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Darth Vader’s 1991 BMW K1 Available in Kansas

1991 BMW K1 for sale

With only 600 examples making their way to the U.S., these are legitimately rare. Good looking is another story but the bodywork is at least functional and in black gives it some subtlety. Among other for-it's-day advances, the Paralever swingarm makes it's debut on this K series bike. This example has covered 11k some miles and appears pretty clean. Opening bid is $5k and buy-it-now is $8k.


1991 BMW K1 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

If Darth Vader bought a bike in 1991 this would have been his choice! Stealthy and fast for it's day this is the first production motorcycle with ABS brakes and claimed to have the lowest drag coaficient of any motorcycle of the day. I bought the bike from an enthusiast with a very large collection of motorcycles. The "midnight blue" is all original paint and nearly flawless with only a few, too small to see, rock chips from being ridden 11,513 miles. It has all the standard equipment including heated grips and ABS brakes; the bikes run perfectly and shifts smooth. The tires have about 1,000 miles and bike was recently serviced. There were very few K1's built in there fours years of production from 1990-1993, fewer in this color. This K1 would be a great addition to anyones collection


  • every time I see one of these I get flashbacks to the old tv show superforce 🙂

  • Boy that’s an ugly bike. What was BMW thinking?

  • Are these things any fun to ride? Anybody owned or tried one? Better be, because it’s hard to look at and would need some major positives in the riding experience to make it desireable. Don’t they weigh close to 600 pounds? I have no desire to add one to my collection.


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