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Smoke Squared! 1983 Suzuki RGB500 in Oklahoma

1983 Suzuki RGB500 for sale

A quick browse of the archives serves as a great reminder that this isn't an "ordinary Suzuki RG500", it's a full on factory racebike, the RGB500. This example has a rather thin description but like many bikes on eBay it could be listed to see what interest may be out there and further investigation will be required. For instance the ad states that it may have raced in the Isle of Man TT but can't yet prove that. Nonetheless, these opportunities don't come up that often.


1983 Suzuki RGB500 for sale on eBay

from the seller:

This very rare motorcycle was purchased by us here in the US, we were told it was raced at Isle Of Man, but we are unsure of the team it was raced for. Great vintage shape as you can tell from the pictures. This motorcycle has been on display for many years and has not been ridden/started during that time. This is the same kind of motorcycle that piloted Barry Sheen to many GP wins!


  • love it! any bets on final sale price?

  • $33,000

  • $28,000

  • Nice job wingnut!


  • how come the admin has a neat piston avatar and i got nothin

  • http://gravatar.com


  • I spoke to the owner (nice guy) who said he bought this from a museum back east some years ago and was told it raced at the OIM. He said he never started it… but it has compression. If this is the real deal (which it appears it could be) it would be a definite “Buy and hold”.

  • “IOM”, Sorry.

  • I guess 25K! Looks like a nice bike, if I owned it I would display it also, parts must be really tough to find and expensive.

  • $24,000

  • it’s worth 15 and will sell for 20

  • The fairing off pics made me drool, will be buying a few lotto tickets today.

  • The left and right side photos are suitable for framing. So much exoctica..

  • For a full on rare race bike 20K seems low.

  • God that rear is gorgeous!

  • Up to $18,100 with 2 days left to go. Hasn’t met the reserve yet though.

  • $20,000

  • @david- “it’s worth 15 and will sell for 20”
    Well, if it sells for 20 then it’s worth 20!

  • 27,500

  • when is the “top 10 posts for 2013” or “most popular models posted” for 2013 coming up?

  • holy crap… this thing is going for over $40k. WOW.

  • woops… no it’s not. i misread the last price. carry on.

  • What a tool.

  • With 22 hours to go It’s at 34k and the reserve is off.

  • The last hour should be interesting. RGB’s made TZ 750’s seem common in comparison and they were even hard to come by even back in the day. It’s nice to see this one and whatever it sells for, it’ll be worth it.

  • Sold for 34K, is a beauty, better buy some lotto tickets if i want one of these.


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