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Mighty Mite: Warmed up 1988 Yamaha YSR 50

With a wheelbase just over three feet, Tonka truck sized wheels and a wet weight that sneaks in four pounds lighter than I am, the 1988 Yamaha YSR 50 set out to make the very most out of the smallest package possible. They were, for better or worse, glorified mopeds, albeit with proper clutches and five-speed gear boxes.

1988 Yamaha YSR 50 for sale on eBay

With working lights and turn signals, they were road legal from the factory, sort of like a 1980s Honda Grom; a nimble city bike that dared you to drag a knee at 30 mph.

This example is not the cleanest we have ever featured, but it packs a custom exhaust, 63-cc big bore kit and a hot carburetor. Those little hop ups should put the 50 mph top end listed on the white-faced speedo within the realm of possibility. Or at least imagination.

From the eBay listing:

Selling my 1988 YSR 50. Its the rare blue and yellow (some say rarer than the black and white one). i have had this bike for a loooong time. Super clean and runs like new. here is a list of mods:

50cc engine bumped to 63cc with mikuni carb and cylinder ported. Boyseen reed cage
Team Calamari Racing exhaust
Chrome frame and swingarm
Fox rear shock with remote reservoir
Team Calamari Racing second fork spring
1/4 turn throttle
Douglas aluminum wheels with Dunlop tires

I do have a bunch of original parts (like wheels, carb, airbox, etc.) that will go with the bike. Bike has clean title and is street legal. Bodywork is near perfect with the exception of the front upper fairing - one of my workers dropped it and cracked the fairing. I do have another original blue one that will go with the bike. You will not find another in this color in better shape. Send message with contact info for more pics and such. paypal is mike@revolutionspeed.com

I will help with shipping but retaining the carrier will be the buyers responsibility. i can get it on a palate and strapped down for shipping. If needs to be crated will be $200 extra

For a true collector, the upper fairing could use some work, but the seller says a good matching one is included. Added to that, the solid aluminum wheels aren't doing a whole lot for unsprung weight, such as it is, but they sure complete the look.

The auction only has a couple days left, so move fast if you want in. Ever ride one of these? Let us know the ins and outs in the comments below!


  • The YSR50 is what started my motorcycling career 30 years ago. For what they were, they fantastic bikes for the time and still are. Despite the comment about top speed, the stock bikes would break 50mph stock and really woke up with just a pipe and jet kit. It’s been a long time, but my recollection is that the bike would do about 65mph with a pipe on it-the needle would wind out until it hit the “r” in TURN on the speedometer face. Anyone interested in one of these will want to be careful with bikes that have had the oil pump removed-commonly done with modified race bikes, but race bikes don’t coast on decelerates for long periods like a street bike does….. the autolube injector keeps it from siezing on a closed throttle down long hills.

    My YSR was bulletproof, aside from the exhaust plugging with carbon. It survived my 17 year old novice mechanic’s hands just fine and got me where I needed to go for the 11,000 miles I rode it. It handled really well and the brakes were very good. Being stone axe simple with an engine that dares to the 1970’s it is really easy to work on and repair-these would be easy to support If you were wanting one to ride. Spares are still plentiful used, these are definitely under appreciated bikes!

  • $2800 for a 29 y/o 50CC bike? No wonder it received zero bids…..


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