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Ducati September 13, 2016 posted by

Never Been Kissed: Zero-Mileage 2002 Ducati MH900e for Sale


Ducati is a company with one foot in the past and another in the future, and that philosophy is clearly embodied by the MH900e. That may seem like the norm these days, with seemingly every manufacturer on the “modern classic” bandwagon, but Ducati’s been playing the game a lot longer than most of the other manufacturers. If you want to get people to shell out premium dollars for a product that performs no better than one from a competitor, you need to tug on those emotional heartstrings, and callbacks to past glories are certainly one way to do that.


Styled by the controversial, but undeniably talented Pierre Terblanche, the MH900e used a modern incarnation of their air and oil-cooled, two-valve 904cc L-twin engine, a beautiful trellis frame, and a tubular single-sided swingarm, with quality forks and shock. The look is intended to evoke race-winning NCR Ducatis and the name is a reference to Mike Hailwood, the unlikely winner of the 1978 Isle of Mann TT riding a Ducati. That win spawned the original Mike Hailwood Replica bikes and this represents the spiritual Evolutzione of those machines.


With just 75 rear-wheel horses pushing around 400lbs, straight-line performance is fairly tame, although cornering is excellent. Unfortunately, even though the bike is certainly entertaining to ride, it seems like it was always meant more as a functional collectible than a real-world motorcycle: the seat is very tall and unless you’re over six feet tall, you won’t be putting your feet flat at lights, performance is modest overall, and most of what looks like a fuel tank is really an airbox: the actual fuel cell is just 2.2 gallons, so it’s good the engine is pretty frugal.

In addition to the looks, collectability is increased by the fact that just 1,000 were built in 2001 and another 1,000 in 2002. Production was originally outsourced to Bimota, but they were unable to build the bikes as they filed for bankruptcy, so Ducati built them in-house.


In this case, all the superlatives you can level at the engine and chassis are irrelevant since any buyer is likely to keep that odometer reading "0": there are plenty of riders out there, and this one is meant for the collectors.

From the original eBay listing: Zero Mileage 2002 Ducati MH900e for Sale

2002 Ducati MHe (Mike Hailwood Evoluzione) Museum quality with zero miles, never started, never had fuel in tank, never had battery installed. Here is the rare of the rare. One of 2000 sold directly from the factory to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Mike Hailwood winning the Isle of Man TT for Ducati. There might be another zero mile example but you would be hard pressed to find it this clean and at an opening bid, with NO RESERVE and well below market value.


As far as living room objet d’art items go, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more striking modern motorcycle. Sure, a classic Vincent or Brough has more polished brass, steampunk detailing, and a retired racebike might have more historic value, but the bodywork on the MH900e really does look both forwards and backwards in the best way possible.

There are no takers yet at the $15,000 starting bid, but it's early and there is still plenty of time left on the auction. It’s a shame that this example may never run considering that, aside from the ridiculously small standard fuel tank and committed riding position, the Evoluzione is a very good motorcycle, with a fun, flexible engine and sharp handling.



Never Been Kissed: Zero-Mileage 2002 Ducati MH900e for Sale
Ducati June 23, 2016 posted by

Terrific, Tiny-Tanked Terblanche TT Tribute: 2001 Ducati MH900e for Sale

2001 Ducati MH900e R Side

With all the flack Pierre Terblanche gets for his futuristic restyle of the Superbike line, it’s easy to forget just why Ducati gave him a job in the first place. And while the 999 is finally beginning to be recognized for the design classic it is, bikes like his Supermono and today’s Ducati MH900e are there to remind us that, although his designs can be shocking at times, when he gets it right, he gets it really right. Unlike modern cars [I’m looking at you, BMW and Mercedes…], the bike's alpha-numeric name has a very clear story to tell: “MH” stands for "Mike Hailwood," rider of motorcycles and unlikely winner of the 1978 Isle of Man TT on a Ducati. That win inspired the original Mike Hailwood Replica which in turn inspired this bike. The “900” refers to the L-twin’s displacement, and the “e” for “Evoluzione.”

