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Italian Unicorn: 2004 Moto Guzzi MGS01 Corsa for Sale

Relisted from last November, with a 20% price reduction - Martin

2004 Moto Guzzi MGS01 R Side Front

In the early 1990s, Moto Guzzi was trying to revitalize their staid image and appeal to a younger, more sporting audience. Famous Guzzi tuners Ghezzi and Brian were brought in to style the new top-shelf sportbike, and the result was a machine uncharacteristically elegant and modern, considering Guzzi's products of the period. The MGS01 managed to look forwards and backwards at the same time: it was true sportbike that managed to be relatively lightweight while using a highly-developed version of their classic longitudinally-mounted v-twin and shaft drive.

2004 Moto Guzzi MGS01 L Side

The bike used a bored-out version of the "high cam" eight-valve engine with Cosworth pistons and a 1225cc displacement, backed by the V11 Sport's compact six-speed gearbox and shaft-drive. It put out a very healthy 121hp and a stump-pulling 83lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, although it was far lighter than other Guzzis being built at the time, the 420lb dry weight was still pretty portly when compared to its rivals.

2004 Moto Guzzi MGS01 Dash

Intended as a track day toy and gentleman's racer, it wasn't light enough or powerful enough to really compete against the Ducatis and Japanese inline-fours on track, and sourcing bodywork and parts should you crash could be a serious headache. It's just a shame that the promised roadbike production never materialized: Guzzis typically take a serious dive in the used market, but I could imagine that this one might have held its value...

From the original eBay listing: 2004 Moto Guzzi MGS01 Corsa for Sale (LINK UPDATE FOR RELIST)

One of the most beautiful bikes ever made. Italian art at its best...

Extremely rare 1 of 50 produced only 7 ever imported into the US by Moto Guzzi.

This bike was bought new in 2004 in California by a collector for display only.

Bike is still on the original MSO. I have all the original sales documents, original red Moto Guzzi bike cover. Everything that came with the bike new. I still have the original side of the Moto Guzzi crate.

A very rare opportunity to purchase an extremely rare exotic, will only appreciate. You can purchase to ride or display in your office or wherever. Hard assets like this are much better and safer than the market.

Can be viewed anytime in Las Vegas, Nevada by appointment.

2004 Moto Guzzi MGS01 R Side Rear

Not sure I'd take financial advice from someone trying to sell me a motorcycle, and I'm really not sure that using a rare motorcycle as a part of your retirement planning is exactly good advice anyway, but regardless: this is a very special motorcycle, and I certainly wouldn't argue with his claim that it's one of the most beautiful bikes ever made.

The question is: "Is the MGS01 $60,000 80,000 beautiful?" Because that's what the seller is asking for this well-preserved, virtually unused example. Opinions on production numbers vary a bit, but whether it was 50 or 100 or 150, you're very unlikely to see another for sale anytime soon.

2004 Moto Guzzi MGS01 R Side


  • this bike has been one of my dreams since I heard about it a few years ago, but I have to say that based on the pics, I am unimpressed. It looks kind of like a mockup/half finished, especially the rear swingarm. its like the designers said “what do we have in house or what can me make up on a budget”. Plus shaft drive on a race bike just seems wrong, even given the success of Dr John with Guzzi.

    Its too bad Guzzi didn’t pursue thsi a bit more.throw a bit more money at it…now that its been acquired its stuck in its “italian-harley-davidison” market niche and probably won’t get out.


    • hi there, just so you know
      I (like quite a number of people) have desired one of these since the first pics in 2004, and have been unsuccsessful a number of times to pusrchase one over the years, last year I was lucky enough to find not one but two and purchased them both, one from the UK #09 which came with 90 miles on the clock (it had been sitting in a collection over there for 10 years) I have since made this ‘Road Legal’ in New Zealand (it took 13 visits to the NZTA and Low Volume Vehicle Certifiers over 7 months and cost about $17000 over the origional purchase)
      The other came from South Africa #43 and had also been in a collection (had 42Kms on the clock) this is now racing in the BEARS class over here will post some pics if I can
      Just by the way, awsome bikes to ride, the best fun you can have with your pants on

  • Saw one of these a few years back that the local (yep, only 30 miles away) MG dealer was showing. What an awrsome looking bike in person. I have the pics somewhere and I am almost certain his had a headlight.

  • 80 thousand frogpelts is a hell of a down payment on a YZR 500.

  • Aren’t we going to have the usual ‘can’t be plated in California’ horseshit discussion we normally have on here?

    • Not sure why this couldn’t be plated. Those discussions are normally reserved for 2 strokes, and from my perspective, is mainly to ensure faithful followers of the site don’t buy one unaware of the situation.

      This bike looks like an awesome candidate for a few hours down at the DMV, not sure about the $80k price tag. But nonetheless, awesome bike and a great post.

      Rare – check, sports bike – check.



  • I’ve never seen one, and I must say that I quite like it. But for a fraction of the asking price. A small fraction.

  • So dope…

  • You can never pay too much for the best.

  • if the owner bought this as an investment hoping he’d see a return on the initial $ hes in for a rude awakening

  • I’m in love. If I had the money I would buy it and proceed to stick new rubber on it and go racing, pray to the two wheeled gods I never drop it because parts would be a nightmare. If only Guzzi had the financial resources to have made the street legal version. It is truly a shame that bikes like this never get used for their intended purpose, must be painful for the designers to see.

  • remember when a Vincent twin could be had for this paltry sum of 80k$ ?…bargain priced Ariel Square fours are now selling for under 40k$… sadly there is only one Jay Leno and he has a Vincent ….is this opportunity knocking and only the well to do can hear his knocking ?????

  • found this link, apparently new they were about 23,000 USD….


  • Wow the boy in the bubble climate control takes anal to a whole new level!

  • There are currently 2 of these on sale over here in Germany. One road going (out of ten produced), one corsa. Prices are in and around 30.000 Euros. They were not too popular over here, so prices never reached unobtanium-level…. Rgds T

  • The Guzzi is a thing of beauty-but very sadly for lovers of the marque the accountants at Piaggio have decided that Aprilia is the sports brand and Guzzi is the cruiser-some would argue they have the cart before the horse.
    Guzzi has history and pedigree right back to 1919-but the world of motorcycle sales has morphed into an exercise in branding so we have fashionistas with zero knowledge buying what they have been convinced is “cool”
    Still, I’d buy the German one and ship it direct to it bedroom.
    A pal here in Ireland recently bought a slightly scruffy RC51 Honda V twin for 2000 Euros which has 131hp at the back wheel and makes a cracking track bike without too much fiddling.
    Shame to see nice bikes in museums and air bubbles.

  • I first saw one of these @ the annual motorcycle shows @ the Guzzi display. Seeing one in this shape just hours away, I had the same reaction as I did back in 03/04…I soiled myself a bit.

    If I had way to much money, I’d shoot him an offer.


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