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Plenty – 2003 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika

BMW had great success with its long-running R1100S, and brought home some trophies, at least in the Boxer Cup marque series and some longer endurance races.  The racey Boxer Cup Replika has Randy Mamola's signature and some interesting updates from the S.  This one has just break-in miles, and looks terrific.

2003 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika for sale on eBay

At least until the R1200S came out, the R1100S had the ultimate boxer engine, the 1085cc making 98 hp with the help of single overhead cams actuating four valves per side.  The BCR sports carbon valve covers and a Laser exhaust.  The R1100S used BMW-centric Telelever front end and Paralever rear which included shaft drive, but the Replika used longer fork tubes to increase possible lean angle, and a shorter rear torque arm to sharpen up handling.  Standard BMW dampers were superseded by fully adjustable Öhlins on the BCR.  Brakes are up to BMW's fine standard, and though ABS was available it's not present on this example.


Leading a sheltered life in west coast Florida, this BCR looks excellent in the factory's white and blue checkerboard.  Unadulterated but not neglected, the owner claims a new timing chain but this would have meant a huge event, so I'm thinking ( hoping ! ) they are referring to a new alternator belt.  Notes from the eBay auction:

An eye-catcher for sure, especially when pulling into a BMW dealership

Meticulously maintained in Air Conditioned, Dehumidified Space

Started and driven short distances every other week using octane boosted marine fuel

Brand new battery, timing belt (chain), Oil-Filter-Plugs changed at least annually

Rides beautifully, more comfortable than a Sports Touring Bike than a Sports Bike
Reviews of the R1100S almost always included a caveat, " for a sport tourer " or " for a BMW ".  While it's less of an issue for the Replika, it's still hefty at 550 lbs. wet.  That weight will disappear in the cruise, but in the twisties or at a track day it will exact its toll.  But maybe your sporty ride is to the racetrack, an informal show, and home again.  BMW has over 90 years of motorcycle manufacture in the rearview mirror, and a great sporting heritage.  And while it has been overtaken by the more conventionally sporty S1000RR, the Boxer Cup Replika is plenty quick for the average bear, and has enough giddyup to get arrested in 2nd gear...


  • They are great all-around sport tourers….but $10k?? It does not have the collectability of a R90S or the tech of a HP2. Far off market value.

  • Donn,
    While you are correct regarding the Boxer Cup having the longer fork tubes and a shorter torque arm which was done to raise the bike so the cylinders wouldn’t hit the tarmac so easily, the BCR’s were not equipped with Ohlins from the factory. I believe they were Sachs dampers but they did have different part numbers than the standard 1100S because of the higher ride height.
    Too, I agree with the previous post that $10k is a little strong for a Boxer Cup unless it’s still in its original shipping crate.

  • BCR were equipped with Ohlins from the factory but the Laser exhaust was standard only on the 2005 model, the last year for BCR. The heft is definitely a factor, especially when moving the bike in the garage. In motion, the bike is very steady, handles great, acceleration not bad given that You have only 98 hp pushing over 500 lbs, and with me on it becomes over 700lbs. Seller is about $3k too high on the price. At $10k you are well within the R12S territory.

    • I beg to differ regarding the Ohlins suspension; no BCR street bike came from the factory with Ohlins. I was mistaken when I said they were equipped with Sachs shocks. Showa dampers were used on the production bikes. I think that people assume they had Ohlins shocks because the bikes did have yellow springs which is what Ohlins are equipped with. I’ve had two of the bikes and, as a matter of fact, I recently purchased front and rear Ohlins dampers/springs for my ’04 BCR.


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