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Classic Interceptor: 1986 Honda VFR750 For Sale!

Location: Antigo,Wisconsin

Miles: 7,447

Price: Starting at $3,000 with Reserve

What a difference one letter can make. If you add an “R” to the end of this bike, it would be transformed into one of the most collectible bikes on the planet. But comparing this VFR to that one would be down right pointless. However, if you compare this early year, second generation Interceptor to the previous model, the improvements are obvious.

The VFR750 has all the right movements in the important categories when comparing it to the previous generation. Weight was shaved by nearly 50lbs with the help of an aluminum twin-spar frame. Displacement was up 50cc and power shot up another 25hp with aid from a lightened engine internals while working out the kinks of the V4 with gear driven cams. Hey, they even gave it an extra cog in the gear box. 750cc V4 with an aluminum frame, draped in red/white/blue fairings with a Honda gold wing on the tank… Oh the foreshadowing.

The VFR750 up for grabs here looks to be in very good condition, especially for a 26-year-old bike that was never designed to be a collector or living room piece. Honda needed to show the world that this bike was a force to be reckoned with as well as having durability. The seller provides detailed photos of the imperfections with the bike and even includes the original owner’s manual.

From the seller:

Owned and maintained by a former motorcycle mechanic for more than a couple decades. THIS BIKE HAS NEVER BEEN DOWN! RARE totally stock VFR750 with original windshield & exhaust not replaced with aftermarket shield & mufflers like normally done. In the video engine sound is flawless. Carbs cleaned & ready to ride. Tank paint has a few paint chips but no dents! Fuel tank seat area does NOT have all the usual scratches found on these bikes. Decals at the rear of bike have a few belmishes. Comes with Owners Manual is in plastic pouch excellent condition under seat. Chain guard is not on bike in images but comes with bike.

With only 7,477 miles on the odometer, this VFR750 is a survivor. It isn't perfect, but some deep cleaning on it would go a long ways. And if it was in fact owned and maintained by a former bike mechanic for a couple decades, then it should be in solid condition. But do your research in regards to this if you are a serious buyer. The opening bid is for $3k with a reserve in place. I can’t imagine the reserve being much higher than that, but only bidding will reveal it. This is sure a great bike for an Honda collector, and if I owned the later homologated cousins of this machine, it would be a nice example to sit next to them. Or you could just buy it and enjoy riding it, as it’s not a museum piece. Take a look at the auction here and make it yours!



  • Well, I’ve owned/refurbished/resurrected/rescued five of this model so I guess I’ve gained enough insight to be dangerous. I love these second generation Interceptors – a perfect combination, to my senses, of power, torque, looks and vintage panache. Very fast and mucho fun out of the box, easy to work on, affordable and tunable. Values are inching up, and I think this example is fair money – low miles and obviously not beat to death. Non-stock turn signals is about the only detraction I see in the photos. Things to look out for: ah, none.

  • Easy to work on? Ever have to clean the carburetors? Nightmare.

  • @phlyin phil: Yep, at least four times. Just basic wrench turnin’. I can have the carbs off, jets replaced, floats set, reinstalled and fired up in just over an hour, but then I have a bit of practice.

  • Very good bike, no complains i have one just the same with 25k everything original.I never had problem with carburetors………..

  • I had one with an early serial no, and ended up having to sell it after a divorce. I have owned many bikes, and that VFR was my favorite. Sounded great with a four into one pipe. It pains me to see one every once in a while, I miss that bike.

  • Sold? I own an 86 VF1000R with about 3,400 miles, factory coat still on rear foot pegs. Would probably purchase a 750 version at the right price.


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