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Honda-Powered Exotic: 1983 Bimota HB3 for Sale


Considering just how rare Bimotas actually are, they've had a pretty strong influence on modern sportbikes. Take this Bimota HB3 for example: just 100 were ever made. And yet you can see that fully-faired, race-inspired styling that led to more mass-produced bikes like the GSX-R. In fact, Yamaha was very directly "inspired" by the Bimota's frame design when they put their very successful and long-lived FJ1100 together...


Like all Bimotas that weren't powered by in-house designed two-strokes plagued by aluminum porosity problems that bankrupted the company, the HB3 was motivated by a proven, durable, reliable engine and drivetrain from a well-established manufacturer. In this case, a 1062cc dual overhead cam air-cooled inline four from the Honda CB1100F and a five-speed gearbox.

That combo was good for 115hp and could push the 457lb machine to nearly 150mph, but top speed was hardly the point. There were bikes with higher top speeds, but few could touch the HB3 in a corner and it was praised for its high-speed handling, no surprise given the light weight, stiff frame, and quality suspension.


This example is a bit dusty, but looks otherwise in good shape, although it's difficult to tell from the photographs... That stock Honda dash is a little disappointing, given the bike's otherwise exotic design, but at least you know it flat works, and parts should be no problem if anything ever fails or needs replacing...


From the original eBay listing: 1983 Bimota HB3 for Sale

1983 Bimota HB3, very rare early Bimota, number 25 of 100, mint condition, 31950 kilometers from new, runs perfect recent tune up and new battery, this bike was the bike used for the Bike Magazine test and feature back in 1983, it needs nothing. We at buyer's expense can ship worldwide. Bike sold on a bill of sale only, very rare opportunity to own a hand made jewel.


The details here are incredible, from the machined from aluminum frame side-plates to that one-piece tank and tail section: just a couple of bolts are needed to remove the bodywork and reveal that stunning trellis frame. Bidding is up north of $8,000 with the reserve not met. There's very little time left on the auction, so move quickly if you want to add this piece of sportbike history to your collection.




  • He probably wants too much as he did his last two posts…

  • Sold $15600

    • It didn’t sell. It didn’t meet reserve at $15,600

  • This series Bimota is an absolute gas to ride hard in the twisties, but takes a LOT of work to get the best out of it. Better to get tortured than to use it as city ride! Had a KB3 which uses the same chasis as the HB3 and SB4. Build quality is superb even by today’s standards. I’m too old to enjoy these anymore, but, if I were a bit younger, I’d be all over this one!

    Chuck S.

  • Beautiful example. Someone should snap this one up!

  • AAAGHH! one more fut buggly bike, and I’ll puke………………… More 2 strokes, if you please…
    We were off to a really good start!
    Thank’s Tad, I do dig this site, and read every post!

    • Your wish is my command… Tune in tomorrow.


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