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Featured listing: VIN #1, Engine #1 1985 Suzuki GSXR 1100

This is opportunity to own a truly first-of-its-kind motorcycle, the very first Suzuki GSXR-1100, the bike that showed the world it was possible to cram 130-odd horsepower into an alloy-framed bike that would negotiate turns and sneak in well under 500 lb. dry.

1985 Suzuki GSXR-1100 for sale on eBay

The bike here is offered at an astronomical asking price, though the seller says he is open to offers, and the ask is largely to grab attention.

With that out of the way, this 1985 Suzuki GSXR-1100 wears VIN and engine number 1, slotting it in as the very earliest pre-production big-bore Gixxer, with all of the character marks and imperfections that come with that distinction. The seller notes that the welds are more numerous and not as pretty as the later production run stuff, having been done by engineers rather than computers, and that some paint and body panels are not a perfect color match.

Unsurprisingly, this bike has been the crown jewel of the seller's collection for many years, and has kept some impressive company. What is shocking, though, is that the bike has been ridden throughout its life and is in near-perfect un-restored condition. The only changes from 100 percent stock are a new windscreen and redone upholstery.

From the eBay listing:

Please look at our other items for sale, we are dissolving the remainder of our collection of rare bikes and parts here on Ebay. This is one of several rare motorcycles we are listing here on Ebay UK

This mid 1985 build / 1986 first registered Suzuki GSXR-1100 was one of the centerpieces of our small private collection and is one of several rare classic bikes left from said collection which we have been dissolving this past year, mostly due to continued health related reasons necessitating that we consolidate all our personal items and scale back from multiple locations to just one place to live.

Being able to own an original, genuine Vin number 1 vehicle of any type, make or model has to be one of the truly rare things a collector can achieve, this being a major classic Superbike from a major japanese manufacturer over 30 years old and hence truly a classic vehicle with engine number 1 to boot should make it an even more desirable and unique affair for many motorcycle collectors

!! Obviously the Buy-It-Now price is set this high to attract attention !!

There are absolutely no guidelines as to what the value of this motorcycle might be in the current international market place. The Suzuki GSXR 1100 was unique and different when it came onto the market in 1986. It packed 130 horsepower into 197kg with an aluminum beam frame and progessive single shock rear suspension and was the fastest big bike of that year with the 400 meters reached after 10.3 seconds and over 260 km/h top speed.

Over 10.000 units of the first year GSX-R 1100 were build for all 5 export markets from November 1985 until October 1986 (the GSX-R 1100 was not legal in Japan, so there were no local sales)

With only a handfull of 1100-eds hand-assembled in the prototype department at the factory in Japan one of these is today probably one of the rarest collectible bikes anyone could own from that or any other period, this or any other manufacturer.

We are opting to list this and our other bikes here on Ebay in a buy-it-now/best offer format and let them run til the end of September so that during these weeks as many enthusiasts as possible can see them advertised for sale. We are open to offers on each bike but will also consider a package offer for several or all of the bikes listed

This is not a 'normal' motorcycle in 'average' condition so the text describing it and this sale's particulars might be somewhat different than what one would normally see written in a listing here on Ebay. If you dont care for long descriptions, please feel free to just skip to the photo album link here below and enjoy the images. If those images raised your interest level i am sure you will take the time to read the remainder of our description as posted below:


Please do take the time and look at our Seller Feedback Rating to see what previous buyers have consistently been saying about us in the past 17 years about every single item we have sold here

Please also do take the time and try to verify all claims made by us here in this offering independantly with other enthusiasts/collectors and/or specialists of the make. We have much more information we can share about this first year of GSX-R 1100 bikes, having researched this model for nearly 10 years. We will gladly share all this info with seriously interested enthusiasts, its just too much to list it all here in this format

Mid-1985 build earliest prototype GSX-R1100 in existence. Could be one of the all-time greats in someones motorcycle collection. Certainly was the secret 'Star' in our small exclusive bike collection for many years.

