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Facebook Reader Rides

We recently ran a contest for a new cover photo on our Facebook page and the results were really awesome to take in. The contest was simple:

Post a pic in the comments of this post of your favorite Rare SportBike **in your current stable** Most likes by Sunday wins and gets a RSBFS shirt as well!

The winner of the contest is this stunning Ducati SuperSport build titled Loudbike California Special:

A stunning bike and of course as a SuperSport owner and fanatic myself, I was pleased to see it win. It's definitely more built up than what we typically feature for sale on the site but I appreciate the enthusiasm the owner demonstrated in rallying so many likes to win. Congratulations!

Here are some of the other runner ups with the most likes:

Unfortunately this informal method of collecting submissions and votes exposes that Facebook is not the best platform for this type of contest as many quality submissions were buried in the 140+ submissions and never got the attention they deserved. Like these:

Regardless it was a fun experiment and we look forward to running the next contest. Thank you to everyone who participated and to all the great RSBFS readers!

Please note: These were submitted as reader rides and to our knowledge are not for sale.



  • Talk about some eye candy, definitely some gorgeous bikes! That Zx7R with the blue PM’s sure puts me back…I had that exact one, same color PM wheels… such fond memories. You guys should make a calendar, I’d buy one for my garage in a minute! Out of all the pics though, the bikes in the rack take the cake, that is truly the ultimate collection of rare (and expensive) bikes WOW WOW WOW!!! Great job guys, love seeing the reader bikes for a change.

  • I will try to be photo-prepared for next time…

  • So the poster with the nice rack must also own a forklift, I take it.

  • Funny. I was thinking the same thing. Definitely not a practical way and clearly not riding them. Looks cool though….if I had that collection, the couch and dining room table would be in the garage and the bikes in the house!

  • Yep,Definitely make a Calendar. with all winners and runners up. Those are all gorgeous.

  • 01 750SS owner here. I love this bike more than any other I have ever owned. Not fast, but it just FEELS right. Not sure how to explain it.

  • The pallet racking of bikes is almost unbelievable.

    If it was my garage the 888spo would be a sp4. And the r7 would be a rc30!

    The other set of racking would have the Yamaha’s and Suzuki’s on it!! That NR is worth more then the other 5 bikes combined.


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