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Ducati June 28, 2012 posted by

2002 Ducati MH900e For Sale in Rhode Island with Just 80 Miles

Need a new display piece for the den? Perhaps this MH900e with only 80 miles will fit the bill.

from the seller:

This is #1907 of 2000 of these special edition models. I've used it only as (heated, dehumidified) garage art, up on a stand, looking pretty. A beautiful piece of mechanical sculpture. It comes with the Ducati stand, a spare set of directional signals, and factory manuals.

So what would you do if you could throw down on this one? Would you keep it a display piece, or arrive at meets on rare occasion in perfect weather to everyone's envy, or would you put this one right into regular duty? While I'd love to think I could do ride it often, I think it has to be relegated to to a collection right?


Ducati March 6, 2012 posted by

Zero Miles: 2002 Ducati MH900E

For Sale: 2002 Ducati MH900E

From the sunny State of Florida - home to gorgeous riding weather mostly year 'round - comes this ZERO mileage example of a modern day collectable Ducati: the MH900e. Designed as a contemporary remake of the legendary Mike Hailwood editions of the late 1970s and early 1980s, the original MHe was released on January 1, 2000 as an internet-only sale. The limited edition and numbered bike sold out on the same day. From that point forward, prices on these rare machines have been on the rise.

This particular MH900e appears to have been housebroken from an early age. There is no doubt that it does look good indoors! The seller claims "zero" miles, however there are no pictures of the odometer listed. While many machines have some minor mileage as the result of factory or dealer prep, it is not unheard of for buyers to circumvent the delivery mileage for purposes of collectability. This might be one such rare machine.

From the seller:
Its Simple!

This Bike is one of a kind, its absolutely BRAND NEW with ZERO MILES, its has never been ridden on the street, it came directly from the dealer to my house on a flat bed.

I am reluctantly selling this prized Ducati, my wife told me i have to, and our highly active kid's safety is at stake.

This bike is a 2002 and has been in our home as a piece of art for the last 9 years.

if you are looking for one of these limited edition rear Ducati this one is for you.

Its # 1510

The MH900e has been regarded as a truly unique bike. Not simply another Ducati with a Limited Edition number sticker on the top triple clamp, the MHe look unlike any other Ducati in the lineup. The 900cc air cooled engine is shared with the Monster and SuperSport models, but the rest of the bike is all MHe. These are sharp-looking machines when seen in person, with reasonable performance on par with most 2-valve Ducati sportbikes. There are reports that the riding position is a bit extreme on these models, but riding is not the big draw for this particular auction.

This auction is going on right now, with an opening bid of $14,100 with reserve in place. The BIN is set for a stratospheric $21k - which would certainly be a record for one of these MHe machines (notwithstanding this seller looking for $1m for a pair of them in 2010). But since a bike can only be zero miles and "new" once, this seller definitely has an edge on the used market for thse modern Mike Hailwood replicas. For more info, details and pictures click on the link and check out the auction!


Ducati November 17, 2011 posted by

Beautiful Bike Art- 2002 Ducati MH900e

Location: Santa Rosa Valley, California

Mileage: 1,064

Price: Auction, $14,500 BIN

This bike is pretty much a piece of modern motorcycle sculpture. Called the Mike Hailwood Evoluzione at Ducati it's one of the most unique and stunning bikes built in my opinion. Just look at the swingarm. A piece of artwork in itself. At 75 hp, maybe the bike isn't the fastest thing on the road, or the most cutting edge. But it did have super cool one-off design, solid suspension pieces and Brembo brakes. And it will sure turn heads everywhere you go.

Many a MH900e featured here on RSBFS has been a low-mile collectible bike that hasn't been ridden much, if at all. Now, I'm not saying 1000 miles is a crazy amount of mileage, but on one these, it kind of is.

Here's the rest of the pics-

And here's the info from the seller-

2002 DUCATI MH900e...1 of only 500 imported to the US!

Rare Italian Sportsbike

#0919 of 2000 made

Only 1064 miles

California bike

You too can own this rare, awesome Italian sportsbike! This is #0919 of 2000 made to commemorate Mike Hailwood's 1978 Isle of Man Formula 1 Championship and is 1 of 500 imported to the US! With its light weight tubular trellis frame, L-Twin cylinder-2 valves per cylinder-Desmodromic air cooled motor with 904cc, Marelli electronic ignition, 6 speed transmission and its single-sided/single shock suspension, you will be taking on any canyon or country road with ease. This sportsbike has been upgraded with a chrome cam cover and Staintune exhaust. We are the 2nd owners and have all books and maintenance records. It is ALWAYS garaged and meticulously maintained! With only 1064 miles on it, this is the BEST BUY out there for this rare Italian sportsbike!  SERIUOUS BUYERS ONLY!

The MH900e goes for some big money. As the seller notes, they are a numbered, limited edition bike, the first bunch offered by Ducati online. They sold out in a matter of hours. Some low and zero miles models here have been offered for some seriously high prices (a pair for $995,000 anyone? Although the seller claimed half went to charity, still...). This bike is $14,500 BIN which may be a little high for a bike with 1000 miles. Other examples have been in this range, but with less mileage. I know you can't get a whole lot less than 1000, but with bikes like these, every mile counts.

So here's your chance if you've been looking. This is a beautiful bike. If you feel like you need to give it the new home it deserves, then place your bid!