2001 Ducati MH900e R Side Front

Just 2,000 bikes were built. Production was originally planned to be 1,000 in 2000 and another 1,000 in 2001, but delays meant that bikes were actually built in 2001 and 2002. Originally, construction was contracted out to Bimota, but a little hiccup known as "bankruptcy" prevented them from being able to complete the work…

2001 Ducati MH900e R Side Engine

The MH900e could be accused of being overstyled a bit, but that bodywork is meant to evoke NCR-prepped racebikes that Mike Hailwood would have ridden and that tail section and tank appear strongly Pantah-influenced. The half-fairing shows off the engine, and that tubular swingarm may be my favorite feature of the bike. Other than the white-faced Veglia look-alike gauge of course. The graphics harken back to Giugiaro’s 1970s redesign of the company logo which was fortunately more successful than his redesign of the bikes themselves… The MH900e certainly looks faster than it actually is, with around 75hp at the rear wheel from the two-valve, air-cooled motor. But with just over 400lbs dry to push around and quality suspension, it offers up real-world fun and a 130mph top speed.

Besides, performance is hardly the point here. I mean, just look at it!

2001 Ducati MH900e Exhaust

From the original eBay listing: 2001 Ducati MH900e for Sale

Better than perfect 2001 Ducati MH900 Evoluzione. This Mike Hailwood tribute bike has only 1063 miles on it. Only ridden to keep it fresh. Numbered #0279 of only 2000 manufactured. Period correct modifications - Very, very rare full Ohlins setup, CycleWorks 4.6 gallon tank, hidden battery, polished valve and belt covers, open dry clutch, relocated oil cooler, custom exhaust that sounds amazing, new Michelin Pilot tires, recent serviced and tuned by Trevor Dunne of Santa Barbara Ducati. Most period correct aftermarket parts are mostly unattainable. Have some extra parts, and wheel stand.  Also have tribute plaque. 

In spite of the wild looks, these are surprisingly competent road bikes with excellent, user-friendly handling, a killer midrange, and the usual Ducati soundtrack, although it’s pretty muted through the stock exhaust system. Just the hideously limited fuel range and modest power limit the fun. Actual gas mileage is pretty decent, but the fuel cell holds just 2.2 gallons: most of that expansive-looking “tank” is taken up by an airbox.

2001 Ducati MH900e Dash

Although I think the MH900e is probably a bit too attention-grabbing and the ergonomics too radical for a daily rider, that’s okay: these are often display pieces and ridden only rarely. Which is also okay, since these are not practical motorcycles: the fuel tank is shockingly small and the seat is very high off the ground… Unless you’re over six feet tall, expect to be rolling this one around on your tippie-toes. The seller mentions a CA Cycleworks fuel tank, which would be a very nice upgrade and allow the bike to be ridden to places with more than 100 miles between gas stations…

With the Cycleworks tank, you’re looking at a realistic 200 mile range, not including a reserve, meaning this becomes a viable motorcycle. Assuming of course that you won’t mind answering a lot of questions wherever you go.


2001 Ducati MH900e L Side

Terrific, Tiny-Tanked Terblanche TT Tribute: 2001 Ducati MH900e for Sale
Ducati December 24, 2015 posted by

Umm, hey Santa ? – 2000 Ducati MH900E

In flannel red and just in time for gift giving season, the prince of retro commemoratives.  Styled by Pierre Terblanche in honor of Mike Hailwood's 1978 Isle of Man win, the MH900E is a mix of leading edge and vintage, in both looks and technology.

20151223 2000 ducati mh900e right

2000 Ducati MH900E for sale on eBay

20151223 2000 ducati mh900e left front

20151223 2000 ducati mh900e right fairing

Red and silver from nose to tail, the MH900E has a showy trellis frame and endurance-inspired fairing.  The venerable 904cc air-cooled desmodue pushes just 75 ponies, with a nice torque band courtesy of electronic fuel injection.  Two-into-two exhaust exits behind the solo seat.  Chain drive, six-speed, dry clutch all standard.  Suspension is more current with 43mm upside down forks and Paoli monoshock on the spaceframe swingarm.  Brakes are thankfully modern, dual 4-piston 320mm disks, and a lone 220mm disk at the rear.

20151223 2000 ducati mh900e binnacle

20151223 2000 ducati mh900e left engine

Offered by an Oregon dealer, this MH900E looks impeccable, with 1,476 miles and no visible updates.  No mention of maintenance, so that would be a discussion item unless it's going in the dining room.  Photos show the full Monte of t-shirt, plaque and paperwork for number 1609 of 2000.

