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Sport Bikes For Sale November 25, 2011 posted by

The Big Boy: 1987 Suzuki GSX-R1100 (One Owner)

Location: Whitehouse Station,NJ

Miles: 13,219

Price: Currently $3,439 with Reserve in place

We have seen our fair share of classic GSX-R’s here at RSBFS. In fact, there is a 1990 GSX-R 1100 up for grabs as we speak. The GSX-R 750 changed the game when it debuted and the 1100 took it up a notch from it little brother. With 130hp ready to go with the flick of a wrist, the 1100 meant business. Here is your chance to own a prime example of one of these beasts.

The particular bike up for grabs here is a one owner example and looks to be an excellent looking survivor. Having only covered 13k miles in its 25 year life, this GSXR looks to be in great condition. The seller appears to have taken great care of this bike and it’s hard to see any major flaws. The seller also states that it has had zero touch-ups and comes with a clean title.

More from the seller:

This GSXR1100 was bought new on April 6th 1988 from Freedom Cycles in Long Branch NJ. 1 owner, always garaged, 13,291 miles. Serviced the end of last year at the local dealer with new tires(Michelins), chain/sprockets(OEM), and fluid change. Only 100 miles put on it since. Very hard to find bike in un-modified original condition. Nothing has ever been painted, or touched up. Comes complete with all original documentation including sales receipt, sales person checklist, owner’s manual, brochures, service manuals and more. Original rear seat cowl, airbox, tool kit and everything pictured is included. Clear original 1988 title in hand. The bike has been doing more sitting than running over the past year. Although it does start/run/drive, I would recommend you have it serviced prior to daily use.

There you have it, a super clean 1987 GSX-R1100. For me personally, the fact that this is a one-owner bike speaks volumes about the care it’s been given and greatly reduces the chance for any “stories”. It even comes with a plethora of original manuals and sales documentation. This bike would go nicely in any collection. The reserve on the auction is still in place and I would suspect it to be off somewhere in the $5k-6k range. If you don’t feel like fighting the Black Friday crowds and want to buy yourself an awesome Christmas present from home, then check out the auction for this clean GSX-R1100 here!


Kawasaki November 14, 2011 posted by

Clean, Original ’87 Ninja 600R

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mileage: 12,622

Price: Auction, currently $1,126 with a reserve

We see a lot of exotic bikes here on RSBFS, machines that are the very pinnacle of performance and build quality. Many a limited edition with numbered plates and high end, light weight carbon fiber tasty parts. They are all great and I love them as much as anybody. But, I have a special place in my sportbike heart for the early machines. Specifically, Japanese machines. They too were well built and high performance for their time. But they were also built for the masses. Nothing special. Not limited. But for everyone. And because of that, they are actually harder to find in original clean condition. Nobody really thought about these as collectible.

In those early years was this bike. The Kawasaki Ninja 600R. Part of the GPz line, it had a liquid cooled 16 valve in-line four cylinder motor that cranked out roughly 70 horsepower mated to a six speed gearbox. It was the cutting edge of a 600cc sport bike class that would breed innovation and competition like no other class for years to come.

Here's some more pics of this survivor-

And some brief words from the seller-


This bike looks about as clean as it gets for a bike that's almost 25 years old. The seller does highlight some minor scuffs. The bike looks original and the mileage isn't anything outrageous for its age. It has new tires and if there's solid maintenance, it should be ready to enjoy on the open road.

This Ninja isn't going to keep up with current era 600's. I think everyone knows that. But there is something to be said for the bikes that came first and were made for all of us. If you like these early models, you should give this auction a look!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 11, 2011 posted by

Blunt Force Bike- ’87 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Location: Hyannis, Massachussettes

Mileage: 30,353

Price: Auction, starting at $4,500

So if you spend a lot of time on RSBFS, as I like to do, then you start to get a sense of the history of the sportbike. If you do, then you also know the importance of Suzuki's GSX-R line. The GSX-R 750 single handedly brought the race bike to the street and changed the game. The GSX-R 1100 seen here defined over-the-top power for the liter bike. Boasting an air and oil cooled motor that pushed the chassis to its limit, the GSX-R 1100 is a true sportbike classic.

Here's the brief description from the seller-

1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 in museum condition. This bike was part of a collector's collection. I purchased this bike several years ago. I believe I am only the second owner. This bike has never been disassembled or modified except for the Vance & Hines exhaust pipe and jet kit. Bike runs flawlessly. The only imperfection on bike is a slight crease in the fuel tank where someone pushed in with the palm of their hand. If you would like more information please call me.

And some more pics-

This bike looks to very clean and well taken care of for the mileage. The pipe has been swapped and the seller describes a crease in the tank. You may want of close up photo of the tank just to see how bad the crease may be. Otherwise the photos seem to show a clean and original bike.

