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Details are currently available on the Deftone Cycles Facebook page with many more pictures:

Honda VFR400RN NC30 NH1K Type 8
Condition: Very good. Blinker and Left side fairing has deep scratches. Front wheel paint has bubbled and has been touched up, Probably from bleeding brake pads.
Running: Perfectly
Mileage: 16197 km
6500 USD OBO

Yamaha FZR250 2KR
17787 km
Running: Perfect
From my personal collection.
4600 USD OBO

  • Second week of August our second container arrives containing:
    • 2 x RVF400’s NC35
    • 5 x VFR400R’s NC30
    • 1 x TZR250 3XV
    • 1 x CBR400RR NC29
    • 1 x CBR250RR MC22
    • 1 x FZR400RR 3TJ

About Deftone Cycles

Wouldn’t you love to have a JDM Motorcycle straight from Japan, but have no idea how to get one here? After all you don’t have the contacts and you’re probably worried about shipping the bike, or don’t have a broker to help you through the process. Am I right?

If so, you’re in luck. Here at Deftone Cycles, we can help you get your JDM Motorcycle and take care of everything in the process. Here’s how it works. We work directly with our partner in Japan to source and ship the bike to America. Then, we bring the bike to our shop and go over everything to ensure it’s in perfect working order.

We handle all of the importing, customs, EPA, and DOT paperwork - even get you a title here in the states. It doesn’t get easier! So let Deftone Cycles help you get the bike you want, the easy way!

How We Work

We are not a Shop. Just Enthusiasts.

For over 4 years now we have been importing JDM bikes for our personal enjoyment. We have partnered up with our supplier in japan to now offer these same bikes to you. We are in contact with our partner in Japan twice a day, first thing in the morning and evenings allowing us a constant flow of communication and the ability to keep current with orders and trends. This being said we are able to supply parts drop shipped directly to you, if you so need.

Our bikes are Not Restored to give you the opportunity to know exactly what you are purchasing. To Restore or not is totally up to you. They will have the original OEM Fairings. The bikes offered are as they were when brought over from Japan.

Being done this way also offers a price point for everyone. We want to give everyone the opportunity to own their own JDM bike. To the person that wants a mint condition, to the daily driver and ones that need some TLC.

All of our bikes are Located in the US. Vehicles are imported through all proper channels, and supplied with a VIN matching State of Ohio Title.

What we do:
1. Check major systems.

  • Cooling system
  • Fuel system
  • Brakes
  • Lights, signals and horn.
  • Shifts and revs perfectly.
  • If there are any issues with these systems, we’ll fix them.

2. Fresh Fluids and Battery.

  • Bikes are shipped without.

3. Test drive.

  • Each bike will be subjected to a few days of testing.
  • Freeway, City and Country Roads.

4. Results.

  • All Mechanical issues will be addressed if any found.


Contact Deftone Cycles
Phone: 440.759.6611


Yamaha FZR400RR 3TJ
Mileage: 6331 km
Condition: Excellent
From my personal collection.


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