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Posts by tag: 1000ds

Ducati June 19, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing: 2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE for Sale

Update 9.15.2017: Bike has been sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Contact information removed. -dc

Unlike some retro-styled motorcycles that sacrifice performance for style, Ducati's SportClassics really allow you to have your cake and eat it too: they look great, with a nice blend of classic and modern styling cues, excellent handling, and enough power to satisfy the more mature riders that might have remembered the original bikes that inspired these modern interpretations. After a great deal of initial buzz, demand fell off pretty quickly and the SportClassics were discontinued after just a few years, but demand on the used market remains high, especially for the original Sport 1000 and Paul Smart 1000LE as seen in today's Featured Listing.

The blue and silver colors and half-fairing are obviously meant to evoke the machine that won the Imola 200 in 1972 and basically put Ducati's v-twin motorcycles on the map and the 1000DS that powered the Paul Smart and the larger, 1100 version that followed represent the pinnacle of Ducati's oil and air-cooled v-twin. Faced with tightening emissions controls and increased demands for power, Ducati decided to create a twin-plug version of their two-valve engine: those big pistons mean that for efficient combustion, two spark plugs are better than one, and the performance increase required a less comprehensive overhaul of the engine than a change from two to four valves would have. Power claims of 92hp are modest but, coupled with very respectable torque and a flexible midrange, it makes an ideal road bike engine.

Quality suspension and geometry of the SportClassic line made that power easy to exploit, although the wire wheels are much more a fashion statement, as they're obviously heavier than is necessary, and the Pirelli Phantoms originally fitted were grippy enough, but fitted mainly for style as well as their tread pattern was designed specifically to mimic older tires. This bike has had a replacement set of Diablos fitted, which should be much more in line with the suspension's sporting capabilities. It's largely stock, except from some bolt-on dress up items that are of generally high quality. I personally prefer Zard's slightly wilder exhaust option for the solo-seat Sport 1000 and Paul Smart, but you can't go wrong with a classic set of Termis!

From the Seller: 2006 Paul Smart Limited Edition #1668 of 2000 for Sale

US Bike located in Vancouver Canada.

9,300 miles

Absolutely mint with all OEM parts included with a few tastefully installed aftermarket parts including:
-Termignoni Shotgun Exhaust
-HDESA Clutch Spring Cap
-Speedymoto Open Clutch Cover
-Speedymoto Frame Sliders
-Sato Rearsets
-Luimoto Suede Seat and Tank Belt
-Regulator rectifier relocation

All maintenance done. New battery. New Pirelli Diablo tires.

$23,000 USD
Jacky Wang
Will not accept Paypal. The bike can easily be exported to USA as it is a US bike with the speedometer in miles. Can help to arrange shipping but you need to visit in person and pay in cash.

So the seller is asking $23,000 for this very nice example. That might seem like a ton of money for a ten year old, 92hp motorcycle but it's in line with what we've seen lately for the Paul Smarts, and the very nice images give a good idea of the attention that appears to have been lavished on the bike. These have, unfortunately, rapidly escalated to the point where owners might be afraid to ride their investment. Which is a shame because, uncomfortable ergos aside, the 1000DS engine makes for a great ride. Hopefully, the new owner will take this one out for regular exercise!


Featured Listing: 2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE for Sale
Ducati September 4, 2015 posted by

Nice Exhaust, Bike Included: 2007 Ducati Sport Classic 1000SE for Sale

2007 Ducati Sport Classic Zard R Side

Look, I'd really buy this Ducati Sport 1000SE just for the insanely cool 2-into-2 high/low Zard exhaust and get a pretty nice bike thrown in for free. Because if I had the money and space to collect a bunch of bikes, the Sport 1000 would be on the list, and I'd want one with this exhaust. As a bonus, it even has beautiful vintage black and gold paint with the classic Ducati logo.

2007 Ducati Sport Classic Zard Front

It's a perfect bike for the road, with good handling, reasonable weight, and an ideal powerplant: crazy horsepower numbers sell bikes and enhance the size of your "package" [note: not really], but a flexible, torquey motor that sounds and feels good at almost any road and engine speed is what you really need in the real world, and the belt-driven, two-valve 1000DS engine has those qualities in spades. This 992cc "DS" or "Dual Spark" version uses twin-plug heads for more efficient combustion across the big piston surface.

2007 Ducati Sport Classic Zard R Side Engine

So you don't get the big horsepower bragging rights, but when your bike looks and sounds this good, who cares? Unfortunately, that solo-only tail means you won't get to take your future ex-Miss or Mister along for the ride, but you do get that really slick asymmetrical swingarm on the monoposto versions of the early Sport Classics.

2007 Ducati Sport Classic Zard L Side

In typical Ducati fashion, this low-mileage example has been decked out in the best the aftermarket can supply, most of which is tasteful. Aside from the Zard exhaust, I'm also a fan of that slim LED taillight/signal unit: the stock bits are classic 70's in all the wrong ways and will not be missed.