The seller is starting the auction at $4,500 which is right in there for a bike like this. Don't know where the reserve is, but if it is somewhere within a grand beyond the starting bid, then you should be getting a solid deal.

If you bleed all things Suzuki then I suggest you make the jump!


Honda October 28, 2011 posted by

Minty ’87 Hurricane 600! (CBR 600 F1)

Location: Bradley, Illinois

Mileage: 8,105

Price: Auction, starting at $5,500

This bike brings back some memories. The Hurricane 600 was my first motorcycle. I bought one used in college with my mom's nervous blessing (not sure what she was thinking). Mine was an '88 and I got it cause my buddy had one too, and I learned to ride a full size real bike on his. Without a doubt, the bike was special. It had comfort, performance, looks and refinement. As has been written on RSBFS before, the Hurricane 600 started the middleweight class fight. When it was introduced the Hurricane 600 raised the bar, and other companies, particularly Kawasaki, were forced to respond. Whatever the case, I miss that bike and it was an article about the Hurricane 600 and subsequent CBR line that got me back into riding after a break that was much too long.

Here's some more photos of this clean machine-

And the description from the seller-

For sale; showroom new condition 1987 Honda CBR 600 Hurricane. One owner. Always stored in a climate-controlled garage, covered and meticulously maintained. Never raced or dropped and fanatically cleaned after every ride. Has never seen rain.

The bike is completely stock with the exception of a few things that I will elaborate on.

The F1 all-aluminum silencer is probably the first thing that will be noticed. I do not have the original silencer anymore. Tires have been changed only once since the removal of the stock rubber and Pirelli Sport Demons were installed which now have approx 500 miles on them. Photos will show the manufacturing cast tips on the tires to give you an idea of how new they really are.

The stock air filter has been replaced with a K & N product.

Passenger footrests were removed shortly after the purchase of the bike to streamline the look in the rear. The original brackets that supported the passenger  foot rests were taken to a body shop and a friend of mine at the time did the work himself by cutting them off and smoothed all the roughness away and repainted both with a high gloss black finish. The end result is a look that turned out factory perfect.

The front fairing has a small crack directly to the lower right of the headlight as you face the front of the bike. (See photo of headlight area) This crack is a factory defect and it was on the bike when it sat on the showroom floor. The seat is in perfect condition without a single flaw. The tank and rest of the bodywork has not a scratch or dent in it...  All of the bodywork pieces have the original fasteners and tabs that secure it to the frame and all bodywork and paint is ORIGINAL.

The actual mileage is 8105

Every gauge on the dash works perfectly including speedometer and tachometer. All lights work and switches too. There has never been any electrical issues.

Brakes and calipers are in perfect working order.

All exterior surface areas of the engine and frame are completely oil and dirt-free.

This year I installed new float bowl gaskets; OEM float valves and an OEM petcock. Absolutely no oil or radiator leaks. Shocks and forks are original equipment and never an issue with either. Also note; the plastic housing on the rear view mirrors has discolored slightly simply due to age and the inevitable breakdown in plastic properties through the years, which is, sadly, unavoidable. Not a show stopper but it still needs to be mentioned because the photos won’t be able to show the hue difference compared to the color of the fairing they’re attached to.

The rear 42-tooth sprocket was replaced with a 44-tooth sprocket and I still have the original.  

Original owners manual and Honda Service manual is also included with the bike ,,and a copy of Cycle World magazine as the Hurricane being its feature article . All pieces in the tool kit are also intact. Bike is available for pick up at my location only. Meaning, I will not transport it to any shipping agency. No warranty is ever implied or offered in the sale of this motorcycle.

Questions? Feel free to send any and all inquiries. 

Preferred payment is a certified bank cashier’s check. Any and all payments must clear my bank before the release of  the bike...

The seller gives thorough information on the condition of the bike. It does have some replaced parts and modification as highlighted. All of that does come into play on a bike like this. Outside of those changes, the bike looks to be incredibly clean. It also has very low mileage for its age. All good stuff.

Now on to the price. At $5,500 starting, this seller is looking for a premium price. And granted it is a premium bike in many ways. But it is not 100% bone stock, as any collector would be looking for. So we have a situation again where the market will be tested on what people are willing to pay.

But if you are simply looking to go back in time and have something fun to ride, then maybe this bike fits your desires. If so, get on your rain gear and check this Hurricane out!


Cagiva September 13, 2011 posted by

Simple 2 valve twin – 1987 Cagiva SS650

OK so I am sure some of you are wondering why this is up as a rare sports bike well it was priced under the era when Cagiva owned Ducati and this used the 650 Ducati engine. In fact only 500 of these bikes ever made it to the US..  It was from a time when Ducati was in transition having had huge financial problem and been saved by the Cagiva purchase.  The Pantah engine which is used here was getting tired and not long after these venture Cagiva went back to using the Ducati name and the company introduced the 851.  The reset as they say its history.  However this part of the Ducati heritage should not be overlooked.  The parts used were high quality and you have to love the Silentium exhausts which were anything but!

