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Option Paint – 1995 Suzuki GSX-R750

A long-running model for Suzuki, the GSX-R750 has gone through many updates and evolutions, the 1995 model having a new fairing and headlight design, and the final iteration of the double cradle frame.  With recent upside-down forks and magnesium engine covers, the Suzuki was competitive with more refined light-heavyweights.  Typically seen in red or blue, this GSX-R is in the semi-subdued purple and black, and looks very good for its under 5,000 miles.

1995 Suzuki GSX-R750 for sale on eBay

Suzuki's workmanlike 749cc four lays down 112 hp without an exotic head or computer-controlled exhaust, the fins on the water-cooled engine relate how hard it's working.  The alloy frame was optimized one last time for lightness and steady handling.  Showa forks and Full Floater rear suspension were fully adjustable, and front brakes had 6-piston calipers.  Watching its weight for years, the GSX-R struggled to keep the pounds off, around 450 lbs. with half a tank.  The compact riding position translated into great cornering clearance, and the sharp new fairing helped the 1/4-mile time to just over 11 seconds.

Just the facts and not much narrative about the bike's history, but it has low miles, a tasteful set of blinkers, and mostly stock looks though the polished rims are an addition by subtraction.   From the eBay auction:

4621 original miles, new tires, new EBC rotors, rebuilt calipers with new pistons, rebuilt petcock, rebuilt forks with new seals, stainless braided brake lines, new bar ends, new mirrors, NOS left side fairing.

The not-race-replica paint might help in town, but the radar gun will see right through it.  Not quite sure about the second GSX-R and EBC sticker on the right fairing, perhaps a bump or scratch ?  Overall quite tidy.  A little slow to turn in, the GSX-R reviewed as a weapon for longer tracks, and the engine was eminently tuneable.  With the limited pictures more investigation will be required, but tucked away for a while with that low mileage, this GSX-R750 might be a great survivor...



  • A rather iconic bike I’ll agree, but the colors are so very 90s; that’s not a compliment. Also, “new bar ends, new mirrors, NOS left side fairing” means it’s been down, I appreciate the seller’s honesty but you only replace bar ends out of a cosmetic need after an incident.

    • Only collectible is stock form.. low miles good… none stock parts a negative.

  • Ranks right up there with the Vance and Hines Yamaha editions in the “what-were-they-thinking?!” graphics package. I’ll take the ZX-11 posted below thank you very much.

    • def agree on the ZX11 below, but even that has some purple shit that needs to go

  • Truly one of the worst color combos! I remember back then thinking the same. Almost as bad as that weird mustard color gsxr from the late 90’s. So crazy…must be the same guys that design the new prius….WTF?

  • I love old GSXR’s. I think we all at least appreciate them. I have owned a ton of these, ranging from 1985-2000. The 93-95 were THE worst years for these. They are very heavy, very long and low, and uncomfortable. I traded my mint 93 for a TLR. I think if they lost 100lbs, they would be ok. If I’m going retro, its gotta be the 85-87 stuff. The 88-90 stuff is great as well. 91-92 too heavy, although some look cool. Pretty much anything 1996 and up has been awesome. What do you guys think?

    • Exactly right. GSXR people all consider this generation to be the least desirable, the true low point- ones to avoid no matter how cheap. Commenters seem to be superficially focused only on paint and graphics, but it’s what’s underneath them that is the problem. Besides the big drawbacks and flaws you’ve pointed out, the other major one is that they’re terribly and frustratingly packaged and take extra time to work on and maintain.

  • I drove down to see this bike last weekend. Yes, the stickers are covering some tip over damage and the are scratches at the front of the tail section that you can’t see in the photos, but it’s still a pretty clean bike. I would consider buying the bike, but fairings are no longer available and neither are the OEM stickers. I emailed 4 companies that make custom graphics and none of them can re-create the factory look?!

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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