This bike was actually ridden and well maintained its entire life and runs and rides as good as it looks. Due to its exceptional original and unrestored condition i opted to not touch anything on it, preferring excellent used original over restored-to-original on this prototype to preserve its character

Verifiably a genuine Serial No.1 and Engine No.1 motorcycle. One of a small number of GSX-R1100-eds build by hand in the factory to set up the subsquent 1986 model year production run. This motorcycle was build with a handmade prototype frame, most likely on a prototype frame jig and it contains several other one-off features and components.

This GU74 series bike has the early prototype exhaust without the toe-heatshield, it also has the early version clutch cover without any oil-amount stamped in the specific location where all other bikes have 3400cc stamped in. Comes with the correct, GSXR 750 LTD type all metal footpegs for rider and passenger and has all the original bodywork pieces mounted, in the original factory paintjob which have some lines and colors do not really match and line up correctly and would probably not match up on any other painted-alike original bike of the same type ( i have tried, the parts do not fit other identical painted later bikes) Many more differences and details on this special bike, too much to list it all here in this description.

A correct and proper title exists for this motorcycle as does its original November 1985 first print Din-A5 owners manual. Also present is the correct and super rare, odd-sized 4-language first edition No. 1 spareparts manual, printed in Dezember of 1985. I sourced a US workshop manual to be able
to service the bike correctly after we bought it many years back.

Four original sales brochures including the first edition english market version with print date of December 1985 are included in the memorabilia folder. The original keys, 4 correct A27 dark tinted turnsignals, the original toolkit with the rare Suzuki air gauge in its pouch, used for fork pressure and tires and the original GSX-R prototype factory display stand complete this offering.

We have owned this motorcycle for many years and have done a lot of research into the history of these early prototype GSX-R 1100-eds (the GSX-R750 also had some early prototypes build in the factory in Japan, none of which we have ever seen come up for sale in the past 15 years)

We have never seen any prototype GSXR-1100 for sale, they were not supposed to be sold to the public, being used mostly for press events, testrides, cycle shows and as photo models for the many different manuals and brochures Suzuki had to put out to satisfy all 5 different sales territories they had in the 1980-ies

Rumors of an early prototype 1100 existing in the UK in a private collection have so far not been confirmed. In any case, the bike offered here for sale is one of a kind, completely original, never repainted, never restored, exceptionally well kept up mechanically as well as cosmetically and should deserve a place in a serious motorcycle collection or possibly a private museum of some sort.


We have no problem with a full service at a licensed, experienced Suzuki dealership with all that this entails being part of the negotiations for the purchase of this motorcycle. We also have no problem with having a specialist coming to inspect this or any of our other motorcycles in person on location at our place prior to any purchase.

As mentioned before, we have prepared such an online photo album showing this motorcycle in detail in more than 80 high quality images to satisfy even the most discerning enthusiast or collector. The copy and paste link is available again here:


We can be reached at the phone number posted below at the times listed if you are interested in more details. Please leave a message with your phone number where we can reach you and a time when it is best to call, should we not be able to pick up. You can also write to us here through Ebay of course.

A 500 pound paypal deposit will secure this vehicle until the purchase details can be sorted out properly. Crating this motorcycle for international shipping is available as well at reasonable cost, as is help with sorting out all the details involved with shipping it overseas

Please live and let live, no fun-bidders/offers who are not buying at the end, no jokers, no hassles please.

Just selling some honest items for a fair price, getting out of motorcycles alltogether so when all is sold there will be no more from us. Please see our posted pictures for more details of what you are buying .

Thanks so much for looking, if you have any additional questions we can be reached by phone between the hours of 18.00 and 22.00 GMT ( Greenwich Mean Time ) at ‪+49151-7184-8942

The list of rare spares and publications that come with this GSXR is almost as impressive as the machine itself. The bike comes with its original tool kit, including a fairly rare suspension air pressure gauge, and a correct set of tinted turn signals that are not street legal in Europe. It also includes a first-edition parts catalog, the U.S.-market owners manual and some original sales brochures.

The eBay listing is live for another week, and as noted earlier, the seller is entertaining offers.



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