Ducati September 14, 2011 posted by

Hailwood homage – 2002 Ducati MH900e

I often wonder how someone can buy such a gorgeous bike and not ride it.  Personally I can't do that I have to get out and experience the pleasure of riding them as they were meant to.  Having said that here we have a low mileage Ducati which is not even run in.  Originally created as a concept motorbike in 1998 the Mike Hailwood 900 Evoluzione (hence the name) drew great responses such that Ducati put it into production in 2000 and 2001.  It was Pierre Terblanche's homage to the NCR race bikes that Hailwood raced so successfully at events like the TT.  There were actually 2,010 bikes produced and while this is shown as a 2002 model it will actually have been produced in 2001.  It draws mixed reactions with not everyone liking it but Terblanche certainly did a good job.

The MH 900e was offered for sale on the internet only to commemorate Mike Hailwood's return from retirement and subsequent win of the F1 championship at The Isle of Mann. A total of 2000 were produced with 200 coming here to the States. These bikes were offered for sale on 01/01/2000 (the first day of the new millenium), completely sold out in 2 hours; and the wait for delivery was usually two years. This is #647 of 2000 produced. Using the air-cooled fuel-injected 900SS V-twin engine, 6-speed transmission, Ducati produced one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made and also one of the most collectible. This bike has had one Texas owner, is completely original, and has only 114 actual miles. It runs perfectly, has no issues, and is museum-quality perfect. The factory commemorative plaque, owner's manual, purchase order, display stand, and Ducati brochure are all included.

The auction on eBay can be found here.

These bikes are still maintaining their value with the two most recent going for $16,500 and $17,500 but one had zero miles and the other 3!  So I would expect this to do well given it only has 114 miles.


Ducati August 12, 2011 posted by

2002 DUCATI MH900e

For Sale: 2002 DUCATI MH900e on eBay

You have to hand it to Ducati: No other manufacturer has quite pulled off the "limited edition" model lineup quite like the wonder from Bologna. In this case, however, instead of simply stapling a number on the top of the triple clamps Ducati actually came up with a unique and truly limited offering - a modern interpretation of the Mike Hailwood Edition.

Based around the Super Sport 900cc air cooled motor, the MH900e was offered via the Internet for one day only (Jan 1, 2000) - and limited to 2000 units. The bike sold out immediately, and continues to be a rare and significant model in Ducati's history.

It doesn't hurt that the bike is stunning: From the asymetrical rear suspension to the retro-futuristic tail pipe arrangement to the classic, swoopy sport fairing - the MH900e does not fail to impress. The visual impact that this bike evokes is unmistakable.

From the seller:
2002 DUCATI MH900e (#1513 of 2000 built)
Termignoni All-Titanium Exhaust System (ECU reprogrammed)
Screened Air Intake Velocity Stacks
Ducati Performance Open Racing Style Timing Belt Covers
Ducati Performance Brake and Clutch Racing Style Levers
Fast by Ferracci Clip-on Bar Risers
Factory Rear Wheel Stand
Ducati Performance Custom Cover
Factory Engraved Serial # Silver Plaque

Includes all original parts.

Approx 150 miles.

There are some that find the style of the MH900e a little polarizing; a clash between old and new. There are others who claim that the bikes are too extreme in terms of seating position and are uncomfortable. Maybe that is why so few of these bikes ever have more than a few thousand miles - if even that. This particular example sports just 150 miles on the clock! I will leave my rant regarding how folks can spend so much $$ on upgrades to a bike that has never been ridden for another day. In this case, the next lucky collector will end up with a great bike PLUS all the stock bits!

This auction is on right now, with the current price bid up to $14k with reserve not met. Values on these MHe bikes are definitely headed back up (not nearly as high as the $1m an eBay seller was trying to unload two for these for late last year), but certainly higher than in recent times. And why not? This is a collectable, rolling work of art - unique to look at and rare in numbers. For your chance to take a look at this stunner, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Ducati March 3, 2011 posted by

2002 Ducati MH900e For Sale in Corvallis, Oregon

Update 3.30.2011: SOLD!

I was contacted by a gentleman near me when he spotted one of my oldest posts on the Yamaha YZF1000R that featured his bike listing from over 2 years ago. Turns out that not only is that bike still available, his MH900e is now for sale as well. Check it out:

From the seller:

Original owner, 2002 Ducati MH900e. The MH900e was the first bike sold exclusively over the internet and sold out (2000 units world wide) within hours.

This bike is #599 of 2000. Built in July 2001 and delivered in Oct. 2001. Only 1655 miles, completely stock and unaltered.
Fresh oil and brake/clutch fluid. New batteries, plugs, fuel pump and filter.

Also includes:

- Ducati carbon fiber body work by Carbon Dream (full set, new and never installed)
- Stainetune exhaust cans (new in box)
- Paulimoto clutch plate and spyder spring retainer (red, new in packages)
- Ducati Performance Parts - (all new and in packages)
- MH900e form-fit bike cover
- Chrome Belt covers
- Chrome 180 degree clutch cover
- billet brake/clutch levers
- Aluminum turn signals
- Aluminum mirrors
- Original shipping crate sides (2) with matching numbers
- Original shipping rear stand
- Commemorative etched plaque with bike, frame and engine numbers
- Commemorative MH900e key
- Commemorative MH900e T-shirt with matching number (new)

This is an all-inclusive package and I will not separate out individual items
$22,000 Now accepting offers over $17k

Serious inquiries only please.

As you can tell, he's passionate about the bike and does a good job describing this model. And I don't think I've ever seen one that comes as complete as this. Good luck to the seller,



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