20151223 2000 ducati mh900e right front

20151223 2000 ducati mh900e left

This is actually Ducati's third Hailwood commemorative, the 1979 was a repli-racer, and the 1984 a tribute shortly after his death.  Tested as a vintage handler, read stable and torquey.  Evidently a surprisingly enjoyable ride, not so different than a 900SS, but maybe not all day because of the long reach to the handgrips and high footpegs.  Most are subject to shelf wear rather than real wear and tear, few appear with more than break-in miles.  The run of 2000 sold out quickly, now MH prices are all over the map, this one actually on the lower end of the curve.  Santa, mine will need new belts and tires, and likely bar-backs and adjustable pegs, because it'll be a rider - at least an oil change or two per year...  Happy Christmas !


Umm, hey Santa ? – 2000 Ducati MH900E
Ducati April 17, 2015 posted by

Air-cooled collector’s edition set – Ducati MH900e and PS1000LE

In one quick transaction, you could have two venerable Ducati air-cooled twins, rare and collectible with low miles.  The first of Pierre Terblanche's tribute designs, the 2000 MH900E has only 1900 miles, with a nice selection of memorabilia.  With 7,800 miles, the 2006 Paul Smart 1000LE is signed by Paul Smart ( he may have been the original owner ) and has the optional lower fairings and Pro Italia exhaust.

20150415 mh900e and ps1000le right

2000 Ducati MH900e and 2006 Paul Smart 1000LE

for sale on eBay

20150415 mh900e and ps1000le left front

These single-cam bikes are great performers in vintage costume, the 900 having 75hp and the 1000 92hp.  With the stability and wide turning radius of a the long trellis frame, they are good-handling riders.  Current upside-down forks and single-sided swingarms are on both bikes, along with three big brake disks.  While the dry clutch is a nod to past, fuel injection acknowledges the present.  The exhaust on the MH900E is tucked under the seat, and the PS1000LE has a two-into-one with a polished aluminum muffler.

20150415 mh900e and ps1000le right rear

From the eBay auction:

One auction price for a lot of 2 bikes.

Bike 1 is a year 2000 Mh900e, it has about 1800 miles on it and is in excellent condition.  This bike comes with the special T-Shirt with the bikes serial number which is number 30. It also comes with the matching plaque and owners manual.
Bike 2 is year 2006 Paul Smart 1000 LE with rare number fairings.  Even more rare is the rear fender signed by Paul Smart.  The bike has the original manual with it.  The bike was bought from Pro Italia in Glendale, CA.  It is believed that the pipe system was custom ordered from Ducati and came with the bike originally.  I have been told but I cannot prove the bike was owned by Paul Smart himself.  The bike has about 8k miles on it and runs very well and is in excellent condition.
We are reducing our collection and would like to see the bikes go to a good home.

Both fitting tributes, the MH900e is named for Isle of Man TT specialist Mike Hailwood, who had 14 wins there between 1961 and 1979.  Paul Smart won the 1972 Imola 200 on a Ducati 750 Desmo from which the PS1000LE color scheme is derived.  Presuming a minor amount of service to make them ready, this could be an expeditious way to an epic riding season.


Air-cooled collector’s edition set – Ducati MH900e and PS1000LE
Ducati December 7, 2014 posted by

Get the red out: 2002 MH900e in gray & black


No, you haven't activated a Instagram filter and your computer monitor has not switched over to monochrome, this really is an all gray and black Ducati MH900e.

The MH900e is a pretty polarizing bike among sportbike fans.   Some naysayers consider it merely a Ducati design and marketing exercise, an affront to the Mike Hailwood name.  These people tend to point to the fact that it wasn't a repli-racer/true sport bike and how from a technical standpoint the bike wasn't any major revelation; it came with the same 904 cc twin engine that powered the 900SS, a unit which only produced 75 bhp. Plus the MH900e had an oddball riding positing with a long reach to the bars as well as a pretty small gas tank.


