybe not), click the link and jump over to the auction. It's not often you have the chance to ride something so different that there is no risk seeing yourself coming or going. Now all you need is a tank bag for that run through the Mickey Dees drive through!


BMW June 16, 2011 posted by

German Express: 1992 BMW K1

For Sale: 1992 BMW K1

When it was first released back in 1988, the BMW K1 was something of a sensation. Based on BMW's recently introduced longitudinal four cylinder "K" configuration engine, the K1 featured new motorcycle technology such as ABS brakes along with stunning bodywork developed from hours and hours in the wind tunnel. Intended to be a teutonic tour de force, BMW relied on aerodynamics to produce an autobahn missle dispite the European cap of 100 horsepower (Erik Buell did essentially the same thing with his Battletwin bike, as seen here). Since BMW Marketing was also in a funk - replacing the boxer engine with a four cylinder left BMW without a clear plan, strategy or image - the K1's aesthetics were magnified by garish paint schemes, graphics and wild colors.

As the 1980s turned into the 1990s, BMW realized that the George Jetson look of the K1 was not selling. Thus, in the final years of production, the paint schemes were subdued slightly. And while the bikes did receive some updates throughout the model run, there continued to be many concerns with vibration (the engine was solidly mounted), heat radiating from within the confined space, and panels cracking. The last issue plagues most K1s; to save weight on an already large and heavy bike, the panels were engineered to be as thin and lightweight as possible. As such, they are prone to cracking at stress points. Even with the lighter bodywork, a K1 still tips the scales at over 500 pounds - before you add fuel or rider. High speed distance is the strenght; acceleration, low speed handling and turning radius work against it.

From the seller:
This particular bike was owned by a casual collector who always wanted a K1 and finally bought one several years ago. Showing 20,367 miles, he has replaced the fuel pump and had it regularly serviced by the local BMW dealer in Medford. He gave us the service records he has paid for and the records from the previous owner. The bike comes with the factory soft luggage and stock colored front wind screen. The bike has been ridden and is not a trailer queen, but it is stunning to view today as it was twenty years ago. There is a crack on the upper right fairing where the mounting screw attaches the two panels, the tank has three scratches that have been brush touched and the front of the lower fairing has rock chips from the front tire as can be seen in the images. The bike is not new, but it is original as you can see by the decals and finish. It runs excellent and rides great. These bikes are rare and collectable today yet can be ridden and serviced.

BMW moved a reported total of 6,921 of these wild machines between 1988 and 1993. As far as rare and collectable bikes go, that is a huge number. To BMW (or any other mass-market player), that was not even enough to cover design and product costs. The K1 faded from sight and only occasionally crop up on the open market. When they do, they are generally well loved and have some pretty respectible mileage on them. That should tell you the important bit: these are great machines to ride - in the right circumstances and if you can accept their limitations.

This auction is on right now, and the current bid is only $2,650. The reserve has not yet been met, and the volume of bidding has been above average. Some research on the 'net indicates that low mileage, excellent examples should trade for $7,000 - $10,500. This one, with high mileage (for a collector) and paintwork issues will struggle to meet that. Depending on where the reserve is set, this could be a collection-filling bargain in the making!

To find out more information, read more of the details, and review more photos, . Good Luck!