650cc.....5 speed.....Brembo brakes.....

On the block:1987 Ducati/Cagiva Aluzzurra SS 650........Made by Ducati for the parent company Cagiva.Ducati engine,Ducati frame,Ducati decals,etc........

In 1985 Ducati was purchased by the Castiglioni brothers (Cagiva),which was already the largest manufacturer in Italy(mainly small street bikes and mopeds),with the intention of entering into the sport bike market.The Aluzzurra SS650 was an upgrade of the defunct Pantah.

"Gone are the swoopy paint, flashy lines and radical seating position of the Pantah," Rider said in its March 1985 review. "Instead, the Alazzurra has been designed to appeal to a far broader spectrum of riders … Whereas the Pantah was an outrageous Italian flashbike, a mini machomobile, the Alazzurra is a sensuous rolling sculpture of tasteful and graceful proportions."

Thankfully Cagiva realized the importance of the Ducati name,and restored the mark in 1987 with only the Elephant retaining the Cagiva name.

When I got this bike it hadn`t been riden much. The spark plugs were old,and the carbs were dirty,and not adjusted properly. I took it to my mechanic who removed/cleaned/adjusted both Dellorto carbs. Installed new NGK plugs,and a new battery. Charging system works excellent.

I drove it about 40 miles.The more I drove it the better it ran.Fast and nimble.Trans/clutch are like they should be.Lots of fun for a cheap price!

Note:Sold as-is.This is a 25 yr old bike so expect wear. Look at all the BIG pictures. I`m sure I missed a ding-scratch-crack-blem or whatever so ask questions. Will need tires soon.Good tread but old. Smokes SOMETIMES when first started. The more I drive it the less it happens. No extra parts. There are e-bay listing for lots of Cagiva parts.

The eBay action is here.

This might just be a cracking bargain for someone with it no doubt going for a small sum.





Sport Bikes For Sale August 29, 2011 posted by

Seeing Double? Yep, another Yamaha FZR 750R

Location: Winchester, Virginia
Mileage: 31,143
Price: Auction, BIN $12,000

People have said many times that bikes pop up in bunches here at RSBFS and it seems to be true. Andrew posted a rare and interesting FZR 750R and I thought "wow, won't see one of those again anytime soon." Wrong. Here's another one. Andrew's post points out the details on this fine and rare machine. Production was 200 as a homologation special by Yamaha for AMA Superbike racing. Yamaha didn't put out any other 750 in the FZR lineup at this point. The bike features well known Yamaha features of the time - the Delta Box frame and five valve per cylinder Genesis engine.

Here's some more pics-

Here's the description from the seller-

This 1987 Yamaha FZR 750R is a very rare superbike. this bike, as shown in the V.I.N. number, is #101 one of only 200 superbikes imported to the USA and was a factory AMA competition model. This is not the same production bike as the more common FZR 600 or 1000 street models.

It is my understanding that Yamaha VIN number sequential digits began with number xxxx101, therefore this bike is #1, the FIRST produced.

Whats it worth? I have no idea, but I have been told the range could be from $8,000. to the mid twenties, therefore I started the bid at $8k.

Here’s what I know:
These 200 superbikes were the pre-cursor to Yamaha’s famed OW01 FZR 750RR Homologation.
There were only 200 of them made to satisfy the AMA Homologation rules
There are very few left as most of them were raced just like any other LE Homologation production model.

This bike is #101 of only 200 made for the US market. To homologate the FZR for AMA racing, Yamaha had to bring 200 street-spec 750 into this country. This bike escaped the racetrack, instead becoming a garage queen. The bike is entirely stock. Never safety wired, never put on the track.

This bike has been in our family for many years, it has been in storage and it's time for me to let it go. The bike has new tires and a new battery. I put some fuel in it and it started right up, it sounds good and everything appears to function properly, ie. clutch, brakes, etc. The bike has normal wear and some minor fairing cracks, paint chips, etc. I can send additional photos of any area if needed.

I have a clear Virginia title in hand for the successful bidder!

So it sounds like the bike runs and has been fairly well maintained. It does look to be missing a mirror. Might want to get some more detail on that. Never been raced but does have quite a few miles on it. Certainly, 1 of 200 (I don't know if I buy that it's the first one- maybe someone can weigh in) is also rare. But, does all of that add up to BIN of $12,000?

The seller admits not much knowledge of worth and seems to have just picked a starting point ($8k). While it's a cool ride, it's not an OW01 or 02. I would argue those are more impressive and important machines, so maybe not a fair comparison. The other one posted here by Andrew doesn't list a BIN or reserve, so hard to immediatley compare.

Bottom line: I do think this bike is cool, I don't know if it should command the price of say a GSXR750LE. You may certainly disagree.

So while there may be debate on value, I see little debate on cool. Decide for yourself by checking this bike out.