2002 MH900e with for sale on ebay

Meanwhile fans of the MH900e tend to point to the Terblanche design, which admittedly was unlike anything Ducati had produced up to that point.  They also often reference the fact that the MH900e was a 2000 unit/2 year limited production and how there is still no shortage of collectors still highly interested in this rolling piece of artwork.


While the normal MH900e has made regular appearances here on RSBFS, those bikes have been mostly pristine/Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) bikes.   This particular MH900E has had some major cosmetic work done, with the frame being blacked out,  the rear tail unit and exhausts being modified, and the wheels and bodywork shifted to a nice dark gray color scheme.  Personally I think this improves the look of the MH900E tremendously, moving it from oddball to object of desire.

Here is what the seller has to say;

Build number 143

Has a reasonable 11,000 miles on it.

The frame was powder coated black and the bodywork was professionally painted in an immaculate battleship gray.

Wheels powder coated to match.

LED turn signals, Minimirrors,

Modified Staintune carbon exhaust, which is a bit shorter than stock.

Belts, plugs, oil, and pads were all recently changed.


So whats this MH900e worth?  Personally I think this bike looks great but I don't think its going to appeal to a collector as these people tend to like the MH900e in OEM condition with ultra low mileage The Buy-It-Now price is 20,000 USD which isnt cheap but is actually 10k less than another MH900e listing on ebay.  Perhaps this one will appeal to someone who was on the fence about the MH900e, who liked the design but thought it was a bit too outlandish.


Get the red out:   2002 MH900e in gray & black
Ducati August 29, 2014 posted by

Market Correction? 2001 Ducati MH900e with zero miles


One of the most common questions asked of the RSBFS staff is "how much?" How much is my bike worth? How much should I pay for a grey market two stroke? How much this bike go up in value (note the assumption it will go up)? Value is an interesting indicator - not just of a particular bike, but also of the market as a whole. That brings us to this particular bike: A ZERO mile Ducati MH900e. We posted a quickie on this bike in the past, as part of a larger MH900e montage (see that post here). The interesting thing is that montage listed FOUR examples of the MH900e available at the same time. And this zero mile bike is still for sale. In fact, there is a second zero mile bike located in San Francisco for sale at this time (you can check that bike out here).

2001 Ducati MH900e with ZERO miles


So what happened to the MH900e market? When it was first released via the internet as a Year 2000 wonderbike, the MH900e was a marvel. Investors bought out the entire first year bike run in a single day. It was predominantly investors and speculators that day, buying on the promise of a rolling work of art, built in limited numbers and with a foundation steeped in history. Planned for 2000 units total as model years 2000 and 2001, the final run did not complete until 2002. Speculation continued to follow the bike; after the initial sale, market prices for the MH900e went up significantly. From that time onward, prices rode the fluctuation roller coaster - dropping down until sales re-ignited and driven upwards until sales stalled yet again. Rinse and repeat.


From the seller:
If you are landing on this page you clearly know what you are looking at. You are bidding on a very special early 2001 MH900E with "100" miles. The reason for the quotation is because this bike has 0 miles on the odometer. My understanding is that the dealership has to pay additional fee's if they sell a brand new vehicle with "0" miles. Thus I believe it was recorded as "100" miles instead of "0" The title and registration (which has been paid for 2014) will reflect 100 miles on the bike. The bike is immaculate. The paint and body have been professionally detailed with mezerna polish and swissvax wax so the the bike looks better than the day it came off the dealership.

Bike comes with:
MH900E Stand
MH900E Numbered Shirt
MH900E Commemorative Numbered Plaque
MH900E Manuals
MH900E 2 Black Keys

For any collector, these items are a must to be included to retain top value for the bike.


Some fun facts on the MH900e: The bike was designed by Pierre Terblanche (think 749/999), and was initially to have been assembled by Bimota staff. The implosion of the Rimini company in the wake of the vDue two stroke fiasco forced Ducati to bring the assembly back in house, resulting in the production delay. Another fun fact: this particular MH900e has been at auction again and again. At least six times by my count. And still looking for a home. Opening bid is $21k (!) It looks like market interest in this particular model is in the waning phase, top dollar prices will take longer to achieve, and prices will start to correct downwards. The MH900e will continue to be a special bike - but from current sales data we might have to wait a bit for it to become the "it" bike again.


Market Correction?  2001 Ducati MH900e with zero miles


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