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Red, White and Bitchin’- 1990 Honda CBR1000F

Location: Saltville, Virginia

Mileage: 33,000

Price: Auction, BIN $4,000

In the 1990 liter-bike world the CBR1000F (or Hurricane until Honda pulled the name) wasn't the most aggressive model on the market. The GSX-R 1100 and FZR 1000 were more track focused, edgy machines. However, the CBR brought a lot of things to the table that made it appealing to many riders. Honda build quality, still serious liter bike power and ergonomics that would't pretzel you meant a pretty solid choice for many everyday riders. I also happen to think the bike looks good, even today. I stood in awe of many a CBR1000 as a younger man. That awe still sticks with me.

Only a few more picks of this one-

Info from the seller-


1990 HONDA CBR1000F 'Hurricane'

33K miles

Red/White/Blue Color Code: NH193K

Excellent Condition - 9

Superb Build Quality, Fit, and Finish!

All Decals/Stickers as from factory.

PRICE: $4, 000


Corbin Gunfighter in Royal Blue Connelly Leather

Second Look Tank Bra


K&N Airbox Filter

Fresh Michelin Pilot Roads

New Sprockets/Gold Chain

Carbs Rebuilt/Synced

New Battery

All work done by Atlas Honda of Bristol, Virginia.  Sale includes original owners manual, tool kit, and navy blue seat.  More pictures available upon request.

Buyer responsible for shipping arrangements.

The seller highlights some modifications (the Corbin I'm sure is an upgrade from stock, but the original is included if desired). The rest looks to be good modifications and maintenance. The overall condition looks good too for a 21 year old bike, a testament to the quality Honda consistently puts out.

So, the question here is the price. The seller is looking for $4000 BIN. That's quite a bit for this bike considering there's 33,000 miles on the clock. Granted, clean versions of these bikes are not really around anymore. And this bike, if it has a solid maintenance history, should run for many, many more miles. I will also say again, I think this bike looks as good today as back when it was new.

But still, I think you should ask yourself if this bike is worth $4,000 to you. If you have decided it is, make the jump.




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