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Collector Alert! 1990 Yamaha FZR-R 750 OW01

For Sale: 1990 Yamaha FZR-R 750

Forget all of those finicky Italian hand-built jobs. Ignore the boutique builders and the semi-rare, leakly, smokey, two-strokers. THIS is the real deal, and one of the reasons RSBFS exists: Homologation. Built in only enough numbers to qualify for Superbike racing regulations, this Yamaha FZR-R "OW01" 750 was the pinnacle of the racing world at the time (save for the pesky success of the Honda RC30).

So are you a RC30 or a OW01 type of person? The Honda arguably had the looks, but this OW01 has the brutal power and handling of a Superbike race winner. Folks with truckloads of cash might like both, but if you could only choose ONE which would it be? It would be hard to argue with somone who choses the OW01 as the pick of the litter.

From the seller:
1990 OWO1 FZR-R 750. VERY RARE motorcycle. Never titled in the US...has a canadian MSO. Bike is in amazing condition and runs perfect. Very well maintained and never abused. Google OWO1 and you will see more about this motorcycle. Very few produced and none imported to the US.

Have many pics and will ship internationally if needed.

Here is a bike that has had a few miles under the belt (woo hoo - sombody actualy rode it!). It is sourced from Canada, and currently lacks any US-based paperwork or title. I'm not sure how that will impact a prospective buyer - it makes no difference if someone is simply going to park it, but with the existing miles I think I buyer will want to make some noise. Lack of a US title is certainly a negative for this otherwise very lustworthy object.

This auction is on right now and has an opening ask of $17,000. No takers thus far, but it is early days for this one. The seller has a BIN set at an even $20k - which is pretty much right in line with what we have seen from these rare machines. To see all the details, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!!




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