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One Owner 1985 Kawasaki GPZ 750 Turbo

1985 Kawasaki GPZ 750 Turbo for sale

While the GPZ 900 makes fairly regular appearances on RSBFS, the 750 turbo seems to be a much rarer thing. Perhaps thats due to its reputation for turbo. As RSBFS writer Jay wrote back in March of 2010, "the Turbo was great but was a bit undecided on when the boost would cut in, meaning that you could be in a turn and all of a sudden #$#$%^!! you get an extra 40hp you didn't want!" Based on the story attached to the auction this particular example seems to be a genuine survivor.


1985 Kawasaki GPZ 750 Turbo for sale on eBay


parsed description from the seller's full listing:

Minimal wear only. This bike has never spent the night outside. It has been in California in a climate controlled garage since brand new. The original paint shows no signs of fading anywhere. The original windscreen probably shows the most age due to the cover rubbing against it. It has a few very typical spots here and there for a 30 year old bike I will do my best to show in pictures. Miles are actual at just over 9500. The fuel gauge is currently blinking empty even with a full tank. Also the battery that is currently in it does not have a wire for the charge light so it flashes . Charging system is working fine.All other electronics are exactly as they should be. Engine, Clutch, Gearbox are all strong and never been race tuned or put in race mode or even really ridden hard. Still has original toolkit under seat.


All there, all original, all real. take a close look at the pictures. Feel free to request more and specific pictures. I would welcome an inspection asit will be "AS-IS, WHERE IS". It has had the inside of the tank lined and I believe that is what stuck the fuel sender. The tires were put on when the bike was parked on the center stand in the garage in 1999 and have no suncracks and less than 100 miles on them. I found an OEM airfilter on ebay and installed it.


In the last couple of weeks I have put about 50 miles on this bike which is the only use it has had since at least 1999. It still has original chain & sprockets, grips are original (its been babied- nobody had to even hang on too tight ) engine has never been touched, never had a valve adjustment, I did recently clean the fuel rail and injectors, and put fresh oil, spark plugs and thoroughly wiped down the entire bike and checked it all out.


  • turbo tastic!

  • boost abulous!

  • that would be a cool bike to show up on bike night with. Would definately draw a croud.

  • Q: Hello your description suggests this bike is almost new , but the photos suggest the bike has been crashed. simple question, has this bike been on its side ? Thanks very much. Mar-23-14
    A: My intention of the description is to communicate that this is a well preserved original bike (nearly 30 YEARS OLD) that has had minimal tampering with and stored in a manner that doesnt leave you with a weathered, brittle, tired old bike to restore ”

    Pigs Arse !! Yes it is a well preserved big but the “knock over” should have been declared in the original description on ebay. It has been down at minimum 10-15kph as can be seen from the forward motion pic of the L/H Bar end, the L/H exhaust and the L/H indicator has been replaced. Not saying it isn`t a great bike, just sayin be upfront to all and any potential buyers. I have had too many surprises in the past . Most people don`t lie………problem is they just don`t tell you the WHOLE truth.

    • its interesting how there were none of these for sale for a long time and then BANG there are 3 of them at the same time on ebay.


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