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Featured Listing: 2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss LE for Sale

Update 2.20.2017: Price is now $17k and links are updated. -dc


Regardless of how you feel about the Ducati 999, it was a significant failure in terms of sales for the company, something they could ill-afford for their flagship product. Although it was an improvement in virtually every way when compared to the outgoing 998, Ducati's conservative fan base never really warmed to the bike's wildly futuristic looks or the practical, but more conventional double-sided swingarm... But all was forgiven when Ducati released the 1098, and the bike restored their reputation while mechanically offering further refinement of the four-valve L-twin engine and trellis-framed package that culminated in today’s Featured 1098R, the pinnacle of the range. Both the 1098 and the little-brother 848 proved popular among Ducatisti and paved the way for today's radical, frameless Panigale.


As is often the case with homologation bikes like the 1098R, there’s much more going on than meets the eye. Ducati’s R models are intended to qualify their bikes for WSBK racing and, by the time the 1098 rolled around, Superbikes and their roadgoing counterparts shared more parts than ever before, making this R very much a “race bike for the road.”


The 1098R’s Testastretta Evoluzione L-twin was fully kitted out with titanium connecting rods and valves to save weight and decrease the mass of reciprocating parts so the bike revs faster than the standard version, in spite of the slightly longer stroke. Unlike the current Panigale R model, the 1098R is actually bigger than the standard bike at 1198.4cc which, coincidentally, is the upper limit for bikes wishing to compete in WSB. Perhaps most impressively, the service intervals remain the same as for a regular 1098 which was, in itself, a vast improvement over the earlier bikes.


Power is a claimed 180hp, or 189 with the included Termignoni exhaust and race ECU combo, up a full 20+hp over the standard bike. Torque is a stump-pulling 99ft-lbs, or 9ft-lbs over the regular 1098 and a factory slipper clutch helps keep the rear tire in contact with the road during aggressive downshifts. The R was also the first production bike to feature a sophisticated traction control system that, rather than being a safety net, is actually a go-faster aid! Ducati’s “DTC” requires the installation of the race ECU and exhaust to function. That’s likely because this is exactly the same system fitted to the WSBK machines, although with 8 levels of intervention to suit each rider’s individual preference, you don’t necessarily need to be Troy Bayliss to appreciate the technology.


With all that impressive engine performance, it’s easy to overlook the suspension, but the bike delivers there as well: the rear Öhlins TTX36 twin-tube shock was one of the most sophisticated units available at the time, and offers up a surprisingly compliant ride for such a heart-attack serious, track-focused bike.

From the seller: 2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss LE for Sale

The 1098R Bayliss LE is one of the more interesting of the Ducati line in terms of nomenclature.

Not to be shy, Ducati stuffed the 90° V-twin Testastretta Evoluzione into the 1098 for an 1198cc version of the bike with Carbon Fiber Body Work, Forged Marchesini Wheels and Ohlin's Suspension to homologate the 1098R. Nothing like cubic inches. Ducati, along with Troy Bayliss, immediately won the 2008 WSBK Championship with the race version of the bike. Ducati, in their infinite wisdom, then issued 500 Limited Edition Bayliss 1098R's for sale the following year to celebrate their victory.

New, the bike listed for $43,995. It was the same time period of the Desmosedici RR and both bikes were ridden back to back by testers in the day. Some felt the 1098R was a better track bike and the price difference being $30,000 between it and the Desmosedici, a natural choice for use besides there being 1500 Desmo's sold to the R's 500.

This particular bike was purchased new at a NC Ducati Dealer. It was ridden by a mature enthusiast who could afford the bike and the care it required. This bike has had a couple of track days on it and is outfitted at such.

-Ohlins SBK Valving
-Ohlins Fork setup for a 250lb rider
-Vortex Rearsets
-Full Termignoni Race System
-Translogic Quick Shifter
-Afam Quick Change Sprocket Carrier
-Ducati Performance Open Clutch Cover
-Ducati Performance Slipper Clutch
-Dzus Fastener Kit

This bike was also had the revised version of the traction control that originally came out on the 2008 Ducati 1098Rs.

Reason For Sale
One thing that was soon discovered with the bike is that with the older age of the owner it was too fast for his speed of racing and it is not much of a day to day street bike that does not get its legs stretched regularly. It was not ridden too much over the years with 5172 miles now showing. Most of the miles were when the bike was fairly new and it was kept for it's esthetic value until recently. Now it is time to share the bike with a new home or track.

The bike did experience a low slide on wet pavement which cracked the rear tail section. A used tail section can be had in the 1200 range. The price on the bike reflects the cost associated with getting the tail section repaired or replaced.

The selling price is $18000. VIN#ZDM1XBHW99B021570. No Trades or Test rides.

The 1098 looks a bit like it was designed by committee to reference the 916 wherever possible instead of forging its own style but there's no arguing that it is a very sleek machine, and the electronics package, while a bit primitive by modern standards, was nonetheless very effective. The Bayliss-replica graphics may not appeal to everyone but are very striking, and the bike won't be mistaken for a run-of-the-mill 1098 or, heaven forfend, an 848. The cracked tail section is a shame, but is a simple fix and it's good to know that the bike is actually being ridden and could be looked at as a badge of honor: "Oh, that? Yeah, lost the front end going into a corner at the track last weekend." If you're looking for a genuine, high-performance collectible Ducati that can still cut it on track or as the centerpiece of your collection, this 1098R certainly fits the bill.

Find this Ducati 1098R Bayliss on Greensboro Craiglist





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