From the original eBay listing: 2007 Ducati Sport 1000 SE for Sale

Ducati North America announced the release of the 2007 Sport 1000 mono Special Edition, which is being produced exclusively for the North American market. Production of this model will be limited to 100 units (90 for the US and 10 for Canada). With only 100 units being produced, this will be one of the rarest Ducatis made in recent history. Combining modern technology and historic design, the Sport 1000 SE embodies the spirit of the legendary 1978 Ducati 900SS "Darmah" and features the timeless Black and Gold paint scheme. Each of the limited 100 monoposto (single seat) 2007 Sport 1000 SE models will be identified by a numbered plaque, located on the triple clamp. The motorcycle also features a twin muffler "shotgun" exhaust, spoke wire wheels and Brembo brakes. It is powered by the 992cc dual spark motor, which puts out impressive torque and horsepower figures for an air-cooled engine. #12 of 100 4047 miles  List of upgrades (all original parts included with sale) Zard Exhaust, Rizoma mirrors, FLEDA LED integrated brake lights and signals, EVR clutch, CRG adjustable levers, Speedy Moto open belt kit, Speedy Moto open clutch kit, Speedy Moto frame sliders, Carbon fiber sprocket cover, Carbon fiber rear hugger and integrated chain guard, FOBO Bluetooth tire pressure sensors.

With just 4,000 miles on the clock and all that vintage-styled goodness on tap, I'm surprised there are no bidders yet: the Paul Smart bikes regularly change hands for far more than the opening bid listed here, and I prefer the looks of the Sport. While that might seem like a lot of money for a nearly ten year old bike, I think these still provide a ton of bang for your buck, along with the possibility that it will appreciate in value down the road.


2007 Ducati Sport Classic Zard Rear

Nice Exhaust, Bike Included: 2007 Ducati Sport Classic 1000SE for Sale
Ducati August 3, 2015 posted by

Simply Exquisite: 2007 Ducati/NCR New Blue for Sale

2007 NCR Ducati New Blue R Side

I saw this, and my jaw dropped. But before I gush over this bike, I'll admit: it's difficult to understand this extremely rare and extremely expensive Ducati/NCR New Blue without a bit of history about Old Blue.

2007 NCR Ducati New Blue L Tank

In the early 1970's, a couple of Cycle World editors were racing one of only a handful of 750SS Ducatis in the States. Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling called their creation the "California Hot Rod," and they had some success with the bike. But when the AMA announced their new Superbike series for 1976, they knew they needed to make some changes. The bike was heavily modified, with new wheels and a new transmission. Displacement was bumped and the refreshed 883cc motor ironically featured Harley intake valves. The new bike also featured new paint which was, as I'm sure you can guess, blue.

2007 NCR Ducati New Blue Dash

At Daytona during the 1977 Superbike season, Old Blue absolutely crushed the competition, earning Ducati their very first outright race win in North America, a significant achievement and a major milestone in their quest to gain relevance in the major market the US represents.

2007 NCR Ducati New Blue Engine Detail

In 2007, Ducati teamed up with NCR to create a track-only homage to Old Blue name, unsurprisingly, New Blue. It was obviously based on the Paul Smart 1000S, but only the frame and swingarm remain unmodified. Extensive changes dropped weight from 414lbs to 330lb and the hugely uprated Dual Spark L-twin engine thumped out 116hp to the rear wheel.

2007 NCR Ducati New Blue R Rear Suspension

That may not sound like that much by modern superbike standards, but New Blue has a fat midrange, is very lightweight, and handles like a 600. As you can see from the photos, components are top-notch and the preparation is absolutely stunning: the bike just drips titanium, magnesium, and carbon-fiber

From the original eBay listing: 2007 NCR Ducati New Blue Sport Classic Cafe Racer

This is number 12 of 50. This is a mint condition like new race bike. ** It was never issued with a title and was only meant to be raced and it does not come with a title (eBay does not have a no title option so I had to mark clear title above) ** It has been stored inside a heat controlled facility. The tail section has been hand signed by Cook Neilson & Phil Schilling. It is pictured without the belly pan but it comes with the bike and has since been re installed. This bike was started when new and driven around the block once so I don't know the exact mileage because the battery was removed. This bike has never been raced.

2007 NCR Ducati New Blue Tail

This particular machine was featured a while back on this site and there is very little time left on the auction, but this bike was just too good to pass up posting. Although $75,000 is obviously insane money for a motorcycle, if any modern bike is worth that kind of money, this one certainly is. Obviously not in terms of pure performance, but in terms of exquisite workmanship, heritage, and the involvement of the original racers that helped make Ducati the success it is here in the USA.

2007 NCR Ducati New Blue Front Wheel

So if it's not a value proposition, what is this? Well for most of us, it's an object to be wondered at, or drooled over, or to heap scorn upon. But for folks with real money, it's the perfect living room decoration, or the ultimate track day bike.

I only wish I had that decision to make myself...

-tad 2007 NCR Ducati New Blue L Side

Simply Exquisite: 2007 Ducati/NCR New Blue for Sale
Ducati November 20, 2014 posted by

Featured Listing: 2006 Ducati SportClassic Paul Smart for Sale


For all the grief he received for his redesign of Ducati’s superbike, it's still pretty clear that Pierre Terblanche had some great ideas for Ducati. Aside from the iconic but rare Supermono, he managed to evoke Ducati’s classic style in modern machinery with his line of SportClassics and, while the style of the original MH900e might have been a bit overwrought, there’s certainly no denying that it looks like nothing else on the road. Fortunately, the Sport1000, GT1000, and Paul Smart that followed were much more conservative, yet still striking and very elegant. After an initial rush of buyers, demand for the SportClassic line tapered off, and only the GT1000 is still in production today.

Today's Featured Listing is among the rarest of the breed: just 2000 of the 2006 Paul Smart Limited Edition bikes were built, and all featured silver half-faired bodywork and a green frame designed to evoke the bike ridden to victory by Paul Smart at the Imola 200 in 1972.

2006 Ducati SportClassic Dash

The SportClassic models were all powered by Ducati’s venerable air/oil-cooled, two-valve “L” twin 1000DS engine. The “DS” signified “DualSpark” twin-plug heads that allowed efficient combustion across the relatively large surface of the pistons and, in this configuration, the twin put out a claimed 92hp, although it’s not a motor known for top-end revs and generally runs out of breath well before redline. But with a fat midrange and charisma to spare, it’s a spectacular street motor and, obviously, valve-float is never a problem on a Desmo motor…

Original versions had a wild tubular swingarm with a shock/spring combo on the left side, like a twin-shock setup with one side missing. Shotgun pipes on the right balanced the look out. Unfortunately, this configuration precluded passenger accommodations and early Sport1000 and Paul Smart SportClassics are solo affairs.

Later versions changed to a dual-seat but lost the cool swingarm, going to a more conventional dual-shock set up at the rear. Wire wheels were a clear nod to style over performance, although they did feature tubeless Pirelli Phantom tires designed with vintage looks and modern performance in mind.

2006 Ducati SportClassic R Side Engine

From the original CraigsList posting:
2006 Ducati Paul Smart Limited Edition for Sale

Selling my 2006 Ducati Paul Smart Limited Edition - very, very, rare!

This bike is a two owner bike with only 1,000 miles. No stories, issues, accidents, etc. and has been stored in a heated garage. This bike is extremely rare and comes with the two best 'unobtanium' accessories:

- Factory lower side fairings (factory ~ not aftermarket knock off's)
- Termignoni 2x1 single exhaust with up map (black powder coated to match original look)

I've also installed the clear clutch and belt covers for an extra clean look. No other modifications of any kind and all factory parts (exhaust, chrome clutch cover and black belt covers).

If you are looking at this bike you know that they are extremely hard to find, especially given low miles and accessories. Please note that I'm not interesting in selling the lower side fairings or Termi separately

Perfect bike for the enthusiast / collector and in absolute pristine shape. Feel free to contact me at three one zero six nine nine seven three seven seven if you are interested. Please no low ball offers, scams, etc. or text messages.

Demand for the SportClassic line petered out after just a few years, but they have held their value extremely well and all versions command very good money on the used market. The seller is asking $22,500 for this Paul Smart, which is pretty big money for a SportClassic, but the bike does feature the factory side fairings that more closely resemble the ones on the original race bikes, along with a classic Termignoni exhaust. While I prefer the truly wild Zard two-into-two pipes for the early SportClassics, you can’t go wrong with Termi pipes on a Ducati.

In nearly-new condition with just 1,000 miles on the clock, this particular example is one of the best you’re ever likely to find, so if you are looking to add a SportClassic to your collection, you can’t go wrong with this one.


2006 Ducati SportClassic L Side

Featured Listing: 2006 Ducati SportClassic Paul Smart for Sale
Bimota February 28, 2013 posted by

2008 Bimota DB5R in New York

2008 Bimota DB5R For Sale

While better respected for it's chassis and suspension rather than it's Ducati 1100DS motor, everyone agrees it's beautiful piece of Italian artwork. As with most Bimota's that come up for sale, this one is practically brand new with just 91 miles. Original MSRP was $36k, but the buy-it-now on this example is set at "just" $21k. Bidding is up to $18k with about a day remaining, but reserve has not quite been met yet.

2008 Bimota DB5R For Sale on eBay


quote from seller:

Last of the DB5R's brought to the U.S. Fairings are all carbon fiber (even the painted parts), CNC machined billet aluminum parts and Chrome alloy trellis frame. OZ racing wheels. Ducati 1100DS engine and drive train. Fast and light (417#'s wet). Suspension is everything you've heard on this hand built beauty.


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